Sunday, March 10, 2019
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Arizona, USA

"LAUTECH students are generation of mannerless children" - Gov. Ajumobi

jumobi, the outgoing Governor of Oyo state's commissioned inactions have caused political misfortune for APC in Oyo states. Though, some of us---the Buharists are unfavorably disposed to the APC candidacy of Adelabu Adebayo Adekola, the scion of Baba Adelabu popularly known as Penkelemesi (peculiar mess) for the reincarnation of "operation wet e" in Oyo state. It is a new dawn in the politics of Ibadan-Ajņrosłn's enclaves.

In a nutshell, when you have no respect for the young and gall for the old people, you get carried away by mundane of power; and you forget that power is transient, you will doom your political career. Governor Ajumobi's tenure in office is imminently being consigned to the web of history. But it's a welcome development for our politics.

Ajomobi, has been very disrespectful; so unYoruba-like in his demeanor, watery and mouthful in his political tones to the people of Oyo state. He was given power and he got intoxicated by a transient power. He has now got his imminent transition into the oblivion part of Nigerian political history, and from the same people who gave him the power.

We are so happy for the evolving development in our body politics in Nigeria. Nigerian people have discerned the good from the bad in our nation's polity. Yesterday, Oyo people collectively spoke with one loud voice to bury their hatchet and also to burying the insults of Ajomobi against all the citizens of Oyo state. Ajomobi is a complete embarrassment to Buhari's party-APC. We must strongly commend the good people of Oyo state for oiling their sense of history. The Oyo people jettisoned party politics to vote individuals with impeccable characters and credentials as their leaders.

Instructively, part of the discernment of our history rewritten in the 2019 general elections is the candidacy of Seyi Makinde of PDP in Oyo state. Seyi Makinde is a frugal philanthropist who wants the best for the people. He seems committed to inject his entrepreneurship acumen into the governance of Oyo state to transform the lives of Oyo people.

Irrespective of our party affiliation, our moral antecedents should be our credential and a leverage for entering into popular politics in a participatory democracy. Seyi Makinde's emergence into Oyo politics has proven to be a leverage to the success of our expectations for Nigeria. Makinde's antecedents with the lives he has touched positively in Oyo state are the reasons for his impending victory at the governorhip battle in Oyo state.

The collective language conveyed unequivocally by the people of Oyo state on Saturday, March 8, 2019 was loud and very instructive. Only the smart politicians can deconstruct the evolving political process in Nigeria. This historic landmark in our electoral process has given us hope that a new Nigeria is imminent and possible! The new development in Oyo state is a microcosm of what we should expect coming in to our political system in Nigeria. Ajumobi is now On-His-Own (O.H.O.) in Oyo state.

It is a welcome development that God bestowed the incorruptible and a child of destiny Buhari to us to effect change, a change we have been clamoring and yearning for decades in our body polity in Nigeria. Buhari's political doggedness and our emancipation is retiring all these men of yesterday. Jonathan and Obasanjo's shenanigans are our last collective journey to the past! These yesterday's men are being retired in droves.

Lastly, our politics must sieved the rogue politicians away from other politicians who are imbued with the sense of decency. We must ensure that separating political coarsers from finer political particles is a task for all decent people in Nigeria. Hypothesis of hypocrisy, grotesque grandstanding and political opportunism are gradually fizzling out of Nigerian electoral system. All the progressive Nigerians and other stakeholders must ensure that moneybags, nepotism and godfatherism are gradually expunged from Nigerian polity.

Just like Ajumobi's loquacious contemporaries, we must say bye-bye to all Ajumobi's 'radarada' (nonsense) in Oyo state, and Nigeria in general.

Congratulations to Seyi Makinde of PDP as the Governor-Elect of Oyo state.