Tuesday, March 19, 2019
[email protected]
Arizona, USA

each your children love.
Catch them young!
The evils in the world is a product
Of antisocial behavior in you.
The minds of children are blank;
Fill them with unconditional love.
Do not weaponize them with hate!

Do not plant hate in children.
They're copycats of what they see
In your exterior mirror.
With umblemished love,
Children project your image
With attitude and imagination.


Love is an instrument of clean life.
Life is an existential cohabitation.
Cohabitation brings amity and tranquility.
Be a prosocial person to ape
By your children and others.
Give love to haters to see love!

Children are the salt of life.
What you do is what they mimic.
What you nurture in them natures Today and tomorrow's society.
One love in their hearts can
Neutralize millions of hate!


A child of hate is a menace
To you and the society.
Learn how to love; practice love
And give love to your children.
They watch what you do
And do what you say with commission and omission.
Your behavior is a million
Of mimicable words to them.
Catch them young with love!