Tuesday, March 12, 2019
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Charles Nnamani: "I voted for Buhari"

Mrs. Tinubu: “How will I know? You Igbo, we don’t trust you anymore.” - Punch Newspapers

he above statement was published recently in some of the national dailies in Nigeria. It was credited to the respected Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu in response to clarification to an alleged allegation against all Igbo voters in Lagos state. Speaking specifically to an Igbo man-Charles Nnamani in pidgin English, Mrs. Tinubu was said to have complained that the Igbo in Lagos did not vote for President Muhammadu Buhari during the presidential election. But Nnamani, who was said to be physically-challenged was said to have told Mrs. Tinubu affirmatively that he actually voted for president Buhari on March, Saturday 23, 2019.

Senator Oluremi Tinubu's statement viraled on social media for a couple of days and dampened my spirit. If the statement is true, Mrs. Tinubu should unequivocally apologize to all responsible Igbo sons and daughters, and all Lagosians in Lagos state. A good leader is a leader to all friends and foes. A good leader is an arbiter and a true truce-maker; not a traducer but a representation of decorum among the people he or she represents.

Mrs. Tinubu is well respected and loved by Lagosians. She should have borrowed one of the inclusive strategies of her husband to deal with her adversaries. Her collective denunciation of Igbo people in Lagos state is erroneously perplexing and concerning. She owes not only Igbos a public apology, she should apologize to all of us who are yearning for a united states of Nigeria.

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Mrs. Tinubu should have known better. She's admirably a product of our quintessential Yoruba culture and we have never been disappointed in her representation. She shouldn't have collectively castigated all Igbo voters in Lagos state before, during or after the voting exercise. Yes! Some ethnic chauvinists are unguarded in their language towards one another, but there are so many ways a leader should sway adversaries to be his or her friends.

How do the stakeholders and brethren from Igbo who overwhelmingly voted for APC because of the unscathed man in Abuja would feel when taking stock on the reckoning day? I detest politics of bitterness and peculiar mess (Penkelemesi). Politics of bitterness is unfashionable in this 21st century civilization and democracy.

My Igbo brethren too should have tendered decorum with decency to approach polity smartly, afterall, Senator Ahmed Tinubu's administration was uniquely all-inclusive during his terms in office. Tinubu actually appointed Igbos to key positions in his administration. Tinubu is a smart political strategist and he knows when to politely wrestle his opponents. Igbo people should understand that, you do not sh*t on a couch that will accommodate you when you need to rest from your ambulatory enterprise. We should learn how to mutually respect and accommodate ourselves for the tranquility of our society. Tolerance doesn't mean we should be complacent in favour of idiocy. The last presidential and National Assembly elections in Nigeria have given us the leeway to peep into the promising future. We're beginning to strengthen our hope for the future of possibilities! The truce engendered by the stakeholders and the Jagaban himself is a peaceful venture in the right direction. All progressive Nigerians are in the anticipatory mode now for the robust impending enterprising Nigeria.

Moreover, the evolving awareness in the politics of Nigeria now should give all of us a pulse to see our history being rewritten for reassuring future. The outlook of our collective optimism should be no victor and no vanquished in the race for growth and development in Nigeria. The vanquished should be those hedonistic mortgagees who have mortgaged our future for their ephemerals and selfish interests. Mrs. Tinubu should douse the needless tension in Lagos. The caustic utterances of our leaders can be inimical to peace and tranquility in our society. Let's sheathe our swords and be a cohesive representation of our cultural values. We should speak the language of cohesion and avoid a wedge language that will further divide our fragile union. Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas and other ethnic minorities and nationalities in Nigeria are the magnificent representations of the progress of Nigeria.

Eko o ni baje o (Forward ever, backward never to Lagos). Nigeria a gbe gbogbo wa (Nigeria shall be a rewarding enclave for all of us). Amin!