Monday, February 11, 2019
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Atlanta, Georgia, USA

ll Nigerians must bear the burdens and take responsibility for the nation's bad leadership. The character of the nation's leaders and the poor output of their governance represent the face of the nation and Nigerians. The story of Nigeria is reminiscent of a biblical narrative of the three angels who were sent on a mission to destroy and wipe out Sodom and Gomorra. According to the scripture, the city of Sodom and Gomorrah were marked for annihilation with fire by the supreme God who had judged the people because of their extreme moral bankruptcy. To execute the judgement, three angels were designated for the mission.

The bible says, the three angels arrived on earth and after they had replicated their angelic spirit with human nature they proceeded to Abraham's house. Abraham was a righteous man and though he was not living in the abominable city, he had a cousin by the name Lot who was resident there. This time the angels had informed Abraham the purpose of their mission. Abraham obviously did not receive the message with a grain of salt rather he tried his best to intervene by suggesting few things to see if the angels could retract their decision. Abraham asked the angels if they would spare the city for the sake of fifty righteous men, the angels replied that the city would definitely be spared but there were none fifty righteous. Abraham continued by bringing the numbers down to ten and regrettably, there were none righteous in that city except lot. Consequent upon that, the city of Sodom and Gomorrah were annihilated with fire and brimstone. This story can be found in Genesis 18:22-33.

The story of wickedness, greed, and corruption in Nigeria is as old as the time of slave trade. The colonial masters may have created a recess during their time of rulership but the problem would resurfaced after the independence. History has shown that the problem of corruption in Nigeria could not and cannot be attributed to one particular administration alone. This menace and its by-products have demonized, and bastardize Nigerians in the face of international communities for years and still is today.

The question is, why is it that every successive government that comes and go, always leave behind a mark of destructive legacy? Why is it that after fifty-nine years of independence, the nation is still at its lowest level of leadership moral? This is where all Nigerians must re-think by addressing the root cause of the problem rather than blaming and attributing the problem to every passing president.

A popular televangelist in United States once said that an ugly child is merely a product of an ugly parents. Every fruit must by nature produce its kind. The failed leadership in the nation, infected with what appears to be an incurable corruption is only a culture and tradition of the land. Every Nigerian is part of this custom and tradition and therefore no one has the moral ground to pin all the problems of the nation to a president who has only been in office for a period of four years. There is absolutely no person in Nigeria, no matter how tough, and resolute that can change the situation in the country without the collective effort of all Nigerians.

It is crystal clear that Nigerians are not prepared to change their corrupt attitude but yet expect the president to produce imaginary solution. The legislatures have been looting the nation since the inception of this new dispensation. The Judiciary has rendered the nation in a state of lawlessness. Those who work in different government establishment cannot carry out their official responsibility without taking bribes. The nation's law enforcement agencies have been classified by international community as the most corrupt in the world. How do Nigerians expect the president to solve this problem when in fact the problem is rooted in themselves? How can the president succeed when the legislatures and the judiciary have made it impossible for him? Nigerians must understand that the institution that is solely responsible for the nation's leadership failure is the judiciary. That is the institution vested with the responsibility of imposing punishment for crimes.

Financial and violent Crimes are committed against the nation almost every passing minute, and the criminals are set free by judges across the nation undermining the implication and without regard for the safety and well-being of Nigerians. Corruption is embedded in the nation's DNA and unless something unusual is done to correct it, Nigerians will simply be making mockery of themselves. Corruption is not a strange language in Nigeria, it is something that every Nigerian is familiar with. They live with it, on it and it is simply a way of life in the nation. What Nigerians should be worried about at this point is not who is going to be the next president but how they can be pro-active in containing this terrible problem that has rendered the nation to hopelessness.

The purpose of this article is to make Nigerians understand that the solution to this problem of corruption cannot be solved by the president alone. The solution must come from Nigerians themselves who must re-evaluate their attitude by developing a sense of patriotism when it comes to dealing with anything that reflect the interest of the nation. All Nigerians must hold themselves accountable for the failure of governance in the nation. Anyone who accuses president Buhari of mis governance is either a religious fanatic, tribalistic, hateful, narrow minded, or simply a part of the political conglomerate drowning the nation. Those fake Nigerian prophets masquerading themselves as sons and daughters of God, at home and abroad, proscribing Buhari's government and advocating for their own comrades are just part of the Nigerian problems. Nigerians at home and abroad must not take them seriously. They are fake men and women of God. They are sycophants who hide under the shade of fake Christianity they practice to register their partisan involvement.

A Nigerian who wants the progress of the nation must take his or her faith out of the corridor of government and must develop a pro-active attitude toward the building of the nation. To me, I believe president Buhari is probably among one percent of Nigerians if any, that can be entrusted with the leadership of the nation. It is true that the president has not been able to make the much-needed change he advocated while contesting in 2015, the reason is because his effort has been frustrated, demonized, and contained by his cabinet members and those of other political parties. President Buhari has said on several occasions that he could not do much because of the system. In other words, the instrument that is needed to contain Nigerians' greed must go through bureaucratic protocols and as a military personal, he is definitely not use to this.

The other time an order was given to arrest some group of judges for abusing their position by engaging in bribery, what happened, a section of Nigerian community began to call the president all kind of names. How do Nigerians expect the president to achieve anything when his moral is constantly under attack?

The other day, I was on a phone with a young intelligent Nigerian and I asked whom he was going to vote for. He admitted that given the choice, he would not vote because the two most popular candidates do not stand the chance of fixing Nigeria. He is absolutely right. I believe a lot of Nigerians hold the same feeling. If Buhari can no longer be trusted as good enough to pilot the leadership of the nation, I wonder who is more credible to be entrusted with such tough responsibility. If Nigerians believe there is going to be a messiah that would suddenly appear to solve corruption problem in the nation without a change of attitude on their part, they must expect more and more terrible days ahead. Atiku who is the major contender against Buhari, in his interview said unequivocally that in the event of him becoming the president of Nigeria he would simply make all his friends to become rich. For Atiku to have gained entrance into representing a major political party in the nation shows that God may have forsaken Nigerians for their wickedness.