Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Arizona, USA

nation's embassies outside of her shores have constitutional representation and social responsibilities to her diaspora citizens on foreign soils. Nigeria is a complete failure in this perspective and direction. Nigerian missions and consulate officers respectively are our cultural representatives and ambassadors to the outside world.

The recent viral video of a young Nigerian student studying in Canada is shamefully disturbing. In the video, the young lady lamented and uncontrollably wept having spent close to $300 to travel all the way from Vancouver to meet an appointment at the Nigerian consulate office in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. All appointments for this particular day were canceled by the mission without advanced official notice to her citizen customers.

Our cultural nomenclature, mission and national representations abroad are failing us. To renew your expired Nigerian passport is a herculean task! Nigerian embassies abroad are a shame of our nation. With every sense of urgency and alacrity, the whole human resource management of all Nigerian embassies abroad (our global representations) needs a total overhaul. The Nigerian government is failing the citizens in her mission management to meet the BASIC needs of her citizens abroad.

Resourceful Nigerians in the Diaspora are well respected by the International community. These are Nigerian cultural ambassadors abroad working day and night to eke from the opportunities they were denied in their homeland. Why is our government failing us with our unconditional patriotism and love for our raped country? Enough is enough for this inefficiency and international embarrassment! We will continue to amplify this national malaise and disgraceful development until our government rectifies the needless problem.

President Buhari cannot be everywhere overseas to oversee our foreign affairs and bring to book those responsible for our embassies' inefficiency and shoddiness. But the onus is on the president to make sure that this obvious anomaly is positively addressed to meet the expected services of the people.

The distasteful treatment of the Nigerian Diaspora by Nigerian embassies' officials is very embarrassing, unacceptable and shameful! President Muhammadu Buhari, the buck stops on your table! You must take responsibility for this national and international embarrassment. You must act fast, and with immediate effect to remedy this global shame on our beleaguered nation-Nigeria!