Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Arizona, USA

"Buhari in "mad desperation to rig poll" -Obasanjo

n my recent family vacation to Universal Studios and other tourist sites in California city, we traveled on a 7-hour trip on the beautiful but peaceful roads from Arizona to California. A journey that triggered the consciousness of history, and our people's psychology in me. In a nutshell, as we moved into the outskirts of California, as a writer, my sense of imagination was triggered by the scenery of the thousands of windmills powering the energy for the California suburbs and its rural dwellers.

As I observed the speeds of the windmills and how they inadvertently obeyed the natural commands of the wind, I quickly juxtaposed the scenery with the minds of Baba's followers (political windmills). Baba (the wind) is a man who understands the warped psychology of most people in Nigeria. Ebora knows (apology to Professor Pius Adesanmi) that the deadliest enemy of a typical Nigerian is his or her psychology. Rewire the already wired psychology, every garbage can be added unto it! Baba Iyabo knows how to weaponize this psychology and uses it to his own "do or die" political advantage when the need arises.

In my editorialized article in The Guardian Newspapers on 02 May 2016, at 3:44 am titled: "A tortoise in the political space," I warned President Buhari of the con-art of Mr. Tortoise's visit to the Aso Rock Villa. The Ebora of Owu is one of the luckiest (if not the luckiest) Nigerian politicians dead or alive today. It is a dangerous mystery why a man who has shaped the course of political history of Nigeria rightly or wrongly would be engaging in negative nuances of history.

Why Ebora of Owu is squandering historic journey of his career at the twilight years of his life is a mystery unknown to all discerning minds? Why the man is subsumed in antics and comic shows after his controversial roles in Africa, nay Nigerian renaissance must be deconstructed by all Nigerian historians.

The surreptitious role Baba is playing at this defining moment in our nation's history is unstatemanlike, and very disturbingly concerning! The moment Mr. Tortoise realizes he's fizzling out into the oblivion part of our political history, he comes out to distract and disrupt a nation finding her foot out of contradictions! Baba has always come out to sermons us on how we shouldn't move forward as a nation. Mr. Tortoise is always conceited with selfish motives or interests. Anytime Mr. Tortoise talks about misuse of security personnel or institutions, the cunning man should be reminded of Odi massacre at the behest of his command during his corrupt and brutal administration.

The current Nigerian youths were introduced to the axiom of democracy that states: "power corrupt and absolutely power corrupt absolutely." But the warped Nigerian youths were not taught the nuances of history, an impediment for the youth to rediscovering itself for growth and development! To rational mind's consternation, we are unfortunately, witnessing that old normal again today in the behavior of Mr. Tortoise.

Instructively, when Mr. Tortoise knows he is becoming irrelevant in the scheme of things; when he senses that his choice enemy is gaining ground and amassing the love of the people, he comes up with deceits (abosi) to change the national topic to further warp the psychology of his unrepentant followers. ti b!!! (Baba is exposing the mind of man in the self in him)!

Mr. Tortoise's characterization of people he loves and beloved today is being uncovered by people with insightful minds. It is left for those who fall or falling 'prey,' or found in this category of 'love-making' to know that, their days will be numbered in the Baba's grotesque book of pretense. And this will be in not-too- long-distant tomorrow. Without naivety, the good people in Baba's book today should beware of what they wish for in the cocoon or cockpit of deliberate ignorance, most especially when you are being deceived by a known clown and political manipulators.

Why do people forget the ugly events of yesterday to savor in today's manipulations? When people forget their ugly history, it makes their tomorrow vulnerable to reception of yesterday and today's manipulations. Their tomorrow will be full of uncertainties and contradictions! This unfortunate nuances will then become a recycling process in their consciousness and everyday lives.

The Odi massacre was a psychological trauma that only the witnesses, victims and their families can better understand and remember the Ebora of Owu for in their subconscious minds. According to Wikipedia, "The Odi massacre was an attack carried out on November 20, 1999, by the Nigerian military on the predominantly Ijaw town of Odi in Bayelsa State. The attack came in the context of an ongoing conflict in the Niger Delta over indigenous rights to oil resources and environmental protection." The Odi massacre was an heinous crime against humanity when Baba's soldiers raped young and old in the rustic small community of Odi, Bayelsa state. The heinous story of Odi is archived in all Nigerian libraries for these children of corruption to read for their own future benefits. Unfortunately, some Nigerians characteristically have fizzled minds, with inadequate sense of history to remember Odi's horrific and other tragic moments in our nation's history!

Fortunately, the good news, and to the dismay of Mr. Tortoise is that, his unrepentant followers are becoming repentant to the usual shenanigans of Baba. Mr. Tortoise's mien is now shrinking significantly in the political nomenclature and equation of the country's polity. People have uncovered, or are uncovering what is embedded beneath the surface of Baba's grotesque grandstanding, vindictive and opportunistic behavior. An unrepentant muted Buhari is 'buharizising' Baba and retiring him fast beyond our imagination. That's the reason for instant desperation of Mr. Tortoise. With profundity, Ebora is exhibiting his consciousness of guilt as we see victory in plain sight on FeBuhari 16, 2019.

It will be a new day in Nigeria!