Monday, February 25, 2019
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Arizona, USA

eligion is a culprit and it has been misused as a tool for human destruction. I am a Muslim. A devoted faithful and a tolerant one as such! You hardly can peruse my religious belief in my various writings because it is a personal conviction.

Religion has been the instrument that has guided me in my relationship with other fellow human beings. Religion is an esoteric philosophy; it only creates rational fears in me and leads me to be self-conscious, I also feel conscientised anytime I am tempted or attempted to go astray or my fallibility falls in. It also serves as a buffer for support and a condiment in time of tribulations to relieve me of pain, stress, anger, frustration etc. It also serves as leverage for hope and restores optimism in times of hopelessness. Religion teaches me compassion, unblemished and unpretentious love for others. It makes me a fearless, fair, firm and consistent individual. It exposes the nothingness of this void world and allows me to be contented with my little possessions. My inner mind is tranquilized with the contentment of humble beginning and with where I am now.

Meanwhile, I have never regretted knowing the supreme exoteric being who instructed and guided us through His Holy books. I live in a society where before the advent of political shenanigans enjoyed tranquility of religion; where you exercise your religious rights, even better than in your country of origin. 911 changed the perception of religion for life in the United States. The rate at which people are becoming increasingly less religious, even amongst the then avowed religionists is alarming. Humanism is evolving again. Technology is debasing religion and exposing the hypocrisy of the adherents of religion, most especially, in the third world. Rationally minds are becoming nauseated by the idiosyncrasies of religion. In a civilized world; at a place of work, your religious beliefs is personal, where politics is divulged and divorced from religion. The global youths are excusing religion to give way to imagination of ideas and innovations.

The extremists and terrorists have wrought incalculable damage to the predominant religion of Islam and Christianity. While in "Islam" the ISIL and its extremist affiliates maim and kill innocent Muslims and Christains, their Christians counterparts in "Christaindom" kill the potent souls and minds unhindered, the religious zealots know that mind is a terrible thing to waste. While the developed nations are transforming the world with imagination, ideas and innovations through technological-know-how, developing countries are subsumed in religiosity to destroy themselves. They are rudely smashing potent ideas and sentencing infertile minds to a state of religious oblivion.

It's high time we stopped making religion as culprit, but the mind of man is the culprit which uses religions as tools or instruments of wanton destruction of lives and souls; they are the oppressors of the vulnerable ones in their vineyards. The mind of man is the main culprit not religion.

Look at the most religious people or group of people around you, beneath their minds is embedded hate and resentment of other fellow human beings who don't share their beliefs and ideology. They slyly smile at you; remove the veils, what you'll see is the nakedness of man's minds in the noxious clime. They’re angels in the day "shaloming" and "salaming" you in the name of God/Allah. In places of worship, they speak ex-Cathedral, arresting unsuspecting minds for financial gratification, but at night in their homes or hidden minds, hostility is crowned with the chieftaincy title of hate. These are 'erujeje' or the 'fearful faithful' who have unfathomable skeletons in their mind-closets.

Divinely, religions were designed as tools to liberate man from the shackles of hate and resentment. To guide and provide spiritual foods and tonics to feed the soul of man and move man closer to God. Man through ages has evolved with other idiosyncrasies to misinterprete religion to suite his whims and caprices. Religious people have used religion to wreck havoc on humanity, and it is still continuing unabated in our terrestrial world.

In a nutshell, just like all other rational beings, this writer is opened to constructive criticisms, but beware of the man next door who proclaims his religiosity at the expense of humanism. A man's proclamation of religion might not be what you read, see or hear, and the man's mind and his intention may be null and void to reality, and a proclivity to self-centeredness.

The sacred advice to true believers and the true adherents of any religion; and to those who see humanism in man before his religion is that, we should stand by our sacred pronouncements on behalf of our fellow human beings through universal human rights, liberty, justice and unconditional love for all.