Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Abuja, Nigeria



I Will Claim Back the Mandate Trusted On Me by Nigerians. - Atiku Abubakar - @Hope For Nigeria.

Only in Nigeria will a president who has made the country the poverty capital of the world increase his majority in an election (Femi Aribisala)

he candidate I canvassed votes for, whose campaign manifesto I believe in, has not conceded defeat.

His party has called for calm and will use all judicial and legal means to get back his mandate.

I align with the position of my candidate.

Until he says he is not contesting the results, I regard him as the winner of the election in which his legitimate votes were tampered with and a conspiracy against his votes was ruthlessly carried out across the country.

I'm not taking a popular opinion here. I'm taking a personal opinion and if it becomes mainstream, then it is because my words resonates with many who feel the same way.

We cannot wish away the disenfranchised citizens of Nigeria who voted and whose votes were made not to count. We can also not wish away the deliberate attempts to suppress the enthusiasm of voters who came out in excitement to vote and had their dreams of voting their candidates dashed by a collusion of evil interests.

No one is talking about it and most people in victory, want to sweep it away. People died by violence in coming out to vote. Their blood is on the results of this process. Their blood drips on the ballots.

And we expect their sacrifices to be forgotten? To be swept away? We expect that we should let it go because we are a nation adept in letting things go and letting lives die....

President Buhari has been declared the winner of the elections by the umpire. There will be no lacuna while the court processes begin and he remains the President until the final case is determined. I must accept the rule of law as a citizen of Nigeria who has always clamoured for true democracy since my days as a young student. The rule of the law dictates that he is the President and until the case is decided in court,he has to be accorded the appurtenances and authority of that office.

But the rule of law also gives me a freedom of speech. And in exercising that freedom as guaranteed by the democratic tenets, I believe that President Buhari's victory is a tainted victory. The election was full of infractions and if true democracy really exists in Nigeria, the courts will decide on what is just and what is true.

If the courts so decide that Buhari won legitimately, so be it. I, as a citizen of Nigeria, will accept the verdict. And we all will move on.

The Judiciary is the last hope of the common wishes of the people. If Men of Honour are hard to find in the political cadre, I hope Men of Honour and Good Conscience are still left in the Judiciary who would be dispassionate in hearing the case before them and do what seems right to them and the nation, whatever the outcome.

While waiting for this process to be determined, I ask in my personal position for calm and order. We are all brothers and sisters, forced by ideologies to be at dividing ends in this electoral process. We must not fight, insult or kill each other in victory or in defeat. We must build our nation.

Across tribes and regions, we all voted.

We must maintain the peace and await the lawful conclusion of the electoral process.

For those who voted for A Better Nigeria based on their convictions, I thank you. For those who voted for A Better Nigeria based on my prompting here on my Facebook page and other social media platforms, I thank you too for the honour. I convinced you and your final actions added to the numbers.

For those who voted and their votes didn't count, do not despair. There will be Justice.

If the clouds seem to be dark for long, remember that the sun will shine through one day.

Nigeria is our country. We are citizens living in a Dystopia presently. It can't go on for long. We have to get it right.

Warts and all, we are citizens of Nigeria and what history has always taught me is that Nigeria is greater than anyone's ambitions and whims.

Because in the end, Nigeria always wins.

God bless Nigeria.