Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Arizona, USA

Late Martin Luther King Jr.

LK was a powerful orator, and an icon of inspiration to millions of us! Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was a quintessential human rights activist, pastor, pentecostalist, unalloyed American, father and a vintage human being.

King Jr. has a legacy that continues to prick, shake and shape the conscience and consciousness of the world. I listen religiously to this powerful man almost everyday.

A complete audio of his extemporaneous messages is a resource one needs to have in a home that treasures love, equity, fairness, fearlessness and justice. All his ministerial work of arts are worthy of reflections. Most of his powerful speeches in manuscripts and books are verifiable and veritable legacy, archivable and unputdownable resources in our insatiable quest for knowledge.

King's messages of love, oratorical stance and powerful speeches; and that of his contemporaries are vocal resources that energize good people's everyday life. Revered Martin Luther King Jr. is alive in the mind of a conscientized world. His work, image and emblematic activities remain icons of inspiration to more than a billion individuals across the globe.

Martin Luther King Jr. was not only a gift to his family, he was a bundle of gift and joy to America and the world. MLK was a terrific man, even in death, he epitomized love! King's iconic image remains a vintage and magnificent representation of humanity.

MLK will continue to be fondly and earthly remembered here until when we will literally raptured to meet him to part no more! Thanks, MLK for giving us a template to be part of American exceptionalism. We remain subservient to his emulative characters.