Sunday, May 5, 2019
Arizona, USA

Dear President Muhammadu Buhari,

Ramadan Kareem!

r. President, as you are landing safely in Abuja, Nigeria from your undisclosed foreign trip (medical vacation for a checkup) to the United Kingdom, you are most welcome back to Nigeria. I am sending you again this important but apt message on behalf of myself and my esteemed compatriots in Nigeria! I sent one a few days ago. I hope all these messages get to you with the intention with which they were written and sent.

I actually dreamt last night about you and the Nigerian situation. I just woke up now! Why I am having a nightmare is understandable to discerning minds. In my dream last night, I saw the lives of already impoverished ordinary people in Nigeria increasingly becoming "short, brutish and nasty." I am actually ensconced in my bed as I write to resend this important message to you.

This note to you is very necessary and archive(able) just like the one I wrote to President Goodluck Jonathan during the locust years of his administration in 2014. This letter again is expedient and expectantly inherent in the current boiling sociopolitical problems in Nigeria. Your urgent attention to alleviate the nasty state of affairs in Nigeria is crucially needed. People are really suffering!

Seriously, if I begin to relate my dream last night to you, you will be blown away to feel the mental anguish the people are going through in their daily lives. I am sharing this unpleasant situation with you because I am an unapologetic and unrepentant Buharist. I will not want our unblemished support for you to be marred in the face of hope and hopelessness. We want you in the forefront to solve our mundane problems! The Nigerian Diaspora might be in the comfort of luxury and security abroad, but there is no place like home (ilÚ ni Ób˛ simi oko).

Be advised, the abject poverty in the land has made some citizens to have premature 'mental ejaculation'. Now, a chunk of your impoverished population is ignorantly celebrating naughtiness and ignorance. It is one day, one trouble! The propensity with which they consume fake news is alarming! In spite of your anti-corruption stance, and your effort to rewrite our ugly-age-long-situations, your handlers are incompetent and pedestrian to sensitize the populace about your achievements in the last four years. You must do something before your ardent supporters flip the unalloyed support for you. You must not fail to engender sweeping reforms to alleviate the sufferings of the people after your second inauguration on May 29, 2019. You should avoid the inordinate expectations of those who want you to fail. These political adversaries are lurking and ready to mount negative campaigns or leverage on your shortcomings or inadequacy. You must not make your esteemed admirers be in an uncomfortable political position to defend you at the impending time.

Additionally, some political scorpions that surround you are nothing but political opportunists and vultures. As long as their families are doing fine, they do not care to give us crumbs from their gluttonous acquisitions. Also, your political adversaries will want you to fail the people that reposed their trust and confidence in you. Sir, this is your last straw to make Nigeria get it right. Your honest silent must not break the camel's back. You cannot afford to fail or fail your esteemed Buharists and the people of Nigeria.

Meanwhile, your last election was premised on your personality, and not your party affiliation. The important election was another referendum on your integrity and purposeful intention to stop the bleeding of a nation. You must lubricate our hope to leverage and consolidate on the successes and failures of the last four years. You must strive to meet the yearnings and aspirations of the plebeians. People are sadly in needless sufferings in Nigeria. The sufferings of the people must be addressed before our collective hope in you is altered or dampened. You must identify the saboteurs in your administration and party nomenclature. There shouldn't be any sacred cows in the dispensation of justice. Do the needful constitutionally to smooth the positive multiplier effects of your efforts on the people. While the people are enduring a hard time, activate proactive measures to cushion the effects of the people's excruciating lives in Nigeria.

Lastly, it is disturbing to see general insecurity in Nigeria. The northern part of the country is now anarchical in nature. Sadly, it is one day, one trouble! There seems to be an absence of government in this hotbed of squalor and poverty. The north is gradually moving into a state of lawlessness----a state of political disorder due to the absence of functioning governmental authority. These cities in northern Nigeria are becoming the descent of anarchy. Nigeria is a rich nation with poor people. You must bring responsible, astute and youthful Nigerians into your administration to redirect it to meet the 21st-century challenges.

Anything short of the above admonition, among others is a recipe for the continuum of our sorry state in Nigeria. In the absence of fair play, justice, and rule of law, Nigeria is a contradictory and difficult nation to govern. God forbids sir, if you fail, except providence is ready to halt our journey on a famished road, one thousand of Buhari may not succeed in the wasteland of more than a thousand demons!

We look forward to you as you look into this passionate, honest and profound admonition. A hungry man is an angry man...! You must begin to steer us away from the political uproars looming over the nation. Again, welcome back from your medical vacation. Your rejuvenation must give you the leverage over the mundane tasks ahead of our collective entity called Nigeria.

Thanks in anticipation of your continued patriotism.

Yours sincerely,

Concerned Yahaya Balogun, a staunch Buharist from Arizona, the United States of America.