Friday, January 18, 2019
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Arizona, USA

his is an interesting but nauseating period in Nigeria. And so? Coming to America! Why are we so pedestrian in Nigeria? So, coming to America is a political hurdle, or rubicon to cross by one of the presidential candidates of the most populous country in the continent of Africa? Are we kidding?

What's the fuss about a presidential candidate of Nigeria visiting the United States if he doesn't have skeletons in his closet? For boosting his political credentials? United States is a country of law. If truly the Nigerian presidential candidate has a case to answer on the US, the US authorities wouldn't wait for ranting to do their job. Nigerian citizens are doing impeccable things through their professional careers globally.

It's sad we're being made a laughing stock and a joke in the international community. But some people are in the business of running after inconsequential things. Why are these Nigerians exhibiting vainglorious behavior in the diaspora? Who will re-orientate our youths' psyche to be in sync with their counterparts in Asia, Europe and America?

Seriously, if the presidential candidate of a country has a case in the US as alleged by cyberborgs, domestic answer is wrapped in the power of Nigerian voters. It must be unwrapped on FeBuari 16, 2019. It's high time we stopped all these plodding and uninspired stories we read daily from cyberborgs on social media. Let's focus on how to make the continuity of our nascent democracy a sustainable one in Nigeria. Nigeria is a work-in-progress. We must complete this crucial project to make Nigeria work again. Let's stop all these nonsensical arguments and make Nigeria take back her enviable position amongst the comity of nations!

Meanwhile, responsible Nigerians with futuristic expectations aren't dumb to want to return to the past! In a sane society, those who have looted the national vault wouldn't dream with effrontery to insult our collective psyche. A pauperized mind is a habitat for all kinds of fouled things. The children of corruption are used to instant gratification and freebies! These two nuances have been their motivation to hate Buhari.

Some of our compatriots are too pedestrian in Nigeria. President Buhari, after his re-election needs to clean all these mess oozing out from the conscience and consciousness of the some Nigerians. We are too pedestrian about mundane things. One day, one drama! Those youths who are amplifying all these unnecessary issues should get their act together, or take a cue from their contemporaries around the world.

Optimally, the good news going forward is that, Nigerians are gradually detaching themselves from the ugly past. We must do everything within the purview of law not to attach ourselves to the past again. To vote during general election for one of the men of yesterday is inconceivable in the 21st century of Nigeria.

Nigerians! The choice of dangerously returning Nigeria to the past, or graciously moving her into the future is in our collective hands. Let the children of corruption's candidate rapture to the moon and come back, we are waiting for his return to meet us at the polls in the historic general election. February 16, 2019 is a clear defining moment in our nation's history. To my wow, Nigerians are wiser now to see not-so-distant-future!