Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Arizona, USA

was very busy this morning. My garage door malfunctioned (broke down) yesterday evening having worked for several years without doing the annual service it requires!

Having called for the technician immediately, the technician came on time as promised the following day, and he did a perfect job. I was tired. After he left, I retired to my bed doing a write-up on PMB. As usual, I was actually writing a satirical article on Buhari about his strange nationality and the naughtiness of some Nigerian people. My never dwindling hope for a new Nigeria was renewed. In a jiffy, Ramadan fasting feelings kicked in, I dozed off a few minutes after I started the writing of the piece.

To my consternation, while I was in my deep slumber, I had a dream in another wacko dream (double-dream) that Dele Momodu has been appointed a Minister of Tourism in Nigeria. I thought in my backasswards dream that this was actually a strange fantasy. I asked myself, how can Dele Momodu be appointed a Minister of Tourism when he hasn't actually promoted our cultural heritage?

In my curious dreams, I knew I was discussing the appointment and Buhari's APC party with a group of people (kind of group-like audience). We engaged in argy-bargy (back and forth discussion) about Buhari's impending inauguration and the political appointees that may surprise everyone. In my strange dreams, I protested the "appointment" of uncle Dele Momodu. My protestation was not based on the notion of uncle Dele's (dis)qualification. My insistence against uncle Dee's appointment in my wild dreams was premised on his cultural antecedents.

In the past, uncle Dele Momodu had glorified and helped the usurpers of our commonwealth to flaunt and thrive. The children of corruption have been flaunting our collective wealth in our very collective impoverished and hapless eyes. Uncle Dele's Ovation magazine had a misplaced priority in the past. Unlike National Geography magazine here in the USA, Dele had used his own Ovation magazine selfishly to flaunt and amplify the ostentatious lifestyles of Nigerian leaders. Leaders who have milked the wealth of the nation.

Innately, uncle Dele has a great imagination, creativity, and brilliance but because uncle Dee is a typical Nigerian from a wasteland. Egbon Dele used his stupendous talent to help the rape of our collective future. Imagine if uncle Dele had used his talent to showcase and promote our cultural heritage? Bobo Dee would have distinguished himself in the cultural nomenclatures of Nigeria.

Wild dreams are freakish! I woke up with astonishing relish from my freaking dreams. A dream within a dream! A ministerial appointment to be or not to be, a dream on our flamboyant Bobo Dee's appointment; if it comes true from a strange dream will redefine and dampen our already political and socio-cultural conundrums in Nigeria. Today, we are dreaming of tomorrow (not with the men of yesterday) because tomorrow is not too far!