Thursday, March 7, 2019
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Arizona, USA

igeria unity is NON NEGOTIABLE but imminently CONVERSATIONAL. Whether we like it or not, we must begin the process of discussing our intractable problems to correct the inequality, inequity and injustice in the Nigerian socioeconomic and political system. Our forced marriage as administered and ‘officiated’ by the colonial masters was a marriage of convenience. We were merely forced together by the British for their administrative convenience.

We do not have to divorce to get our problems solved, or impede the progress and prosperity of our gifted offspring. The government must urgently convoke a true national conference. The conference must be devoid of the nuances of the past jamboree national argy-bargy that were motivated by the then government's hidden agenda.

The menace of corruption as continuously nourished by successive governments of Nigeria has been the bane of national development. The collective disgruntlement of the citizenry is understandable, but what we must earnestly enter into is honest national dialogue, and to humble ourselves before ourselves to prevent further damage to our polarized entity. What we can gain from our unity in diversity is much more than what we can lose at needless expectation of disintegration.

I am really concerned about the manner at which the Ndigbo brethren and their youths are playing politics of division and hatred in Nigeria. It is nauseating how their counterparts from Yoruba enclave are fueling the embers of discord. I am a well-intentioned and envisioned Yoruba man, and the advocate of national cohesion and integration. I see my Igbo and Hausa brothers and sisters, and other ethnic nationalities as indispensable individuals in the progress of Nigeria. The re-engineering of our unity starts from me and the readers of this piece.

Some of us are either by commission or omission guilty of the unnecessary bigotry and hatred that permeate the national conscience and consciousness. We must urgently re-ignite the candles of peace, show unblemished love and unity among ourselves. Enough is enough! Óye kó tó gée! We need to halt our collective journey to perfidy and move to a nation yearning for true individual liberty, life, peace, prosperity and justice for all.

Historically, we must be nostalgic and take mental excursion to the days of our nationalists in their emancipation efforts to liberate us. They fought together to realize their expectations for our freedom. With the past ugly developments in Nigeria, these nationalists will undoubtedly feel unhappy in their restless graves for betraying them to have fought for our freedom and universal rights.

Those of us with the interest and fascination of global events will remember Bostwana's history. We should remember our brilliant citizen who was the father of Botswana's constitution. Akinola Aguda was Bostwana's Chief Justice that unilaterally drafted the ace and sacred constitution of Bostwana. He planted and watered the law and order the people of Bostwana. The continued implementation and improvements of the sacred manuscript and constitution of Bostwana engenders the tranquility among the people of Bostwana.

Those of us who are acquainted with the late Prof. Chinua Achebe and Prof Philip Emeagwali, and other Igbo sons and daughters' invaluable contributions to national development will appreciate our unequaled human capital. Our golden daughter and ambassador, Ms. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's academic mesmerism in the diaspora is another asset Nigeria must collectively celebrate. It is an indisputable idea that Nigeria must come together to discuss her various problems; and to resolve them without going into disintegration or needless fragmentation.

Nigeria constitution needs to be overhauled with holistic approach to discussing her problems. What defines our unity is more than what can needlessly divide us. With intertwined outlook, the Igbo and other ethnic groups in Nigeria have invested heavily in the sociopolitical and economic affairs of Nigeria.

Lagos state is a hub for global enterprise and tourism. The industrious signatures of the Igbos in the commerce and industry of Lagos state and Nigeria are overwhelming satisfaction to all captains of industry. This mutual enterprise must result to mutual benefits for all the stakeholders in the heartbeat (Lagos) of Nigeria. Igbo people have paid heavily for the unity of the country. They have also paid their due in the transformation of Lagos state and Nigeria in general. Igbo people and other ethnic entities need to sheathe their swords and stop being weaponized for the benefit of the few (politicians) who do not have their interest at their sociopathic hearts.

When I see the ingenuity of the Igbo at home and in the diaspora, and I discern the talents of Yoruba and Hausa Diasporas, I see the unprecedented similarities with juxtaposition to American and Nigerian greatness. The Igbo nationality has the right to be aggrieved for being unendingly used as administrative convenience and political buffer. Instructively, that's why in my various articles on Igbo presidency, I have been advocating for the Igbo presidency in 2023. Any evolving party in Nigeria must be groomed and conscientized us for the Igbo presidency in 2023 to correct the injustice and unfairness in our political nomenclature. If we muse at the ingenuity of the Igbo people and their rich cultural heritage, we will understand among others their invaluable contributions to our socio economic life.

Meanwhile, Igbo people need to be pacified to quell their angers by correcting the nuances of their legitimate age-long grievances against Nigeria. The Igbo enclaves too also need to thread it softly, softly to prevent igniting the embers of discord and hatred among other ethnic nationalities and Nigerians in general. Our collective utterances can only further expand our polarization rather than fostering cohesive relationships and development. We need to move forward as an indivisible entity to the admiration of the world. Our "unalienable rights" for urgent discourse for unity is sacred. We must uphold this universal rule as a recipe for national development.