Sunday, December 15, 2019
Arizona, USA

"Every day or moment in our lives is filled with endless possibilities! What we do each day to make use of the counting moment actually counts!" - Yahaya Balogun

Late MC Abuatik

t the bottomless pit of life, and out of despair, we must find something that adds value to our lives! Never, ever despise the art of little beginning, rather, we should amplify our thought process to bring the best out of us. Death is not wishful thinking but it is trepidation of reality that all of us--mortals must fathom and understand. Death will come when it will come!

When we lose a life fully and moderately ensconced in flashy and beautiful personality, the death speaks volumes to us in the race of life! Softly, softly! We must take life easy. We must avoid bad intentioned people by walking a fine line with them. The brightened true life of friendship our friend lived sometimes deemed and it brightened again, and suddenly that effervescent life is now extinguished to eternity! What a life! The definition of life is a process of a constant reminder of a space we borrowed as existential tenants! Unfortunately, out of willful ignorance, some of us behave like untouchable landlords.

Ultimately, when our lives expire, we become (bad or good) kindred spirits who once inhabited a beautiful and odd world. My friend once lived and coexisted with us, now he left us for the next unavoidable reality-----which is death! But what will people say about us when we kick the bucket? Some of us are stubbornly indifferent to this existential threat and reality. We live yesterday as if we are oblivious of today's reality and the uncertainty of tomorrow! Haba! Drop your hateful attitude. Get your act together and live a beautiful life meaningful to your neighbors and humanity.

Meanwhile, this news of my bosom friend is a stunning reminder of how short our fragile and vulnerable lives could be! ...and the beautiful and honest life of a giant mien and thoughts of a man is extinguished forever. O' Death! Thou art speaketh to our souls to see beyond our fruitless search for void and nothingness of life! Those who are hiding under the cynical life of religion, family, politics, ethnocentricism, racism, etc., must have a rethink!

In reality, every human being has his or her own expiry date; and when that day comes: your Alhaji, Alhaja, JP, Ph.D., Knighthood, Priest, Pastor, Dr. and all other ostentatious titles we strive to acquire and attach to our names won't matter and be valued anymore! We are all going to kick the dust someday and become the revolving fertilizers for the enrichment of the thriving and circumlocution, and unending life. At that period of external retrospection, what will people honestly say about you? This is a question I am musing to all of us who will soon forget about the exit of the dear one of us to the esoteric world. And truly, Life Must Continue---LMC! Let us take a moment each day to find peace of mind, love, and honesty of purpose in what we do.

With a life well spent in honesty and unblemished love, we will explore our mindfulness to bear our friend--MC Abutik's irreparable loss! Painfully, we will try not to mournfully mourn his beautiful soul's exit; we will begin to celebrate his passage to the cocoons of men and women in aljaana fredous (heaven) in which my mother and father are also dwellers! With our long-life after, in this beleaguered world, MC Abutik, be advised, we will one day come together to celebrate our eternal reunion in a place where we will meet to part no more!

Sun re o, Ore rere (a true friend)!