Sunday, January 13, 2019
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Arizona, USA

hen a man begins to get scared of himself, it's the beginning of the end to his antics, deceitful and ruinous life. No amount of gymnastic displays can impede the karmatic course of history.

Dino, Fayose, Femi Fani-Kayode, Dele Momodu and other looters and enablers of corruption have got their days in politics of Nigeria numbered! No more political apathy for complacent Nigerians. Everyone is getting politically aware and motivated with the consciousness of the unfolding events in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, the antics of a buffoon are a comic relief, but seriously concerning in the marketplace of ideas! All these nonsensical things need to stop in our country-Nigeria! We have been so unserious as a nation with so many contradictions, gullibility, lies, pseudo-religiosity and directionless. It is high time we halted the business of religious enterprise, grotesque grandstanding, selfishness and political opportunism.

Who says Buharism is not working! Nigeria is now a work-in-progress. The current situation in Nigeria is painfully rewarding. It will surely bring us to sanity and detach us from the corrupt ways of conducting the business affairs of the country. Great to know that vibrant youths, innocent "toddlers" and even the gullible Nigerians are now coming to term to exposing the evils and shenanigans in our system. The mimicry of Dino, Fayose and others by the incoming generation of Nigerians (teenagers) is welcoming but embarrassingly funny! It will tarry before it won't tarry again! Nigeria will surely succeed!

Meanwhile, in the face of discouragement, resentment, fear-mongering and hate, please, stay positive, be consistently honest and optimistic of the good things to come to Nigeria. Let's continue to imagine the good things for possibilities in our country! Nigeria is an untapped land of opportunities!

Please, vote out all the looters in your constituencies, local governments and states. Do not vote for party affiliates; vote for personalities in other parties whose credentials are in sync with our dreams for Nigeria. Let's stop all these silliness and macabre danse! We need serious-minded people in the affairs of Nigeria. Begin the mobilization to trigger the peaceful revolution now to change the way we live forever.

If Rwanda can come back from her ruinous past to be a beacon of hope and development in Africa, Nigeria can come out of her ugly past and present to take back her leadership position and giant roles in Africa, and indeed the world. Buhari is really trying his best as president to rewrite our ugly history. The President is a good and tolerant leader. We must support him to assure and secure our future, and the future of our children.

The ways the wayward politicians in Nigeria are being surreptitiously retired now is soothing to our mindfulness. The silence of the Sheriff in town to all the manufactured lies is making the lies to crumble before the liars' eyes. Unfortunately for the agents of lies, the second coming of the Sheriff will be very decisive and rewarding to the health of the country.

Lastly, the fans, acquaintances, coterie of friends of Senator Dino Melaye in the National Assembly in Nigeria should tell the likes of Dino and Fayose to stop their juvenile attitudes; and stop embarrassing Nigeria in the eyes of the international community. We're a better country than these people's political machinations and shenanigans! Nigeria is now a work-in-progress. The project shall be completed.

God bless you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!