Thursday, February 7, 2019
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Arizona, USA

he mind of a typical Nigerian politician is full of conflicts; conflict of interest, conflict of evil intention, narcissistic demeanor, and at times, with hyped and glorification of evils and blood wealth. How do the suspected affluent individuals in Nigeria explain the sources of their stupendous wealth? Your answer is as good as mine! Don't get me wrong! There are some hardworking individuals in Nigeria whose sources of income are very very ligit, but the dubious individuals and political jobbers have dwarfed the legitimate rights of these folks to enjoy the fruits of their labour without being subjected to unethical suspicions.

I am 100% in support of Buhari's intentions to sanitize the fouled and corrupt system but his administration must earnestly move to the deconstruction of these rogues politicians who are clogs in his wheel of progress. Nigerian judicial system is dented with corruption. Judiciary is one of the three arms of government who in consonant with the legislature trying to impeded the success of Buhariís administration. Honest Nigerians have been objectively anticipatory of deterrents of corruption, but their justifiable frustration with the system to see corrupt people go to jail, to me is justified and understandable.

Recently, 23 year old Kenyan, Leyla Muhandale was elected in Kenyan National Assembly election. She vied as independent candidate against a fully experienced candidate. She's a graduate of economic and statistics at University of Nairobi, Kenya. Ordinarily, we would have expected Nigerians to learn moral and political lessons from Muhandale's electoral victory. But are these people we read daily on social media really ready to be like Leyla Muhandale of Kenya? If this writer decides to vie for any elective position in Nigeria today, those who you think are your friends or youthful agents of change to support you will be your impediments to realize the goal.

I have come to realization and conclusion that Nigerians are not really ready for the anticipatory CHANGE we yearn for. People are very pretentious, opportunistic, grandstanding and nauseatingly silly. Nigeria, a confused or contradictory nation is in full mode for journey to the unknown and disintegration. The consolation is that the system will soon be self-imploded. It's a question of time. It may not be with this generation, but it will surely come by happenstance.

With all the circumstantial evidence of money laundering and corruption, Nigeria's sociopolitical sphere is infested with the illegal wealth of these gluttons in our midst. These corrupt politicians and militaricians are susceptible to consciousness of guilt. To butress my assertion, let us inhibit or prevent our politicians from using the Holy Quran or Holy Bible to take their oath of office. Let us bring these impending children of corruption (irrespective of their religious affiliations) to take their oath of office before their respective traditional deities and gods: Yoruba deities such as Ogun, Oya, Sango, Ifa or the Igbo "Great Spirits" such as Ala, Duality, Agbala, Chi, Mmo, Mbari. Bring them to swear before Iskoki or Bori in Hausa, because they know with superstitious beliefs, the consequences of their actions. They will all decline or refuse to swear their oaths of office with these sacred and weaponized deities.

Some Nigerian voters have always been accomplices in the construction and preparation of their own defeat, most especially, in the hands of their manipulators. When a man is susceptible to manipulation, he closes his eyes to reality and ignores every sense of decency. He becomes a willing tool in the hands of his oppressors. Nigerian politicians have been manipulating the vulnerable members of the Nigerian society.

The elites continue to succeed and win over these deprived people because of their warped psychology. When in the late 80s, in one of King Sunny Ade songs, the Juju maestro said in the lyrics that "maa jere, ohun ti mo ba fowo mi se, maa jere o....." ("May I reap the fruits of my labor..."). How many Nigerian politicians can sincerely acknowledge and say a resounding Amen to that affirming and self-induced prayers? None at present! They're all overtly or covertly having blood of the innocent Nigerians in their hands.

It is currently very hopeless situation in Nigeria. Most Nigerians are very sinister in purpose, wicked and pretentious in their demeanors. If you don't agree with them, you become their unsolicited enemy. Most of these Nigerians are hypocrites with no modicum of trust in them. How can Nigerians hate themselves by resenting a man with zero tolerance for corruption? How can people be ensconced in hypothesis of hypocrisy, naked lies, jejune minds, manipulation and expect the nation to move forward or develop?

Nigerians are not ready for the likes of the incorruptible Buhari, and the hyped change or democratic norm it anticipated. Maybe, at this time, Nigeria needs an admixture of autocratic and participatory democracy, that is, a honest dictator and ruthless and nationalistic authoritarian who make Nigerians to get their acts together. Nigerians make the efforts at fighting corruption not worth it on short run based on what we have read, heard and seen in the last few years about Buhari, but we will be unfettered in our efforts to see a new Nigeria.

When the hopeless and hapless people are pushed to the wall, they will fight for themselves to stop this egregious leadership that permeates all facets of Nigerian lives. If Nigerians miss this opportunity again to right the wrong in the Nigerian society, they might not get it right for a foreseeable future. For some years to come, except by happenchange, the like of Buhari's envisioned leadership may be a scarce essential nuance for a nation in search of her true identity and leadership.