Friday, December 13, 2019
Arizona, USA

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai (right); former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo; Deputy Governor, Dr. Hadiza Balarabe; and Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Balarabe Lawal, at the Council Chambers of Sir Kashim Ibrahim House during the former president's visit to Kaduna...yesterday.PHOTO:KDSG MEDIA

often attempt to avoid the amplification of Baba Iyabo's political shenanigans. But the more I try to be muted of baba's grotesque grandstanding, the more I feel guilty to be part of the acquiescence and silent individuals to Mr. Tortoise's political opportunism. Yes! Silence is golden, but keeping silent in the face of political godfatherism and mafia in Nigeria is to keep silent in the face of abnormal behavior!

Baba Iyabo has begun the political expedition and danse macabre again! With dexterity, Baba is playing with karma and fate of Nigeria. Mr. Tortoise is one of the lucky ones if not the luckiest politicians (dead or alive) in Nigeria..!!! Mr. Tortoise is surreptitiously endorsing another politician of yesterday-El-Rufai, for 2023 at the expense of fairness, equity, fairplay and justice to appease the aggrieved geopolitical zone (East) in Nigeria.

Peruse Baba's sanctimonious endorsement of El-Rufai below! It will stun your sense of history and want to make you want to quiver and queasy with poop. The "born-to-rule" idiosyncratic malady of the Nigerian polity is very concerning and dangerous. How I wish Sowore is strategic and meticulous in his historic distruption of Naija politics. His misappropriation of priority has miffed me.

Hear Baba, and Ijapa's current political intrigue as he pilgrimaged to Kaduna State Government House to visit Governor El-Rufai:

"....one of the best persons to work with is El-Rufai. He (El-Rufai) is a near-genius.

"The people of Kaduna State have a good leader to work with.

I made women matter in my government. El-Rufai has done the same in Kaduna. He (El-Rufai) is a very good learner.

"The battalion (El-Rufai) was the first to be Nigerianised and it had soldiers from all over the country. Baba Ijapa also expressed happiness that "El Rufai has recreated the Kaduna of old because his State Executive Council reflects a mini Nigeria." Source: The Nation Newspapers.

While Baba's submission is shrouded in politics of the moment, my take on Mr. Tortoise's political excursion to Kaduna is:

Mr. Tortoise is one of those who have disincentivized politics in Nigeria for men and women of honor and integrity. He makes Politics sucks in Nigeria..!!! Baba has suddenly just found a new fond-love in El-Rufai! "Always db is always db." The former president of Nigeria is one of the political geniuses in the act of con-arts of our time. If Baba Iyabo tells you it's raining in the mini forest, you must look at your surroundings to see if it is actually raining in the forest of a thousand demons! Baba is a geopolitical foe to the people of the southern and eastern parts of Nigeria. Baba's romanticism with the northern oligarchy is our encumbrance. Mr. Ijapa's political husband-Buhari (Ynnbo) has deconstructed Ijapa's political cunningness.

My advice to the shrewd and brilliant shortman politician from Kaduna is:

Mr. El-Rufai, beware to avoid hehehe...!!! The bll (horsewhip) that was used by Baba to whip up the asses of Jonathan, Yar'Adua, and recalcitrant Buhari is dangling on the wall of Mr. Tortoise for you and others who are refusing to learn from ugly history! Time is very auspicious, it will tell if this writer is right or wrong!