Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Arizona, USA

Dear Anthony Joshua,

ecently, you "temporarily" lost your world championship position to the US-boxing-underdog-Mexican-America Andy Ruiz. A boxing match that sent confusion and shock to the spine of lovers of boxing. But AJ, In our mindfulness, I must confess that I like your pugilism. I muse your mindfulness. I admire your determination and optimism.

Mind you AJ, your determination is a great elixir towards your impending comeback. Winners are never quitters! In fact, successful people in life are the most rugged fighters. Winners always fight, when they lose they come back to fight and win another day.

Ask this writer! Ask the incurable optimists like you around. Peruse the historical fights of your motivator and hero-Muhammed Ali. The catalyst to Ali's heroism and indisputable world greatness and victory were premised on his incurable optimism. Muhammed Ali conquered the world of boxing and remained the unbeatable pugilist of all time.

Winners are signaled by the courage of their convictions. I can see you now competing ceaselessly with yourself. Competing with yourself will bring out your deficiencies and leave the best in you! You will then be able to leverage on the best in you to diminish your deficiencies.

You have the audacity and boldness based on your courage, determination, and convictions. Failure seems powerless to intimidate you. Go for victory again bro! Never look at the sidebar where the dwelling pessimists dwell to make a mockery of your temporary defeat. It will surely be a new day in no distant future buddy!

AJ, you know what? Two prisoners look through the prison wall, one sees the mud, the other sees the star! From the determination on your face and incurable optimism in your mind, I can see a rejuvenated Anthony Joshua as constant as the northern stars!

Stay healthy; maintain your six-pack with positivity and get encouraged to crush to defeat your next opponent to regain your deserved championship belt! You will definitely come back to fight and win another day!

I believe!!! Victoria acerta!