Tuesday, March 5, 2019
[email protected]
Gainesville, Florida, USA

n 2015, you voted out PDP's Mukhtar Yero for not caring that Southern Kaduna was being decimated by "Transnational" Fulani herders, and voted in APC's "Prince " Nasiru El-Rufai who rode into Kaduna, from Abuja, on a PDP white horse after angering the Gbagyi of Abuja.

Why did you vote for the "Prince"? Because you thought that Yero did not care, and El-Rufai cared. That the new Prince would unite all peoples of the state to fight the pogrom and cleansing taking place in Kaduna State. You have had four years to confirm if your choice was worth it. Now is 2019, and March 9 is here. Did you make the right choice? If so, vote again for El- Rufai. If not, vote him out and try PDP's Isa Asharu for four years.

Kaduna state is unique. It is a mini-Nigeria. Our motto is: Center of Learning, and we are very diverse and welcoming to all. We are the most informed electorate in the country. This is evident in Atiku scoring his highest votes in Kaduna State. Our electoral behavior transcends religion, ethnicity, and party. Kaduna State is the most rational electorate in the whole of Nigeria; not enslaved to political party. PRP, NPC, PDP, APC, all have straddled the social and political landscape of Kaduna State. Indigenes of Kaduna State, March 9 is not the time to pack all your eggs in old basket. Try another basket, though it may not be new, it has a new carrier.

El -Rufai was PDP, he rode into Kaduna on the horse of APC. You see, peoples of Kaduna State, you shouldn't trust politicians. Nigerian politicians are political and economic vultures, at best, are political prostitutes. They are quick to move from the shadow of the umbrella to ride on the witch's broom, and back to the shadow of the umbrella at any whim. Like vultures, every carcass is good eats (I wrote about this analogy in 2014: https://nigeriaworld.com/articles/2014/feb/031.html).

So, why should the good people of Kaduna State trust politicians? Until the last four years, you were united. The Zaria man did not go to Southern Kaduna to kill and cleansing his fellow indigenes. Both the Zaria and Southern Kaduna peoples were appalled by the killings in the state. But for the last four years, Kaduna State, other than Borno State, has experienced the worst physical, economic, religious, and ethnic insecurities in the nation. The "Prince" from Abuja failed to deliver. He has failed woefully. He is a divider, not an uniter. He is a disappointment to many of us who heralded his coming as the dawn of a new and progressive Kaduna State, in the tradition of PRP's Balarebe Musa and Bala Usman. But my God, what a disapoinment!

March 9, we need a new Prince, a Prince of peace, a Prince of security, a Prince of progress, a Prince of unity. March 9, 2019, vote- whether you are APC, PDP, PRP, SDP, or any of the Ps; vote your conscience. February 23 has come and gone. Don't be despondent or too euphoric about the outcome. Don't rest. Continue to fight for your emancipation from the forces of division, insecurity, anarchy, and depravation. Your conscience must be informed by the realities of our dear state in the past four years. Transcend your party. If we vote on moral and informed capital, we will vote in the right State Assembly legislators and Governor who will free Kaduna State from the jaws of a vicious crocodile and move the state toward 21st century realities. March 9, is indeed, the Ides of March for Kaduna State.