Friday, February 1, 2019
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Arizona, USA

“So much propaganda has been packaged by the nation’s elites to make people hate Buhari. He has been vilified by people seeking to pit the masses against him." - Podar

n the real sense of it, the clubs of corrupt politicians want Buhari to die or fail. Every step the president is taking is being frustrated by the cabals in Nigeria. Because, they've benefited immensely from the status quo being dismantled by this administration, it's expected that these saboteurs will not keep their alms akimbo for Buhari to succeed. The forte of Buhari is his silence, a recipe to put his adversaries to shame!

The haters of Buhari know that once Nigeria returns to sanity, it will be the gradual end to their shoddy businesses. These cabals are in all facets (religion, ethnic mythology, social media, government and private sector etc) of Nigerian lives. The soothing and good news is that, at the present moment, the cynics are failing abysmally, and responsible Nigerians are winning with unfettered determination and expectations. People can't wait for February 16, 2019 general election to cast their votes overwhelmingly for Buhari.

Nigeria is on the rocky road to recovery! In reality, for Nigeria to recoup her past, we must change our old ways of doing things to a new ways with positive imagination for possibilities. No nation or society can thrive or succeed in the atmosphere of lies, hate, indolence, pseudo-religiosity and corrupt practices. Corruption is a national emergency and it's very cancerous to the collective health of the nation.

The ambivalent truth about Nigeria today is that, most of these Buhari haters are comfortably pretentious in their contributions to nation's mundane problems. In the cynics' subconscious minds are the unclouded truth about the personality of Buhari and his antecedents. Buhari's personality has facilitated their negative deneanor to be grandstanders, opportunists and weaponized agents of division and retrogression.

Meanwhile, because responsible people are in the realm of reality and coming to term with the cynicism of haters and pessimism of freebies, our stories are painfully changing for the better. Let's keep the momentum going!

When I read the expositions of honest people about the problems, successes, shortcomings and failures of Buhari's administration. I sync with their constructive criticisms and commendations of his government. These are the people Nigeria need at this auspicious time. They must continue to make the president see the true picture of the deprived and suffering members of the Nigerian society.

Consequently, I have come to term that Nigeria is inevitably on the road to recovery! Nigerians know that! Nigerian voters have great expectations for great things to come to Nigeria. When I saw the work being done to reactivate or resuscitate the idea of railway from Lagos to Ibadan, and bring it to fruition, my hope for the progress of Nigeria was enlivened! Nigerian voters will consolidate the gains of the last almost four years to vote for continuity.

Atiku is never the answer, and he will never be an answer to our mundane problems! 16-year-waste of People Democratic Party-PDP is very instructive to our consciousness and sense of history. Atiku's victory will be a return to yesterday; yesterday is an anathema to our today as we are yearning for a better tomorrow. Historically, Nigeria has tarried in getting to her destination, and it won't tarry on the long-run as we are approaching the sanity land. Let's stay optimistic and be disciplined in our various approaches to national integration, growth and development.

Vote your conscience to tackle corruption and other mundane issues in Nigeria!

God bless you, and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.