Friday, February 1, 2019
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Arizona, USA

he sea of heads in Kano that welcomed President Muhammadu Buhari was terrific and very reassuring. The children of corruption, and the Atikulators who are having compulsive thoughts and tenuous relationship with facts should watch the stunning and Eldorado videos of Buhari's campaign in Kano. Hard fact, President Muhammadu Buhari is a colossus of today's Nigerian politics. He is a larger than life imagery of integrity and discipline. An emulative persona for the correctable today's youths looking for tomorrow's brightness. Buhari is a phenomenon with shining political photography, illuminating the people's expectations of today's hope, and bright expectations of tomorrow!

According to Robert Mueller, the Chairman of the special counsel in the ongoing investigation of Russia's meddling in the 2016 general election in the United States, and I paraphrased him in this piece, if you have integrity, you won't have problems romanticizing with the truths and honesty. I humbly add my own axiom to Mueller's assertion that, if you don't have integrity, alternative facts will be your nuances and wails of wall.

Historically, a leader doesn't look at the credit he would get in carrying out his duties, a leader is always envisioned by the beneficial outcomes of his efforts to see an egalitarian society. Corruption is a web of retrogression in Nigeria. No nation can thrive under the tutelage of corruption. Corruption has flourished with all the negative nuances (armed robbery, hates, prostitution, kidnapping, political assassination, lies, 419, ASUU strikes, road accidents, poverty, insurgent of insecurity etc.) in Nigeria. The last bastion of corruption in Nigeria was the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan. Goodluck Jonathan chaired for eight years the emasculation of Nigerians and the looting of national treasury.

GEJ's corrupt administration is our last collective journey to the past. We ain't gonna go back to the past!

Meanwhile, as FeBuhari election approaches, I see Buhari's gigantic campaign in Kano state as the epic decimation to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and PDP's campaign. The unprecedented scenes at Buhari's nationwide campaigns was the final onslaught to the minds of the children of corruption, and other haters in Nigeria. The tumultuous crowds in Kano and all across the country were intimidating, terrific, anticipatory and interestingly soothing! I wish to congratulate in advance the Buharists and other patriotic Nigerians for our anticipatory victory on FeBuhari 16, 2019!

My humble advice to President Muhammadu Buhari after his exposť expected victory on FeBuhari 16 is to get the acts of his administration together; his government should flood the nation with palliative services and physiological measures to cushion the effect of enduring wellbeings of the needies, and the nation's nascent democracy.

Undoubltedly, in the minds of those who can see and dream tomorrow, in spite of President Muhammadu Buhari's failures and successes in the last four years, the President remains an icon of inspiration to millions of aspirational Nigerians. Buhari is restoring hope in the future of hopeless Nigeria. Buhari is also a shining hope to returning our country to the path of frugality, discipline and sanity. Buhari's administration must be encouraged, criticized and applauded in its policy formulation and execution to see a better Nigeria.

See you guys in Nigeria on FeBuhari 16!