Friday, June 7, 2019
Bronx, New York

My Dear Brother, Moshood,

am writing in response to your above-mentioned article. Let me, at the outset, make these, clear: that I believe that you are a Christian who honestly believe in what you write, whether in your postings in the Nigerian website, or in your books; that all Christians, beginning with me, ought to keep an open mind, and prayerfully/humbly consider the writings of other Christians, and Non-Christians, to see whether there is something they can learn from them. I have read many of your writings; agree with some, and disagreed with some. But I am slow to correct and/or criticize, until I have enough reason, to do so. Regardless of your response to this my response, I shall continue to read your writings, and to respond, when necessary, given the very dangerous times, in which we live, in which everything points to the nearness of Christ's return. And, in which it has become urgent, that every human being, understand biblical truths, because, according to Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life(John14:6), it is the truth that makes or sets free(John 8:31-36);John 17:17.

The first of the last two cited texts, makes it perfectly clear that Jesus, uses biblical truths to set humans free. The second, adds more emphasis---that it is the knowledge of the truths in God's word, which distinguishes true followers of Jesus, from fake followers and/or, from non-followers. But what does Jesus(the Truth), or biblical truths, set people, free from? It is from half-truths, complete falsehoods, superstitions, and delusions. And the bible makes it perfectly clear, that people who are deceived or deluded by Satan, fall victims, because they do not love the truth. 2Thessalonians 2: 9-12(emphasis, verses 10-11). Since the knowledge and understanding of biblical truths, are very important, in the Christian walk, it is therefore very important, to know whether God and His Bible specified a method or formula, for accurately interpreting/understanding His biblical teachings(doctrines). If there is such a method/formula, and people use it, we would all arrive at the teachings; otherwise, there would be conflicting teachings/doctrines, as is the case, for centuries, and in today's Christianity. The good news, is that there is such a method/formula, specified by God/Bible, in Isaiah 28:9-10, the discussion that I turn to, in the next paragraph. You will have to decide for yourself, whether or not, your views or assertions about the Seventh-Day Adventist(SDA) Church, are true, after reading this article. I shall use the afore-mentioned formula, to address the eight fallacies that you listed, but not necessarily in the order that you listed them, but will surely cover all of them.

This is the method or formula, which God specified in Isaiah 28:9-10, for accurately interpreting/understanding biblical teachings/truths/doctrines, and I quote: "To whom shall he teach knowledge? And whom shall he make to understand doctrine? Them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts. For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, there a little". What God is saying here, is that for any topic/subject/issue, that we are honestly wanting to know what His teachings and instructions are, that the enquirer has to read what He said on that topic/subject/issue, throughout the Bible. And to also read complementary texts, on that topic/subject/issue, and to compare and contrast His statements, before rushing to declare what His teaching, is. God wants us to study the Bible, not to browse it, as we browse newspapers. 2Timothy 2:15. Please carefully read this text, and notice the phrase, "Rightly dividing the word", which shows that there is a right and wrong way, of interpreting the Bible. God deliberately made this formula rigorous and painstaking, to know those who love him, by the time spent, in reading the bible. On the other hand, Satan, his fellow demons, lead professing Christians, to casual study of the Bible, thereby substituting mere emotions/sentiments, for truths that can only be identified, by study, reasoning, and reference to history, especially in the area of prophetic-time interpretations. It is either an unwillingness and/or inability to study the way that God wants, that has led, to the establishment of many religious and quasi-religious organizations, each, claiming to have the truth, and spokesmen and women, for God. And this is why we have many denominations, in Christianity, whereas Jesus said that He has only one true Fold(Church)---John 10:16, and some true followers in the fallen Churches, but that those followers, at the appropriate time, would hear the truth, and join the true Church, or be destroyed by the seven last plagues. Revelation 18:1-4. Please also read the whole of Revelation chapter 16. You will find out later in this discuss, the groups of people(those who have the "mark of the beast", or that worship the "image of the beast", etc) on which the plagues fall.

I shall use the above discussed formula, to show God's true teachings, on LAW/COMMANDMENT, GRACE, LOVE, SABBATH, and to correct the alleged "Fallacies", which you identified, with the SDA Church. The word, Law, has different meanings in the Bible, depending on what is being discussed(context). In some context, it means, God's general teachings. Joshua 1:8; Deuteronomy 6:1-10; Mathew 5:17-18. In some context, it refers to the first five books of the Bible(Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, & Deuteronomy) which Moses wrote; in some context, it refers to the Sacrificial System, which ended at Christ's death. Galatians 3:19; Romans 3:19-20; in some context, it refers to the 10 commandments. Mathew 5:17-18; in some contexts, it refers to the whole Bible. Romans 7:12; and these complementary texts---- John 5:39; Luke 24:27; 2Timothy 2:15; Daniel 12:4; Revelation 1:3; 22:14-15.

Let us begin with the word, LAW, when it refers to the Sacrificial System(ceremonial laws), narrated and explained in the Bible book of Leviticus. This law dealt with the methods of sacrificing animals, which God instituted, to practically teach His followers, the cost of sin----the precious shed blood of Jesus, which should end at the cross(Galatians 3:19), but which the Jews as a nation, continued to practice, and which elicited God's rebuke, in Isaiah 1:11-21. The ceremonial laws, including the non-weekly ceremonial Sabbaths(Leviticus 23:4-44), and not the weekly 10 commandment's Sabbath(Leviticus 23: 1-3; Exodus 20:8-11), died, or were nailed to the cross. Colossians 2:14. Please take a look, at the already cited Isaiah 1:11-21(emphasis, verse 13) which mentions, "Sabbaths"(Leviticus 23:4-44), instead of Sabbath(Leviticus 23:1-3 and Exodus 20:8-11), to see that the interpretation, that the 4th commandment weekly, Saturday Sabbath, was nailed to the cross, is wrong. I shall say more about the Sabbath, when I discuss it, in this article. Let me return to the topic of Law, because a lot of distortions, and in some cases, complete falsehoods, have been made on the topic.

It is claimed that that all laws(ceremonial and the 10 commandments) are nailed to the cross; that "Love", has replaced the specifics of the 10 commandments; or that faith has voided the 10 commandment laws; or that Grace also voided it; or that faith has replaced law; or that Jesus has given Christians, a "New Commandment" or that the 10 commandments were abolished, because it is very difficult to keep it; or that Christians are no longer "Under the Law", but under "Grace". But these Bible texts, say the opposite: Jesus Himself, in Mathew 5:17-18 said that he did not come to destroy the Law and the prophets; that it would be easier for heaven and earth to pass away, than for any of the 10 commandments to be dropped; He further stated that those who claim to love Him, must keep His commandments. John 14:15; the apostle John, whom people claim to have relayed "A new commandment from Jesus(John 13:34) is the same John who said that any person who claims to love God, but that does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and that the truth is not in him. 1John2:1-8; and the same John is the person who wrote that He has not written a "New commandment, in 1John2:7, which means that most Christians do not understand what he meant, by a New commandment, which I shall also explain, in this article. 1John 5:3 says that those who love God, do not find His commandments, difficult(grievous) to be kept; Romans 3:31 says that faith has not voided the law; Romans 6:1-2 says that Grace has not voided the law;

There are some key statements that Jesus made, that should alert those who are interpreting the Bible, of error, if they are willing to be taught, and willing to obey his commandments. The first is Jesus' assertion, that He did not come to destroy the 10 commandment-law, and the prophets; that it would be easier for Heaven and earth to pass away, than for any of those commandments to be dropped. Mathew 5:17-18. The second, is His message, through John, that the keeping of His commandments, is what gives the right to eat from the Tree of Life, which perpetuates life, and which guarantees entry into the mansion which Jesus promised His true followers. Revelation 22:14. With these in mind, and with God's formula for accurately interpreting the Bible, in mind, the truth, stares in the face of anyone who is knowingly, or unknowingly, misinterprets the Bible, in all of its teachings, including the method of identifying the only one true FOLD( Church), which Jesus talked about, in John 10:16. I will use this formula to show you the short way of identifying the true Church(using Mathew 23:8-10; Psalm 111:9; & 2Thessalonians 2: 9-12), at the appropriate place, in this article, and leave the longer prophetic/historical method , using the 1260 years and/or the 2300 years prophecies, in Revelation 12:1-6 and in Daniel 8:14, respectively, using the one day equals one year prophetic interpretation principle, specified in Numbers 14:34 and in Ezekiel 4:6, for a follow-up, in case, the short method does not satisfy you. Let me go back to the "LAW", "GRACE", "UNDER THE LAW", and use an illustration to make very clear, what the Bible teaches on those topics. This is necessary because many of the false teachings, in the many, if not most Christian Churches, are due to a lack of understanding of what the Bible, teaches, on them.

My Dear Brother Moshood. Suppose you are over-speeding to a venue, where you have scheduled an evangelistic event, because you are running late. And suppose you hear and see a Police car, with a siren and flashing red lights following you, and you pull aside and stop. Suppose the Police man/woman comes out of his/her car, and comes to your car window, and asks, where are you flying to? And you respond by saying that you are speeding because you are running late, to an evangelistic event. Suppose the Police man/woman gives you a warning ticket in which you pay no fines, instead of a real ticket, in which you pay the fine, and allows you to drive to your event. Would you enter your car and start over-speeding again? The answer is obvious to me, and to most people that may find themselves in that situation. Here is my point: When the Police man/woman, caught you, over-speeding, you came "Under the Law"; when he/she gave you a Warning ticket, he extended" Grace", to you. If you enter your car, and started driving within the speed limit, the Grace granted you, does not lead to your over-speeding again, and violating the speed law, which kept you "under the law", until the Police man/woman, granted you grace. This illustration, clearly explains Paul's writings in the Book of Romans, regarding Law and Grace. Grace is unmerited favor----Jesus' death for all humans, which , if genuinely accepted by faith, wipe's a person's Sin plate, clean, an appreciation of which leads the person to start obeying God's commandments, if he/she was not doing so, before----the equivalent of getting back into your car, and obeying the speed limit. Interestingly, the word, GRACE, has another meaning, in the Bible. It is God's enabling strength/power, to obey His Commandments. Titus 2:11-15.

"A New Commandment". John 13:34 . Given all that I have explained so far, about Love, commandment keeping, faith, grace, under the law, etc, and given what I have explained, of the need, to use God's formula, as specified in Isaiah 28:9-10, what does Jesus and John, mean by "A New Commandment? Please, first carefully read 1 John 2:7, to see that the same John who is claimed to have given a new commandment, said he had not done so, and I quote: "Brethren, I write no new commandment onto you, but an old commandment, which you have heard from the beginning. The old commandment is the word which ye have heard, from the beginning". Does the Bible contradict itself? The answer is No. The seeming contradiction, including verse 8 of the last cited text, can only be correctly understood/explained by using God's formula, which directs that we look at complementing bible texts. All that Jesus did, was to combine some Old Testament Scriptures( Leviticus 19:18; Deuteronomy 10:18-19; Isaiah 58:7), which commanded God's professed followers to love neighbors and/or strangers, as themselves, as the basis of the "New Commandment", which did not drop any specifics of the "Old Commandment". In other words, the "New commandment", was not actually new. Please take another look, at the quoted text(1 John 2:7), to see the emphasis on the words and phrase," Old", or, "from the beginning", to see that the popular interpretation, that "Love", has replaced the specifics of the 10 Commandments, is false. Jesus was only making an explanation, about the extent of God's 10 Commandment law, which most Jews thought they were keeping, but which they were not. An example would be the encounter between Jesus and the rich young ruler who thought he was keeping God's commandments; who came to Jesus for affirmation, but who went away sorrowful, when Jesus told him, the extent of God's law. Mathew 19:16-30. Jesus gave more examples, of His followers' ignorance, of the extent of God's law, in His explanations of what things/thoughts, are involved in Murder, Adultery, etc, in Mathew 5:21-48(emphasis, verses 21, 27,31,33,38 & 43).

From all that I have narrated/explained above, it becomes very clear, what Jesus meant by a "New Commandment", in John 13:34. He was saying that His disciples(then, and now), do not understand the full meaning of the Law/Commandments, and the extent of the Love which is needed to keep it, as God wants, and as demonstrated in His earthly life, the epitome of which was to lay down His life for others. "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13. When Jesus said that He gave a new commandment, it was new, in the sense, that He was asking them to love others, to the extent of giving their lives for others, when needed, as He was about to do for them, on the Cross, even as they were busy debating who would be the greatest, in their desired earthly kingdom. Jesus was not saying that He had replaced Law, with Love. The explanations that I have already made, in addition to the ones that I have made , in the above paragraphs, show that the interpretation that I have given, on the" New Commandment", can only be the correct one.

THE SABBATH. I now turn to the topic of the Sabbath, which you also criticized. From what I earlier explained about the 10 commandment Law, it is clear that the Sabbath, cannot be understood, without understanding the different meanings of the word, Law. It is also clear, that the Law and the Sabbaths which were nailed at the cross, were the non-weekly ceremonial laws and Sabbaths(Leviticus 23:4-44, Galatians 3:19), and not the weekly 10 commandment law and the Sabbath(Leviticus 23:1-3, Exodus 2o:8-11). Following God's formula, to ascertain the weekly, Saturday Sabbath truth, includes what is already said, in this paragraph, and the following factual, logical narrations/ explanations: the Sabbath was created at creation, and was set aside for holy use(Sanctified); and was blessed(no blessing was pronounced on any of the first six days). Genesis 2:1-3. The Sabbath was in existence before Adam and Eve sinned. There was no Jew, or Israel, when the Sabbath was made. It was therefore made for all humans. The word, Jew, or Israel, came into being, after hundreds of years, at the point that Jacob wrestled with an Angel, got deformed, and his name changed from a Usurper, to an Overcomer. Genesis 32: 24-28(emphasis, verse 28).

God told Abraham(who was not a Jew---came from UR, of the Chaldees, or Mesopotomia) that his descendants---Jacob's children(the Jews or Israel), would be in Slavery, for 400 years. Genesis 15:13. During those years, they forgot and/or were not allowed to keep the Sabbath, by the Egyptians, who made labor, very difficult for them. God sent Moses and delivered them from slavery, and guided their journey, to the promised land of Canaan. Before they reached Mount Sinai, God reminded them through Moses, of His Seventh-Day, weekly Sabbath, and instructed that they collect a double ration of food(mana), on the 6th day(Friday), to take care of the 7th-Day Saturday Sabbath; that none, would fall on the Sabbath. Exodus 16:14-30(emphasis, verses 23, 25, 27, 30). When they reached Mount Sinai, where God gave them the 10 commandments, written on two tables of stone, God began the 4th Commandment Saturday Sabbath, with the word, REMEMBER, showing that they had forgotten, needing to be reminded, that the Sabbath law, was still in effect. Exodus 20:8-11.

Most protestant Churches, either claim that the Sabbath has been changed to Sunday, because Jesus rose from the dead, on that day, or that the Sabbath, could be any day. The problem, with the first claim, is that the Lord's Supper, or the Holy Communion, is what Jesus wants his death, to be remembered for, and not the 4th Commandment worship day. Luke 22: 19-20. The problem with the second claim, is that God used the Definite article, The, in stating the 4th commandment Sabbath law, instead of the Indefinite article, A. The command in Exodus 20: 8-11, reads, "Remember THE Sabbath day to keep it holy-------------and rested on the seventh day, wherefore the lord blessed the sabbath day and hallowed it". If God had used the indefinite article, a, any day could be used, as a Sabbath day, but God is particular, about a specific day of the week. My Dear Brother Moshood. If you and I, are in a room, filled with different kinds of books, and I ask you to give me a book, any book that you give me, would satisfy the request. But if I ask you to give me The book, you cannot pick any book and give me. You would ask me: which book ?, and I would point to the particular book that I want. Most of the Christians that reject these facts, turn to this question: how can anyone know which day is the sabbath, given the alleged changes, in the calendar ? My answer: It is that day, which the group of people(Jews/Israelites), through whom God gave His Verbal and written laws, have kept, throughout their generations, up to this day. That day, is Saturday, not Sunday, nor any other day.

More facts about the Sabbath. Jesus kept the Sabbath. Luke 4:16. His disciples and/or apostles kept the Sabbath. Acts 17:2, Acts 13: 13-14, Acts 16:13, Acts 18:4. If Jesus' death, in 31AD, abolished the observance of the 4th commandment Saturday Sabbath, why would He worry about what was to occur, forty years after his death(70AD), during the Roman invasion and destruction of Jerusalem, the day that He asked His disciples to pray, such that it does not occur in a Winter, or Sabbath day. Mathew 24:15-20(emphasis, verse 20). The fact that has emerged from all my discussions/explanations, on the 4th Commandment weekly, Saturday Sabbath, is that it is part of God's 10 commandments which Jesus said could never change, or be dropped; that the one true Fold(Church), which Jesus talked about, in John 10:16, must be a Seventh-Day , Sabbath-keeping Church. In fact, God/Bible makes it abundantly clear, that the sabbath shall continue in the new Heaven and new earth, that we are expecting. Isaiah 66:22-24. If therefore, someone tries to confuse you with the "Sabbaths", mentioned in Isaiah 1: 13, which I have shown to be the non-weekly ceremonial Sabbaths listed in Leviticus 23:4-44, as opposed to the weekly, 4th Commandment Saturday Sabbath, listed in Leviticus 23:1-3, and Exodus 20:8-11, or with Paul's comments in Romans Chapter 14, regarding holy days and food items, please show them all the facts that I have marshalled above.

This leads me to your criticism, on the Seventh-Day Adventist teachings, on food/meat/drinks, which you addressed, under the caption of VEGAN. It is very important that we use the God's formula(Isaiah 28:9-10), to discuss food, meat and drink issues, because, the correct understanding of why God gave His food/meat and drink laws, would not only enable us to enjoy a good physical, mental, and spiritual body/mind, but would help, in the identification of the only true Church, with which I shall end this article, after responding to your criticisms of William Miller, the Millerite movement; its connection to the formation of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, and Ellen. G. White and her writings. And to your branding her, a false Prophetess. You would judge for yourself, if your characterization, is true, after reading this article, but I first continue my discussion on God's food/meat/drink laws.

The food that God specified for Adam and Eve, at creation, was Fruits, Nuts and Grains. Genesis 1:29. After they sinned, God added Vegetables to their diet. Genesis 3:17-18. After God destroyed the world with water, vegetation was almost destroyed, that he allowed the eating of certain animals and prohibited the eating of some others, all of which are listed in Leviticus chapter eleven and Deuteronomy, chapter fourteen. There is nowhere in the Bible, where God states, that He has cancelled his food/meat laws. Those laws were designed to keep God's representatives at that time(Jews, but at our time, Christians), healthy, in physique and in mind, so that the unbelievers, would be attracted to God. Exodus 15:26; Deuteronomy 4: 1-9(emphasis, verses 6-9). The food/meat/drink laws, were not ENDS in themselves, but a MEANS to an END----preparing the human body and mind, so that there would be clear communication, between humans and God. Eating and drinking the prohibited items, would clog the arteries and veins, and disease the human brain. The brain houses the mind, but God has to go through the human brain, to reach the mind, through His Holy Spirit. The Jews of Jesus' time, did not understand this, or chose not to understand it, and thought that food/meat/drinks, in themselves, qualifies them alone, for eternal life, and built up prejudices against non-Jews(Gentiles), who did not know those laws, and who they were supposed to teach. Since they were fixated on clean and unclean animals, God had to use Acted Parables to warn them of those prejudices and arrogance. This was the case with peter's Tray Vision, regarding Cornelius, in which Peter himself, explained the meaning of the vision. Acts 10:1-48(emphasis, verse 34)---that the vision had nothing to do with whether or not, God specified clean and unclean animals, but with Jewish prejudice, against Non-Jews, in which God taught, that all human beings are of equal value in his sight, and that He accepts any human, who obeys Him, regardless of his her nationality, gender, social status, etc.

In spite of Peter's clear explanation of the vision, many, if not most protestant churches, cite the Tray-Vision, as evidence that anything could be eaten. Or they cite Paul's comment that every creature of God is good for food, so long as it is eaten with thanksgiving to God. 1 Timothy 4:1-5(emphasis, verse 4), or they cite Paul's advice to Timothy, to take a little wine for his stomach ailment, as evidence that God approves the drinking of alcoholic beverage. 1 Timothy 5:23, or they cite Paul's comments in Romans 14:1-23(emphasis, verses 1-10) regarding food/meat, vegetarianism, etc, as evidence that anything could be eaten, or that God's food/meat, drink, and even sabbath laws, have been abolished. I ask again: Does the bible contradict itself, or asking it another biblical way: Is God, the author of confusion ? My answer, is No, to both questions ? Why ? because it only appears contradictory, if one does not use the formula(Isaiah 28:9-10---precept upon precept--------here a little, there, a little),which God provided, for accurately interpreting/understanding his teachings, on any topic/subject/issue, throughout the Bible. I am going to use this formula, to explain the food/meat/drink laws.

Every creature of God is good, in the sense that they perform the functions for which they are created. A pig/pork/swine, vulture, and other scavengers are good, in the sense that they eat up refuse which makes our environment unhealthy, but they are not good for food; otherwise, it would contradict God's clean and unclean health laws, specified in Leviticus chapter eleven and in Deuteronomy, chapter fourteen. If you doubt that what is eaten, can lead to a denial of eternal life, please carefully read Isaiah 66:15-17, which says that those who eat pig/pork/swine, mouse, and the abomination(referring to the prohibited animals in Leviticus, chapter eleven and Deuteronomy, chapter 14), will be destroyed at Jesus' second coming. If you doubt, that the eating of unclean animals, feature in those, in Satan's camp, please carefully read Revelation 18:1-4(emphasis, verse 2). The text says that "Babylon"---a Symbol of all the fallen Churches, and all the false religious, quasi-religious, and Secular organizations, which Satan, his fellow demons, and their human agents, use in opposing biblical truths, as you read in this article, and in attacking the members of the true Church, which I shall identify, towards the end of this article, is Satan-controlled. Please note that Revelation 18:2 says that "Babylon", has become the habitation of demons and of unclean animals, and verse 4, commands God's followers in "Babylon"(the fallen Churches/other religious/quasi-religious and secular organizations), to leave those organizations, and join the true Church, if they do not want to be destroyed by the seven last plagues, described in Revelation, chapter 16. John 10:16. The good news is that the time to repent is now, especially when one has heard the truth, because life is not guaranteed, any moment, in this very violent world. As Paul told the Athenians, after teaching them the truth, I humbly, and lovingly request that anyone who reads this article, and that belongs to any religious/quasi-religious/Secular organization, which is not the one true Church, that I shall later name, to come out of it, and join the true one. Acts 17:30; Ezekiel 33:8-9. True love, demands that any true Christian, tell people the truth, regardless of the consequences, so that no one's blood, would not be on his/her hand.

Lobsters, crabs, shrimp, fish without scales and fins are good, in the sense that they eat up the refuse, inside the rivers and oceans, but they are not good for eating. Please also read the list of unclean aquatic animals in the same cited book of Leviticus and Deuteronomy. The very sea creatures which God prohibits their consumption, has become the most favorite food of those who do not know the truth, or chose not to know the truth; hence, restaurants and hotels fry those prohibited items golden, and advertise them, as places where people go to impress their loved ones.

I have argued elsewhere, in this article, that the food/meat laws are not ends in themselves; that the Jews of Christ's time(and indeed, those of today) were/are fixated on the those laws, to the neglect of some other God's laws, and also developed a deep prejudice for Non-Jews(Gentiles), based on those laws; that the Tray-vision that God gave peter, in reference to Cornelius, a Gentile, had nothing to do with whether or not there are clean and unclean animals, but an acted parable which God used in rebuking Jewish prejudice and arrogance, towards Gentiles, and that Peter himself explained the vision, in Acts 10:34----that God accepts any person who is willing to obey Him, regardless of their nationality, gender, or social status. It is also to help in curing this prejudice, that Jesus instructed his disciples, whom he sent in Non-Jewish territories, not to carry money, and to accept the hospitality they are given, at any household. Luke 9:1-6(emphasis, verse3) . In other words, Jesus wanted them to eat what they were served, without asking whether there was pork, shrimp, etc, in the food. Why? Because Jesus knew/knows, that people in some cultures, regard a refusal of offered food, as a sign of unfriendliness. In other words, Jesus was teaching them, that in the context of trying to lead souls to Jesus, in foreign lands, where clean foods may not be available, that a Christian can eat unclean food. This does not mean, that Jesus has cancelled His food/meat laws. Jesus was also teaching the need to depend on Him, to his disciples, with the instruction, not to carry money. The apostle Paul was teaching something similar, when he asked Christians in foreign lands to buy whatever is sold in the meat market(shambles); that all things are lawful, but not expedient for him. I Corinthians 10: 23-33(emphasis, verses 24-28. It is clear, that when God's Formula is used, that Jesus, nor Paul, said that God's food/meat laws, as specified in Leviticus, chapter eleven and in Deuteronomy, chapter fourteen, were abolished. You cannot find such, from Genesis to Revelation.

Let me switch to God's Drink laws, using his specified formula, to correct the lies, distortions, and in some cases, complete falsehoods, taught by most Christian Churches. The drink which God specified for human consumption, and which He pronounced a BLESSING, on, is GRAPE FRUIT JUICE, which He calls the "New wine". Isaiah 65: 8, and I quote: "Thus saith the Lord, as the new wine is found in the cluster, and one saith, destroy it not, for a BLESSING, is in it, so will I do for my servants sake, that I may not destroy them all". Please contrast this with the woes, foolishness, barblings, lusts, etc, associated with Alcoholic beverage(beer, gin, etc) consumption, as stated in Proverbs 20:1 and in Proverbs 23: 29-35. With God, something is either blessed or cursed. There is no middle ground. Because of this fact, any interpretation of scripture, that moderate alcoholic drink consumption is allowed, is a lie. When Paul advised Timothy to use a little wine, for his stomach ailment, he was asking him to use a little grape fruit juice, which was considered medicinal then, if not also now. The Bible also makes it perfectly clear, that any Scientific assertion that contradicts biblical truth, is FALSE SCIENCE. 1 Timothy 6:20. This means that anything that medical or general scientists assert, which contradicts God's food, meat, and drink laws, is false. Scientists are not smarter than God. Isaiah 40:22; Job 26:7, and Job 28:25, teach that, before the existence of Science/Scientists, that God declared, that the earth is round; that the earth is hung on nothing; and that air has weight, respectively. General science and/or medical science, does not have answers to many things. God's information on Natural and Herbal Remedies, is much Superior to them.

I now switch to a discussion of William Miller, the Millerite Movement, its connection with the establishment of the seventh-Day Adventist Church(SDA Church), Ellen. G. White, and her writings, which you have misinterpreted, thereby, branding her, a false Prophetess. Let me, at the outset, state certain facts about William Miller: he was a farmer, and a member of the Baptist Church. He was not a member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, and did not keep the Sabbath before his death. He, earlier, believed in Deism, the belief that there is one Supreme Creator God, but that this God is aloof to what happens to His created beings, on earth. His father was a soldier, who taught discipline and hard work to William Miller. His Father and mother were pious, devoted Christians, who taught him the need to love and trust God, and the need to be hardworking, generous, and studious. They encouraged obedience to God's laws, in him; yet, encouraged the value of independent thinking.

William Miller was called by God, to shake up the morally bankrupt world of his time, with a message of Christ's return nearness, which was to be preceded by Judgment, because for Jesus to return with His rewards, a decision, had to have been made about who to reward. Revelation 22:12. This Pre-advent judgment is also mentioned in Revelation 14:7, the first of the 3-Angels messages, in Revelation 14: 6-11. This pre-advent judgment, was to begin, at the beginning point of the period, which the Bible calls, "Time of the End". Daniel 12:4, and I quote, "But thou , O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end; men shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase". The origin of this statement, is from the visions that God showed Daniel, in Daniel, chapters 8 and 9. God was showing Daniel what would happen to his people up to the Christian dispensation, but Daniel could not endure the horrible things that he saw, and therefore fainted. Daniel 8:27. The only thing that Gabriel could remember, was the words that the Angel told him, in Daniel 8:14, and I quote: "And he said unto me, unto two thousand, three hundred days(2300 days), then shall the Sanctuary be cleansed. Although the Angel(Gabriel) who spoke to him, was sent back to make Daniel understand the vision(Daniel 8:27; 9: 23-27), only part of the explanations(70 weeks determined for thy people-Daniel 9:24), was understood by Daniel, who wanted to understand the rest of the information, but God told him to shut the book, because the information was for people who live towards the end of this world's history---those who live at the "time of the end".

No one was able to interpret the 2300 days prophecy, until William Miller. Through very careful Bible study, he discovered the one day equals one year principle of prophetic time interpretation, as specified in Numbers 14:34, and in Ezekiel 4:6, which meant that the 2300 days meant 2300 years. A lack of understanding of this principle, is the reason for the various errors in prophetic-time interpretation. The errors are due to the use of literal days, in explaining time prophecy. William Miller set out to find the beginning and end of the 2300 years prophecy, using the event of the beginning point that the Angel specified, in Daniel 9:25, the date on which of the last of the three Persian Kings who deliberated on the bill, permitting the exiled Jews, to return to Jerusalem-457 BC. His study also taught him that the Day Of Atonement, in the Jewish Sanctuary system, was a Day of Judgment. He therefore believed that the "Cleansing of the Sanctuary", mentioned in Daniel 8:14, was the return of Jesus, to the earth, to cleanse this earth/world, of sin and sinners, not knowing that the event occurred in the Heavenly Sanctuary, where the work of Pre-advent judgment, began, at the end of the 2300 year prophecy, which is 1844 AD. From 457 BC to 1844 AD, is 2300 years. William Miller also connected the first Angel's message of Revelation 14:7, which asked humans to fear God and give glory to him," for hour of His judgment is come", to the end of the 2300 years prophecy(1844 AD), to the earthly day of Atonement(Yom Kippur), which was a day of judgment, because any Jew/Israelite, who did not participate, was cut off, from his people. Leviticus 16:34. Please also read about the Day of Atonement, in Leviticus 23:27-29, and about the Lord's goat representing the repentant, which was killed, and its blood, sprinkled on the Mercy Seat(signifying that God's broken law has been paid for, and the Scape Goat, which is not killed, on which the Priest confesses all the sins of the Israelites, representing Satan, and which is sent into the wilderness(representing the 1000 years, after Jesus' return, when the only beings on the destroyed earth, shall be Satan and his fellow demons. I have given this small narration, so you can re-asses your criticism, that Ellen.G. White's comment, on the Scape goat/Satan, and the 1000 years, is false. Jesus did not return in 1844 AD, and people have used this error to attack the SDA Church, because of the fact that the Bible bluntly states that no one knows the day nor hour of Jesus' return. But remember, as I stated earlier, that William Miller was not a member of the SDA Church.

But why did God choose William Miller for the work that he did, in spite of the fact that God saw in advance, the error that he made, in teaching/preaching that Jesus would return to earth, in 1844 AD , and prophesied about it, in Revelation 10:1-11(emphasis, verses 9-10) ? I shall explain this prophecy(using God's formula), after giving more information on William Miller. From all the information that I have already given on William Miller, it becomes clear, that he was chosen because he stood out, among those who lived in his time, as the most studios and determined, to learn God's word(the Bible), for himself. He was chosen to shake the whole world, out of Spiritual Stupor(a world, like today's world) that was more interested in Satan-inspired ungodly pleasures, self-aggrandizement, inordinate pursuit of money, power, fame, and illicit sexual satisfactions, even while members, in good standing, of the different Churches. God called him to alert/startle the world(especially the Christian world), with the message of Jesus' return, preceded by the message of Judgment(which I have already explained, in terms of William Miller, connecting it with the Jewish Day of Atonement.

In his travels and teachings throughout the world, announcing the imminent return of Jesus and His Pre-advent judgment, he did not try to form a Separate Church, or organization, in which to attract those who believed in his teachings. Those who believed in his teachings, including Ellen. G. White(before she was called to the prophetic ministry), remained members of their different Churches. For example, Wiliam Miller, was a Baptist. Ellen. G. White was a Methodist, etc. William Miller's call and goal was to switch peoples' minds to God(as needed today), from their selfish, wicked satanic ways. He temporarily succeeded in doing that, but when Jesus did not return in 1844 AD, most of his followers, especially the Pastors of the different churches, deserted him, and persuaded their congregations to do same. William Miller's followers, including Ellen White, were called Millerites, and his work, called the Millerite movement. After the DISSAPOINTMENT OF 1844AD(Jesus, not returning to earth), most of the Millerites, deserted the Movement. None of them kept the Sabbath, nor understood many of biblical truths, including the ones that you are reading here. Few of the Millerites, including Ellen.G. White, but excluding William Miller, came together, from their different Churches, to investigate the reason(s) for the 1844 AD DISSAPOINTMENT, in fulfillment of the Prophecy, in Revelation 10:11(to correct the error of teaching that Jesus would return in 1844 AD, and to learn other biblical truths, including the importance of the 4th Commandment, Saturday Sabbath, and share those information, with all the inhabitants of the world.). It was at this point, that Ellen.G. White, was called to the Prophetic Ministry, to help guide those few Millerites, who did not desert, to form the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. William Miller was not a member of this group, and did not leave his Baptist Church, nor keep the Sabbath, until his death. Therefore, any assertion, charging the Seventh-Day Adventist Church(SDA Church), with the prediction-error of Christ's return, in 1844 AD, is a lie, because the SDA Church was not formed then. It was William Miller's error; yet, he was a great man of God, whose error, God prophesied in advance, and turned into profitable thing, for the world, through the formation of the SDA Church, and its correct interpretation of the Bible.

As I promised, I now turn to the interpretation/explanation of Revelation 10:1-11, which in combination with Daniel 12:1-13(emphasis, verse 4), deal with why a certain portion of the book of Revelations information, was not to be understood(shut Up), until the "Time of the End", which started in 1798 AD, and included William Millers time, and work, in the 1830,s and 1840,s; which helps to explain the origins of the SDA Church, and which helps to identify this Church, as the only true Remnant Church of Bible Prophecy of Revelation 12:1-6, and revelation 12:17. Please carefully read Revelation 12:17, to see whether you can understand what Satan, his fellow demons, and their human agents, are doing to this Church. But, as I stated elsewhere in this article, the time to repent, for anyone who loves the truth is now, unless he/she, wants to fall victim, in spite of God's warnings, in 2Thessalonians 2:9-12(please carefully read this text). I am fully aware that those who have built a religious following, out of which they feed, and from which they have gained fame, would find it difficult to accept these bitter truths, and yet, the choice is theirs. In addition to sending this article directly and personally to you, I shall also post it to the Nigerian Website, where you posted your article, attacking the SDA Church, as well as posting it to as many electronic discussion groups, that I can find. The reason is that the issues involved are greater than you and I---they are issues involving salvation and eternal life. As I stated elsewhere in this article, I appreciate your writings, even though I disagree with some of the things that you say, and I am very open to work with you, to spread these truths, to as many people as possible, beginning with your followers. Again, the choice is yours. I bear no malice to any human, especially when I see that they make honest mistakes. I now turn to, as promised, to the interpretation of Revelation 10:1-11, and Daniel 12:1-13(emphasis, verse 4). I shall continue to use God's Formula, as specified in Isaiah 28:9-10.


Verse 1 The mentioned "Angel", was Jesus. Please see his description in this verse one, and in in revelation 1:1, 9-18.

Verse 2 Jesus had an "open book"(the opposite of "Shut book", in Daniel 12:4, and Revelation 10:4), signifying that the portions of Revelation, which was not understood in Daniel and John's time, is now open to His End-Time people, and in this context, William Miller, and newly formed SDA Church. Jesus sets his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth, signifying that William Miller's message, and that of the SDA Church, is for the whole world.

Verses 5 and 6 Jesus says that there shall be "Time, no more"(verse 6), meaning that there shall be no more prophecy, attached to time, after 1844 AD, the end of the 2300 years prophecy, which William Miller correctly interpreted, except for his conclusion-that Jesus would return in 1844 AD.

Verse 8 God the father, commands John to take the open book, from Jesus(God the son)

Verse 9 & 10 John obeys. Jesus asked him to eat the book, telling him that it would make his stomach bitter, but sweet, while in his mouth. God/Jesus was predicting what William Miller's teachings and preachings would do----cause temporary excitement to him and his hearers("sweet as honey, in his mouth"), and disappointment("bitter in his stomach") when Jesus did not return, in 1844 AD.

Verse 11(eleven) Jesus comforts the disappointed few Millerites that did not desert, and that formed the SDA Church, telling them that they shall teach again("must prophesy again"), but this time, correctly, to the whole world, which is what the SDA Church, has been doing, for over one hundred and fifty years.


There are two ways of identifying the true church. The long way, is to use the 1260 days prophecy (1260 years prophecy, of Revelation 12:1-6,) given the one day equals one year principle, as specified in Numbers 14:34 and Ezekiel 4:6), and/or the 2300 days prophecy(2300 years prophecy) interpreted by William Miller, using the same principle and specification, stated above. The period of the first prophecy, is from 598 AD to 1798 AD, and the period of the second, is from 457 BC to 1844 AD. It is a long method because it involves discussing relevant history, and mathematical computations, and together with the truths of God's health laws, and by the process of elimination, leaves the SDA Church, as the only true Remnant Church, of Bible prophecy. Revelation 12:1-6, and Revelation 12:17. This long method is narrated/explained, in my first and 3rd books. I personally use that, in witnessing to Atheists, Agnostics, and Scientists, who would not believe anything which they cannot see, touch, measure, or quantify mathematically(Empiricists). Narrating that method here, would make an already long article, longer.

THE SHORT METHOD, involves using Mathew 23:8-10, Psalm 111:9, and 2Thessalonians 2:9-12, and the God's food/meat/drink laws, already discussed in this article, and using the same process of elimination, to arrive at the conclusion-that the SDA Church, is the only true

Church. God uses the religious titles, used by the leaders of the religious and quasi-religious organization leaders, to identity their Churches, as fallen Churches

MATHEW 23:8-10.

VERSE 8 Do not call anyone Rabbi, because that title belongs to Jesus. This eliminates the Jewish Church, as the true one.

VERSE 9 Do not call anyone Father. The title belongs to God. The only persons that God wants us to call father, or mother, are human biological parents, as indicated in the commandment to honor parents. The Catholic Church leaders, go by the title, Father. This eliminates the Catholic Church, as the true Church.

VERSE 10 Do not call anyone Master. This title belongs to Jesus. But the various religious and quasi-religious leaders, like the Hindus, Buddhists, Rosicrucians, and many other organizations that pretend to understand what God has classified as Secrets, go by the title, Master, or Guru, etc. All those organizations are eliminated as the true Church'

PSALM 111:9

The title, Holy, or Reverend belongs to God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Most of the protestant Churches' leaders(except those of the SDA Church), use the title, Reverend. This eliminates them, as the true Church.

THE REMAINING NON-SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST, SABBATH-KEEPING CHURCHES : Seventh-Day Baptist, Seventh-Day Church of God, and the many Sabbath-Day Church of this and that.

Since Satan knows that the true Remnant Church, must be a Saturday Sabbath-keeping Church, he created all the afore-mentioned sabbath keeping Churches, to create confusion, so that people would not know the right Sabbath-Keeping Church(the SDA Church). When you however look at what they teach on some other doctrines, including God's food/meat and drink laws, you discover that they are eliminated as the true Church.

God's/Jesus' claim to worship, is that He created, and links this claim, to a specific day, Saturday-sabbath. Exodus 20:8-11. Those who belong to the true Church, and that worship on the Saturday sabbath, do so, to pledge loyalty to God, who acknowledges them with his sabbath Sign/Seal/Mark, showing that they belong to His camp. Ezekiel 20:12; Isaiah 8:16. Please carefully read Ezekiel 20;12 and Isaiah to see that God says that the Sabbath, is a sign, between Him and those who keep it; that they belong to him. Satan did not create, but wants worship(remember his ridiculous offer to Jesus, to bow and worship him, to gain all the things, that already belongs to Jesus). Since God linked his claim to worship, to a particular day, Satan also linked his claim, to a counterfeit sabbath day---Sunday, and Satan executes his usurpation, through his chief Religious agent, labelled the "Beast", in Revelation 13:1-10, and in revelation 17:1-18(emphasis, verse 3). While the Sabbath is the "Sign", "Mark", or "Seal" of God, Sunday-Keeping, is the" Mark of the Beast", or evidence that one is pledging allegiance to Satan, through his chief religious agent. Please carefully read revelation 16: 1-17(emphasis, verses 1-2), to see the first group of people(those who have the mark of the beast, or worship his image), whom the seven last plagues, first falls on. Those who worship his "Image", refers to the Protestant Churches, who claim to be independent of the Catholic Church, yet, worship on Sunday, and retain some of their false teachings and practices. To receive the "Mark", on the forehead, is to stubbornly reject the sabbath truth, even when it has been clearly explained, as I have done, in the section that I discussed the Sabbath. To receive the "Mark on the hand", is to reject the Sabbath truth, because it interferes with ones means of livelihood. This is why Satan has made Saturday, the best of business hustling activities, in pursuit of money. No one has received the Mark of Beast now, except one heard the correct explanation, as done in this article, before they died; otherwise, the Mark of the beast will only be received when Sunday-keeping, is enforced by law, worldwide, and people are prevented from buying and selling, except they worship on Sunday. And many of those that refuse to comply, would be killed. Revelation 13:4-18(emphasis, verses 4, 15-18).

Why are my saying these things ? Because Satan, his fellow demons, and their human agents are teaching that the 'Mark of the Beast", are Computer chips that shall be inserted inside peoples bodies, or literal marks put on peoples' bodies, for identification purposes. They are also translating biblical time-prophecies, in literal days, instead of years, without the use of the one day equals one year principles, as specified in Numbers 14:34 and Ezekiel 4:6, which is why they cannot interpret the two great time prophecies, in the bible---the 1200 years and 2300 years prophecies, in Revelation 12:1-6, and in Daniel 8:14. This has also resulted in their fixation on the present-day Jews, and Jewish temple, as the focus of end-time prophecies, whereas, the focus is on the Christian Church, especially, on the one true Christian Church. And have caused most of the religious world to hate the members of this one true Church(the SDA Church), branding them as cults, and with other unprintable names, and branding the true Prophetess(Ellen. G. White), whom God used, in guiding the group that formed the SDA Church, as a false prophetess. My response to such brandings, including yours, is that she was a true prophetess. All her writings are consistent with Biblical truths. Wherever she gives extra biblical information, she was right to do so, because of the words In John 16:13, that anyone operating under the true Spirit of God, would, in addition to understanding/teaching biblical truths, would also be able to tell future events, so long as the Holy Spirit, bestows that ability, to the person.

Most times, people cite a line or two, in the Bible, which warns about adding or subtracting, to the bible, but they forget the text that I just cited, and Jesus' words to his disciples, that He had many things to tell them, but that they could not bear them, but that the Holy spirit will reveal and explain those things to them. John 16:12-13. Or the bible text, which says that the world itself, could not contain the books written on all the things that Jesus did. John 21:25. I marvel at the fact that mortal human beings can create videos which record past events, but cringe, at claim or thought, that God can roll back time, to show His or her prophet/prophetess, past events, up to the time that Adam and Eve, lived in the Garden of Eden. Ellen. G. White, was given that privilege and honor. This is why she wrote many things that you cannot find in the bible, but none of those things, conflicts with biblical truths, for anyone who uses God's formula, to study the Bible. She wrote over one hundred books, excluding periodicals, on very many subjects, covering all aspects of human life. But like the prophets that preceded her, she was hated, maligned, charged with plagiarism, and persecuted both by humans and demons. Instead of being appreciated, the truths she taught, are attacked by Christians, who are really not interested in digging for the truth, and to allow the holy Spirit to use the truths, in changing their half-truths, superstitions, and in some cases, complete falsehood. I hereby, certify to you, brother Moshood, that all her writings are inspired and truthful, and that anyone who familiarizes him/herself with the bible, and her writings, would not be deceived, and if already deceived, shall be detoxed by the Holy Spirit, as long as the person is willing to learn and change. God wants us to believe in Him to be established, and also to believe in His prophets, to prosper(spiritually). 2Chronicles 20:20. It has become fashionable, for Christians(including nominal SDA Church members), to claim that reading only the Bible, is what is needed, and not Ellen .G . White writings---called "The Spirit of Prophecy books". But the last cited bible text, makes it perfectly clear, that both, are needed. I therefore, recommend, that you go back and re-read Ellen. G. White's books that you have read, after reading this book, remembering what I said about God's Formula.

If you want, you can also loan or order my three books, which used God's formula, to explain biblical topics/truths, in a manner that someone, with the barest understanding of English language, can understand biblical teachings, in many areas. The books are:

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FINAL WORDS. I am available for teaching, preaching, Seminars, and workshops, at public and private organizations, religious and secular, when discussed and arranged. I am open to work with anyone, or group, regardless of their religious, or non-religious affiliations. All the things written here, is not written in anger, nor with an intent to condemn anyone, but for the sole purpose of sharing saving truths, with my fellow humans, as the unprintable, morally-debasing and very violent events of this corrupt socio-econo-politcal world, point to the nearness of Jesus' return. The speed with which certain laws, including worldwide Sunday laws, would be passed simultaneously, in the different countries of this world, as Satan uses a combination of Natural disasters, economic hardships, and unprintable violence, to temporarily form a "one world government", led by the USA, in which people are prevented from buying and selling, unless they worship on Sunday, would be a surprise to only those, who do not know the truths, discussed in this article. God would allow the temporary formation of the temporary "One world Government", for the final test, of those who profess to be his followers, both inside, and outside his true church, before Jesus bursts, in the cloud of Heaven. My earnest, sincere prayer, is that God grant anyone who reads this article, the love and courage, to reject the overwhelming deceptions and delusions, which are already here, but which