Thursday, January 3, 2019
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Jos, Nigeria

etween 2015 and now, the federal republic of Nigeria has had as president one whose emotional balance was clearly skewed, arbitrary and ruthless. Indeed, this president reminds me of what I know about the character Adolf Hitler in the drama of Third Reich. A few years ago, President Muhammadu Buhari openly criticized the way the war against the Boko Haram sect was being handled by the Goodluck Jonathan Presidency.

He said the war has being turned by that presidency into a political propaganda that targeted the annihilation of Nigerians from the Northern region. Somehow, he alluded that another Holocaust was in the offing but this time, it was happening in Nigeria. Nigerians took that statement for granted. No one wanted to read any meaning to it or question whatever could possibly exist in between the lines. And so, he got away with that statement.

It has been said that the mouth speaks the content of the heart. This means that whatever was in a man’s heart was known only when he speaks. To agree that the allegation of a Holocaust was only a perception held by this president (of the war 4 years ago) was naivety. What seems to be confusing many now is how that the allegation has transformed from a mere perception into an agenda that is no doubt at work presently.

There are strong indications today – following the killings of Daniel Ikoli, General Alkali, Air Chief Alex Badeh as well as the over 150 policemen in flight from duty in the Northeast – that the Boko Haram war in the hands of powerful persons within the defense HQ has become like Adolf Hitler’s death chamber or the Holocaust. It is surprising that of the 150 or more policemen who fled the battlefield, 91% of them were Christians.

Before this government came on board, the Boko Haram sect had been thoroughly degraded. They had little money to feed and for logistics and was basically without soldiers. Then came the hot issue of recovering the Chibok girls who were abducted before now and, disguising in the name of wanting to redeem a promise it made to recover those girls if elected, this government did the unthinkable. They swapped the girls with good monies.

Shortly after, the sect who before the swap could not organize another attack suddenly began to release videos and to make attack threats. They quickly reorganized and another leader emerged who was not the Abubakar Shekau that once frightened Nigerians in their videos. The new face should’ve told Nigerians that the Jonathan PDP government had wiped out the sect. But it never registered in our minds then or now!

To shore up their image which was fast dwindling, the Dapchi girls kidnap was orchestrated and more money was pumped into the sect by this administration in the name of securing their release. Suddenly, a certain ‘Mama Boko Haram’ surfaced to act as a go-between the government and the terrorist. All these happened in our eyes while we looked on like idiots; believing propagandas that this government threw at us.

During the reign of Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich (Third Realm or Third Empire) fantasy between 1933 and 1944, a military campaign to bring the whole of Europe under the sovereignty of Hitler’s Germany was set in motion and while that was on, Hitler secretly prosecuted his long waited obsession of exterminating the Jewish Race from the face of the earth. This, he did by creating a death chamber.

Till date, not every German believes that there was a Holocaust. Why? You ask. It is because the death chamber was arranged in such a way that only top security personnel was privy to what went on. The Jews were transported – like the Christian youth from Nigeria’s south – in trucks and the whole idea looked like they went to the battlefield or to work the mines in conquered territories but they ended in GAS CHAMBERS.

Of the millions that was transported batch by batch, no one returned to tell the world what was happening. And so the evil scheme continued until at last, certain persons survived and escaped when Austria was recaptured from Germany. Till the collapse of the Third Reich, Jews continued to be transported to the gas chamber and the world knew nothing because they did not understand the depth of wickedness and evil that resided in Hitler’s mind.

I believe quite a number of concerned Nigerians have seen the list of officers purported to have absconded from duty and are alarmed at the spread: 91% Christians! This is the same thing that happened during the Nigeria-Biafra civil war. The minorities from the north and the Middle-belt region had their officers in the war front but after the war, General Yakubu Gowon was edged out for the Fulani agenda to continue through the military era.

The reactions by Col. Dimka (then) and later Major Orkar (in 1990) only provided the opportunity for official severance of relationship between the Core North and their neighbors and the establishment of a religious dynasty that followed strictly the script: CONQUER AND DOMINATE. Recently Mr. President has come out to declare that he is a descendant of Abraham. And as always, Nigerians have treated that statement with levity.

No American president before Trump has dared to associate self with the Middle-east quarrel between Israel and Palestine because they understood that the world was in trouble today because of the battle for Jerusalem. And for Nigeria’s president to talk of Abraham told something of a man on a mission to either restore or to destroy. And if Abraham’s descendant is ruling us, does it mean we are equally descendants or enemies?

When you put the bits and pieces of his statement together, you’d find that President Muhammadu Buhari like Adolf Hitler was going to pull off a stunt in our checkered history like no bigot has ever been able to pull. How can this bias president be able to create wealth for all Nigerians? 20.9 million Nigerians are currently without job and he is promising a NEXT LEVEL. When he said the youths are lazy; he refereed to folks from the oil-rich Niger Delta leaving out drug addicts and polygamists-without-livelihood in the north.

There is something sinister about this government in power. First, they battered, killed and detained followers of Sheikh El-Zakzaky and himself. They told us that their reluctance to obey the court order on his release was premised on national security. But the truth is that the Sheikh’s continued detention was because of the acrimony between the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iran; in other words, the war between the Sunni and the Shite.

Second, the herdsmen began their campaign in the middle-belt region and instead of proscribing MACBAN – who had openly identified with the killing spree – like he did to the harmless IPOB group, he pressed for cattle colony. The NSA, the minister of interior, the minister of defense and the IGP all turned their gaze on the president, hoping to read the president’s body language in order to know what to both say and do.

Nigerians frowned at but later excused the irresponsible statements credited to Mansur Dan-Ali, Abdurrahman Dambazzau and Ibrahim K. Idris in the heat of the campaign by the herdsmen. Now, with this list and with the purported denial by the police force that the list is fake; I hope that Nigerians will go beyond their usual frown and excuse to revolt against this whole idea of campaign in the northeast as these wicked people in power have used it to downsize the southern population that got conscripted by Generals Ihejirika and Badeh!

There was a time in the Nixon administration, during the US-Saigon war that the American people had to revolt against the continued prosecution of that war. It was costing too many lives for the American people to understand why the war should be sustained. I have not seen any Nigerian who thinks the same should be replicated here. Come to think of it, why are the Nigeriens, the Chadians and the Cameroonians not as serious as we in that war?

A terrorist group that is said to operate simultaneously in Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon is incidentally costing Nigeria more than the others. But that is because, while the other countries were honest in the manner they handled the war on their front; our leaders have first created a money-minting enterprise out of it and has now turned it into a gas chamber that targeted the Christian population in Nigeria.

It is not yet satisfactory that the Nigeria Army is almost synonymous with Northern Army. The Jihadist are not appeased that Nigeria’s defense budget was almost becoming a budget for the states of Borno and Yobe even when we know that Borno’s financial contribution to the Centre falls short of the billions of naira it has so far gulped. Because of Boko Haram, Borno now appear more important than the oil-polluted Niger Delta region as per urgency.

Not every reader will appreciate what I am writing now. Some will question the veracity of some of my claims while others may be carried away by the flow of the essay. These are to be expected but this writer is not writing this piece – that is clearly a dangerous thing to do given the deaths of Daniel Ikoli, General Alkali and ex-CDS Alex Badeh in questionable circumstances – for praises but for the sake of alerting us to the rise of another Third Reich.

The same police that denied that officers had absconded have turned around to dismiss 121 officers who fled Boko Haram. If we fail to uproot and prosecute this evil machinery in Aso Rock come 2019; the inconvenience will be unbearable for all. The reality is that many are aware that an evil cabal was occupying Aso Rock but they are waiting for UFOs and celestial beings to queue on Election Day with their PVCs and do the voting out for them.

Adolf Hitler started like this many years ago in Germany. He created the gas chamber in the full view of Germans who cared less to find out what it was created to do. Before the world realized it, 6 million Jewish lives had already relocated from this life to the great beyond through the gas chamber. Those who applauded Hitler were not spared the brunt as evidenced by the heavy devastation that came upon Germany and its citizens in World War II.

If we do not challenge government to withdraw the army from the northeast; that failure to do so may well cost us our peace. All of a sudden, in less than 2 months several markets are gutted with fire in several states of the north and a suddenly compassionate president sends life lines as if those were factored in the 2018 budget. Suddenly, tradermoni is more important than the minimum wage of the worker. We hope that these are not gimmicks targeted to influence the electorate for votes.

The national assembly should as a matter of urgency look into the structural arrangement of the confrontation that Nigeria has put up in the war to see it reflected pluralism. If the war must continue then every tribe and every religious faith in this country must feature in the warfront and not a situation where the HQ and the several commanders are Muslims while the artillery is mostly Christians and Pagans. WE OWE THE UNBORN GENERATION THE SACRIFICE THE TIMES DEMANDED TO RISE UP AND SPEAK OUT AGAINST RACISM!