Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Arizona, USA

here is no doubt that the 2020 general election in the United States will be another defining moment in the history of America. 2020 Presidential election and campaign will be a combative contest between the Democratic party and the party of Trump. But the Democratic Party must be cautiously optimistic as the party features its crowded candidates towards the inevitable US 2020.

America is at the threshold of history. A new beginning is possible if we explore our power of imagination for possibilities! Democrats must avoid intraparty rivalry and complacency if they must win the 2020 presidential election. The Democratic party must avoid being further polarized by the over-ambitious contestants among them. The all-inclusive party (Democratic party) must not play into the noxious hands of the Republican Party. Democrats must quickly come together to tell the American people what they have got to offer to meet the expectations of the American people. Democrats should expand instead of shrinking their resourceful talents. They must compact their crowded stage with a unified agenda. They must amplify their unequaled message collectively for the benefits of all Americans.

Meanwhile, Democrats will self-destruct if they don't walk a fine line to navigate the current US murky politics as we approach 2020! The Democratic party must not play what I will call 'subjective morality' while trying to outdo one another to get the party presidential nomination to defeating the POTUS in 2020. There are times you have to work smart with your political enemies (opponents) to make things work! I am 100% in support of Joe Biden's recent statement to work all across the aisle to get things done. Joe Biden is not a racist, and he has never been a racist. He is a humble and loyal Vice President to President Barack Obama, one of the gracious Presidents in American history. A great asset that will leverage his success in 2020 of Joe Biden and Democrats is to come together to defeat President Donald Trump. Joe Biden must remain resolute and stand by the sacred pronouncements of his belief for Americans and exceptionalism.

Joe Biden must work with his political enemies from both sides of the aisle to get things done in Washington. Democrats must amplify the nuances of the all-inclusive and participatory campaign instead of washing their dirty linen in the laundry mart of their political adversary---the Republican party. Democrats must also work for the generality of all Americans! The all-inclusive political posture of Joe Biden makes him a true political genius among his political contemporaries, and in our modern politics. Joe Biden is also re-emphasizing the nitty-gritty of our job descriptions at Second Chance Centers at Lewis prison, Eagle point unit in the Arizona Department of Corrections and state prisons, Arizona, USA. In other words, "to give returning citizens (prisoners) another chance to be responsible members of our society", and by eliminating all those barriers (inability to get jobs, social security, transportation, treatment for opioids addition, foods, and economic security) that promote their (coming back to prison) recidivism.

Those who are bringing ugly history and black reparations to the current conversation are not helping matters to defeat the POTUS. The more DNC allows members to bring divisive and rhetorical nuances into its campaign, the more POTUS will be leveraged to get re-elected in the 2020 presidential election. The stake is very high for the Democrats and America! Furthermore, a house divided against itself cannot stand the tsunami of propaganda from the other side and also withstand the test of time.

Softly, softly, the Democratic National Convention! Joe Biden's experience in the school of inclusivity and political argy-bargy is political leverage for Democrats to defeat POTUS in 2020. Joe Biden's sense of teamwork is also going to be one of his assets to sail through the ossified and divisiveness in the current US politics. Elizabeth Warren is surging in the polls now but it is too early to call. She is also a formidable candidate to defeat POTUS head-to-head. The ultimate goal should be how to win the White House in 2020. Democrats must find their collective voice on an issue-based campaign to win the hearts of the independent voters and other voters. American voters are very smart to discern the right from the wrong. They know who their leader will be in 2020.

The election of POTUS in 2016 was engendered by protest votes of the disgruntled and embittered voters. Democrats like Senator Corey Booker must not repeat the mistake of 2016 general election by bringing back stunningly divisive past. But Democrats must understand the race-baiting of people trafficking in racism from both sides! Race baiting will nauseate the White and independent voters again to have a protest vote in 2020. God forbids!

Moreover, Democrats should beware! Racial uproar will be so disadvantageous to Democrats if they go through that route in an attempt to win back the hearts of the American voters. Democrats must work together to win the mindfulness of the apathetic Democrats, the formidable Obama coalition and supporters, the Independent and moderate Republican voters. Democratic National Convention must play safe! Democrats must begin to set their priority right---which is a collective voice to defeating our loquacious President Donald Trump in 2020. Democrats need an agenda that unites the generality of American people.

Softly, softly Democrats! The stake is high folks!