Thursday, December 19, 2019
Arizona, USA

s you add a new year to commemorate your birthday, and to commence a new journey into another more years of your life through patriotism, statesmanship, and incorruptible stance, we the people felicitate with you, and with your beautiful family and your unscathed persona.

Providence has given you this unique opportunity to rewrite our ugly history, unfortunately, some of your compatriots are still confused about your unfettered intention for Nigeria. Their confusion isn't borne out of ignorance, but it has much to do with their access to corruption you have blocked. Some wanted you to kick the bucket during the time you were indisposed, but to their chagrin, you refused to die, because, you're a providential president and a child of destiny. Some of your death wishers actually have actually kicked the bucket, even before your recuperation.

Meanwhile, as history beckons on you to rescue the wreckage of the Nigerian ship, we the people will not be discouraged to support you to achieve your laudable and envisioned goals for the deprived, dehumanized and voiceless Nigerians. Nigeria is a very difficult nation to govern; if Jesus Christ or Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Them-PBUT) come to Nigeria today, their divine messages will be discarded by the same people if those messages don't suit their selfish interests for instant gratification.

As you fervently pray and carefully seek Devine intervention with your dint of hard work and resilience, and at your twilight age to solving our mundane problems, we will admonish you to be careful with AGIP (Any Government In Power) in your government; take heed of political opportunists and grandstanders; listen carefully to constructive criticisms and advice, and stay focussed on your dreams and vision for Nigeria. Your success is imminent! May Almighty God make you be a replica and epitome of the late founding father of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew in Nigeria. As you embark on a unique journey to becoming a "giant of history" for Nigeria and a uniquely influential statesman of Africa, your roads to glory will be rough, but as a warrior, your victory is assured.

Though I had preferred your one-term presidency based on your fragile health, glory is to God for giving you good health and a bubbling life again. Your second term in office will consolidate the gains of reviving our bruised nation! You began with a slow and steady pace to repair a damaged nation; it's easy to destroy but to rebuild is a herculean task. Your birthday is a reminder of your stewardship and service to your fatherland. History is bunk, it's a precursor to how consistently we have played our roles in difficult times.

Remember, you are now a beckon of hope to millions of hapless Nigerians; a mirror and a good example to other African leaders. Consistency and enforcement of expectations provide the basis for effective governance. I want to use this medium and opportunity to remind you, sir, that the immediate problems of Nigeria are the basic necessities of life. They are, as you already know: power supply, good roads, good healthcare, security, jobs and other basic amenities for the plebeians. We appreciate the completion of abandoned national projects by commenced by your corrupt predecessors, and the new ones being embarked upon by your administration.

We pray to Almighty God to give you good health, more strength, and unalloyed bliss, wisdom, and power to your elbows, to be able to shoulder our multifarious and multifaceted problems in Nigeria. Your consistent supporters who can see tomorrow are solidly behind you to lead you to victory. Your history is laced with integrity, incorruptible and steadfastness. Through your resilient stance, Nigerian victory is assured!

Happy birthday Mr. President.