Saturday, July 20, 2019
Arizona, USA

uharism is a doctrine I like to describe as living within our means; recouping our past and live responsibly for the future we can be proud of. In these days of Buharism, it is expected to read fabricated lies from the cash-crunched Newspapers struggling to pay their staff or even survive. In this age of reap-what-you- sow: brown envelopes, obituary ads, needless owambe birthday wishes are vanishing from the tabloid factories of monstrous Nigerian Newspapers. You tell me why these odious Newspapers, and their tortoise-letter-writers should not produce lethal lies and calculated grotesque grandstanding and opportunism for the cruxification of their imaginary enemies!

Kongi Harvest is unfortunately cohabiting with the children of corruption and hate in a wasteland! The literary giant should realize that Nigerian genome is now inbuilt with the atom of resentment and hate. I was one hundred percent convinced, and not to believe the recently debunked, premeditated lethal and manufactured lies of the popular Nigerian brown-enveloped Newspaper, against our own uncompromising and conscientized Kongi Harvest.

Ahahaha.....!!! As Kongi ha-ha or surprisingly wowed them in their state of 'hilahilo', Buhari is also increasingly becoming a great nemesis for us at this auspicious moment in our nation's history! How I wish this man-Buhari is still at his old imprimatur age! We are too recalcitrant as a nation to learn from ugly and teachable history. The deafening and loud silence of the frugal man (Buhari), his lackadaisical attitude at times, is very nauseating and frustrating to us, but the one-man-battalion president seems to understand the psychology of the people he leads in order to give them the future they don't want to live today, but their children will want to live tomorrow. As a leader, when you do not rise to the occasion when you're needed most, your efforts may become null and unappreciated by those you lead. This is the obvious mistake of Buhari in this polarized period of his administration. "Medicine after death" and "fire-brigade-approach" are like spitting up to the air, the result is what you and I know.

When premeditated lethal lies are trafficked by agents of destabilization in a confused and contradictory enclaves, you better watch the construction of your language or diction to journalists who are waged and salaried from junk news and sensational journalism. I implore responsible Nigerians to get their good news and credible information from credible news sources like The Guardian Newspapers of Nigeria: The Guardian is one of the news outlets that nurtures our conscience with the truth and plaintive truth in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, while other advanced nations are already living in the imaginary future with possibilities, Nigeria is still enlivening the ugly past; crucifying themselves to shrink or shortchange their beautiful future! America is planning to go back to the moon again in 2024 with commercial and private travels. Canada is surging with impeccable human capital extracted from Nigeria nay Africa and all across the world. China is recolonizing Africa through industrialization at the expense of deliberate ignorance and gullibility of African leaders. Europe is thriving economically in Africa through neocolonialization. My country, Nigeria nay Africa is subsumed and trading in hateful acts, self-destruct and 'religionlization' of her consciousness. "Who did us like this?"

Disturbingly, those who are bent on causing more problems for a troubled nation are social ants on zukerville consuming pebbles of lies being thrown at them from the agents of chaos. Children of corruption have been ethnically, socially and politically configured to traffic in lethal lies to set a confused and contradictory nation into precipice and abyss of time. Kongi harvest is now an octogenarian in a wasteland. As young literati are famished for semblance of Kongi's ageless inheritance. I am so terrified to miss this larger than life figure from our foisted firmament. We are asking providence to continue enlarge his coast with strong health and sound mind. We are also in firm genuflection to pay fealty to Prof. Wole Soyinka's angelic icon. Every literatus must constantly pay a sacred homage to this African idol in his literary shrine! The presence of the fragile-giant Kongi in our museum of art and politics is a reconstructive machine to restructure our hydra-headed conscience.

Our own Professor Wole Soyinka at his twilight years, should be told to ignore any covert or overt overtures to cajole him to dine and wine with these hungry brown-enveloped Newspapers, and the children of corruption. The harrumphed professor must avoid his enigmatic persona to be muffled and muddled by the noncorrectable disfigurement of characters. Our figurative nymph must not dance with their macabre dense in this forest of a thousand demons! We must also not relent in our efforts to reconstruct and reconfigure their minds through cognitive restructuring.

As we pour libations at the entrance of our god of literature, traditional nymph and Akara Oogun, may Kongi harvest's mondo and literary wealth; and bookish experience sooth our infinite crave for his fecund cognition under his tutelage. May his days and years be long to continue to oil and penetrate our insatiable desires; and may we be lucky to literally inherit and wear his unkempt but powerful and resourceful academic toggery.