Wednesday, February 27, 2019
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Port Harcourt, Nigeria

nd so it all came tumbling down. Like a pack of cards it did. The propaganda was huge and great; the name calling, the castigation and the demonization. Immoral and illegal political strategies, prognostications, conspiracies, spiritual blackmail, deceitful prophecies; it all came to nothing? I mean, did the man Buhari finally return as President-elect after the February 23rd Nigerian Presidential elections?

I refrain from talking about election figures and margins of victory, or loss for the victor and the unsuccessful. I am interested here in the pre-election permutations and predictions, and you guessed correctly, the predictions of our pastors and prophets about the elections. Alright, okay; like the Clinton-Trump elections, and the (UK) Cameron-Miliband elections of 2015, it is not finished yet. The old war horse (Buhari) would not be sworn in; he will die before that time, right? And if by some misadventure he was sworn in for a second term, he will die in office! One of our 'great men of God' already predicted that eventuality. Before I go into why I have confidence that that prediction may not happen, let me again remember the sins of Buhari.

There is no money everywhere and anywhere; everything is tight! The herdsmen are killing every Christian and Southerner from Plateau State to Akwa Ibom State; and from Kwara State to Taraba State, and Boko Haram is providing back-up for these herdsmen over the remainder of the country; all because of this 'anti-christ' that goes by the name of Buhari! Corruption war is one-way, not two-way! Even the economy is comatose; all foreign investors are leaving the country in their droves.

Women do not like Buhari.

Men do not like Buhari.

Children do not like Buhari.

Humans - diaspora or not (including international observers), do not like the man; even Angels detest him!

Somehow, this hated 'evil genius' (that sounds familiar; sounds like the man who saved Nigerians from this same Buhari in 1985 to bequeath to us the beautiful country we now have, and were we not glad then?), called Buhari managed to return as Nigerian's President for the next four years (2019-2023)! Okay, I forgot, it was rigged; from Sokoto State to Bayelsa State, and from Borno to Epe in Lagos State, all rigged by these shameless riggers.

And how about all the prayers and fasting to ensure that 'false prophet' Buhari did not return to Aso Rock from May 29th 2019? Actually, at a stage I became both confused and amused. I remember thinking that perhaps, Nigerians should get what they wish themselves - that this much-hated General should lose the 2019 elections; just so that what happened from 1985 would re-occur. A fool never learns, does he?

To return to the professional prognosticators, I am with you in the expectation that there would soon be an upheaval that would sweep Buhari away. Ehm, and the courts are not happy as well! I hesitate to state that when Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State is not happy, quite a few Nigerian courts are also not happy! But why did they even allow this Buhari to earn even a few votes? How did it happen? After all, OBJ told us in many letters that this man is up to no good. And the ones amongst us who daily dines with the Almighty assured us that Buhari was not His choice. And every time you see the man he is shouting "TSA! TSA!". Why did all these "ye-ye" voters not remember that it was this Treasury Single Account that cancelled and extinguished our "choppins" from the seemingly inexhaustible federal honey pot? According to the PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, the next battleground is the Nigerian courts. This is hardly surprising given that Buhari is also a stumbling block of offence on the paths of the "choppers" in that constituency. Hypocrites!