Wednesday, December 25, 2019
Arizona, USA

Omoyele Sowore

"Be careful what you ask for; you may get it." -- J. Martin

"Great good nature without prudence is a great misfortune." -- Ben Franklin (1706-1790)

"Tomorrow is not too far; but tomorrow is also predictable if we are strategic in our approach to see a beautiful tomorrow." -- Yahaya Balogun (2019)

ast night, I was in bed musing to write another clamor letter to appeal to President Buhari for the release of Mr. Omoyele Sowore before Christmas and New Year! I never knew a beautiful gift was awaiting me from the ace Aso Rock, Abuja, Nigeria.

I woke up in the beautiful morning of today hoping to repost my recently published article titled: "OMOYELE SOWORE'S CHAPTER IN THE POLITICAL HISTORY OF NIGERIA." Unfortunately, the one that readily available was the article earlier published and posted this morning on the Facebook page. It is titled: "SOWORE, BUHARI, MORALITY, HATE, BIGOTRY, THIS WRITER AND GOOD CONSCIENCE IN NIGERIA." To my surprise, I heard the news of Sowore's release this morning, my spontaneous state of ecstasy at our prison facility parking lot almost sent a wild wrong signal to one of my colleagues who saw my jubilation at work. Today was one of the best days for me at work.

To Buhari, thank you, Mr. President, for listening to the admonition of grace and love for a troubled country some of us dearly love. As for me, you have given me and the old Mama Sowore the best 2019 Xmas and New Year gift. Thank you for listening to responsible Nigerians and the New Jersey Mayor and Senator who took up their district roles and constitutional responsibility to plead for Omoyele Sowore's immediate release from detention. It's not an understatement that a lot of sinister Nigerians will misinterpret the fatherly gesture of the President as cowed or coward to the appeals of some of us; the Senator and Mayor from the consistency of Omoyele Sowore's residency in the United States of America, and the outcry of his aged mother, Mrs. Sowore. Those who do not know how the well-organized system works here in the United States will ignorantly trade-in balderdash and idiocy about the release of Sowore.

One big lesson I have learned in the course of the struggle for a better Nigeria is that: to have your sanity intact, you must be encouraged by the courage of your convictions. You must never get encumbered or burdened by the noises being transmitted from the marketplace of naughtiness. You must always be encouraged by the good people who have good intentions and wish the country well.

To my buddy, Omoyele Sowore, welcome home! We cherish your freedom, and you must guide against any detrimental disposition that is inimical to law and order in the country. You should also remember that when we cry, we must always attempt to see who actually wish us well! Also, remember that tomorrow is not too far for the attainment of your political aspiration! To Sho! Softly, softly! It is pertinent you re-strategize with smart priority; do not misprioritize and get carried away by the noises emanating from the zukerville market. Do not be juvenile in your approach to navigate through the naughty road of the youths who are in search of their collective identity. Your few months of detention should have given you a great opportunity to reflect on the mistakes of the past, and to leverage the gains of imagination for the possibility of your political aspirations through your confinement. Remember, it's not over until it is over! The Ceasars (Sowore, DSS, and Government) in the saga of recalcitrant Sowore must be given their due mistakes in the avoidable incident orchestrated by Mr. Omoyele Sowore himself.

Finally, I congratulate old woman, Mama Sowore. I also wish Mr. Omoyele Sowore good luck as he regains his freedom. But Sowore must be cautiously optimistic and thread the evolving and nascent Nigerian political terrain softly, softly! Mr. Omoyele Sowore, remember, there is always tomorrow as we shape how we want tomorrow to look like from today.

Merry Christmas to the aged mama Sowore, and to all Nigerian Christians!