Tuesday, March 12, 2019
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Arizona, USA

Plus Adesanmi

"These gigantic "moving coffins" in the air made by man are the most stunning, safest, beautiful and terrible invention of all time!" --Yahaya Balogun

hat is in this world (gan pp!)"self"? A world full of admixture of agony, joy, hilahilo, and voids awaiting to be filled by fallible and restless terrestrial beings. More than 70,000 years ago, the homo sapiens (the present human beings) began the journey of transformation of selves. Some centuries later, man began the imagination of inventing machines that can dwarf man's lives and prolong his longevity and existentialism.

The conquering of others wild species of animals in their crudest habitats was the best thing that had happened to man. More than 400, 000 years ago, man relied on the leftovers of wild animals' foods and wandered for sustenance in the wilderness! In the process of transformation from the crudest lives to modernism, man invented fire for cooking and morphed to industrial revolution. A stupendous transformation that changed the ways we live forever!

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In the process of morphing from crudity to modernization, man became existential threats to himself! The profundity of change from the primitiveness of man to modernism is a subject of discussion for another day.

In the meantime, prior to this unfortunate incident on Saturday March 10, 2019, I had a discussion with a junior brother in Atlanta, USA few days to Ethiopian Airlines mishap that claimed the lives of the two Nigerians, Ambassador Abiodun Bashua, Professor Pius Adesanmi and other foreign nationals. Most people including this writer have unbelievable and terrible phobia for hours of flight in the air. I can't fathom it! I seldom travel by air!

I hate to travel by air! I don't like to think about it! I always thought of getting anesthetized for the whole period of travel in the air. It makes me sick to think about it! It's like one's being sentenced to pass through a catacomb to final gallow, but air travels still remain the safest for all means of long distance travel. And some fallible human beings love to travel by air! Yes! I know we will all die by one thing or the other, but the unavoidable imaginary thoughts intertwined in the process of this terrible mode of transportation isn't funny but terrifying to me!

These giant moving coffins in the air made by man are the safest, most beautiful and terrible invention of all time! More than 40 thousands of flights land and take off every day here in the United States of America. Anytime I am at the airport, I always feel like I am in prison where inmates sentenced to deaths are awaiting execution. Whereas, the exquisite environment and the sight of beautiful people around at the airport are stunning things to behold anyday! It is magical how man manages to do or come about these flying-giant-birds in the air through invention.

We are still terrified and lost in thoughts process about the ambassador and young professor's death! Kindred spirits are lost and mused to eternal intellectual fecundity and catacombs. We must always prepared to live as if we're going to die---in that case we'll live our lives with consciousness to the fullest for humankind. Pius Adesanmi and Ambassador Abiodun Bashua's death is totally unbelievable and unfathomable but a discernible lesson for us.

May Almighty God repose the souls and comfort the grieving immediate family members, and the friendly families left behind by the victims of the Ethiopian Airlines mishap.

We will sorely miss the two Nigerians' kindred spirits. We eternally mour the erudite, larger-than-life intellectual enigma and quintessential youthful Nigerian-Canadian Professor and amiable Ambassador Abiodun Bashua. These bubbling souls have embarked on an unending blissful journey to unknown eternity. To live in the bosom hearts of the lives we have touched while alive is not to die!

Prof. Rest In Peace till we all meet to part no more!