Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Arizona, USA

"The head of a quasi-vigilante group in your area warned you of the consequences of your collective premeditated plan to snatch their future, and you're complaining! What kind of armed robbers are you?" -Yahaya Balogun

hose of you justifying snatching of ballot boxes during Nigerian elections to civilized world like the US and UK, please, stop hoodwinking those in Nigeria who don't know how the US system works. United States is a country of laws with zero tolerance for crimes and criminal activities. "If you do the crime, you will do the times" (if you're lucky to be alive to face the law). Law is an ass here in the United States of America!

Individuals have the right to self-defense to preserve their lives and property. Security agencies are professionally trained to carry out their professional duties and use discretionary force to save their lives and the lives of the people.

Those of you who live in the US and UK castigating President Buhari for giving order to deal with intending premeditated assault by hoodlums on the INEC officials and voters, I advise you to come to Arizona or go to Florida, Texas, Colorado etc on election day with cudgels, cutlasses and guns to snatch election materials to see what will happen to you if you resist arrest. That will be suicide mission to brandish those deadly weapons at Law enforcement officers! If you do that, then you will understand what is called deadly or lethal force in the face of imminent danger or death.

Even, the Law enforcement agencies do not only need the directive of the president before the perpetrators are decisively dealth with. It is their professional responsibility to maintain law and order in the society.

Why should you be concerned for the president's directive when you claim to be law abiding citizens? The children of corruption are known for making premeditated lethal lies to justify their planned mob actions.

The children of corruption's hypocrisy stinks to high hell! These people with preconceived motives to rig election have something in their skulls to hide! We implore all responsible voters to cast their votes peacefully and go home peacefully on election day.

Nigeria hasn't reached that stage of bananas republic where everything is in a state of dystopia. Be law-abiding citizens folks, life will be beautiful before, during and after election.

Stay safe guys!