Sunday, August 25, 2019
Arizona, USA

am a very proud son of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and a privileged citizen of the United States of America. I have exceptional loyalty to both countries. Nigeria nurtured my cradle, America cradles my nature, and she is nurturing me to bringing out the best in me. Therefore, I am one of the magnificent representations of the progress of Nigeria and the United States.

Amongst others, there are four distinct things that make up American exceptionalism: opportunity, hard work, contentment and the rule of law. If you're smart enough, and you tap into these great intangible American assets and live within their jurisdictions, you will comfortably live the beautiful dreams of America. America is a country that gives you the opportunity to be who you want to be. In spite of her ugly and tumultuous history, America remains a nation where imagination can still become unending possibilities!

American fertile system is powerful; and very respectful of the power of choice and consequences. Her criminal justice system is no respecter of your ass and status in the American society. If you commit the crime in America, you will be brought before the law in the long run and you will do the time in prison. Crime is not a spontaneous event. It doesn't mutate by happenstance. Crime is an intended activity that is carefully planned and executed. The criminal minds precontemplate, contemplate and thoughtfully execute their plans with dire consequences.

Responsibly, your integrity and values are your greatest assets. You cannot hide them from the purview of American society. These assets define who you are and shape your life; your actions reflect those values. Whether your name is one of the US/FBI-77Ns international scammers nabbed by FBI a few days ago: names like Adegoke Moses Ogungbe from Yoruba tribe or Valentine Iro from tribe or Chukwudi Collins Ajaeze from Ibo tribe or a local kidnapper like Wadume from Hausa-Taraba tribe, be advised, crime and success have no ethnicity, race, color, nationality, etc. The difference is that one tribe is more criminally exposed to crimes and fanaticism than others.

The criminologist will tell you that crime is a learned behavior but not an innate tendency. You must make your choice and choose your friends smartly by not allowing your friends to choose you. History tells us that most of these criminally minded people come from dysfunctional homes. They get influenced by a religious and political society that doesn't care for their future. Inexcusable, they go into crimes by imitation and the urge of get-rich-quick or instant gratification.

Meanwhile, the antisocial behaviors of these miscreants at home and yonder have nothing to do with other responsible Nigerians in the diaspora. In the US Homeland, Nigerians are making a giant leap and contributing to the progress and development of the United States. In every geopolitical region in the US, Nigerians are never in short supply of quintessential professionals. Nigeria has her sons and daughters in the field of Engineering, Security and Law enforcement agencies, US Army, Aeronautical Agency, Medicine, academic or ivory towers, legit business, government, etc. Diaspora Nigerians' intellectual acumen is second to none. Our children are taking after our values and integrity, and it is shaping their lives for the future of America and Nigeria. It might be a cloudy sky to in Nigeria, it will rain and the coast will clear to the admiration of the optimists and pessimists in Nigeria.

In all facets of human lives, the misdemeanors of a few greedy, selfish and gluttonous individuals in Nigerian private or government sector should never define other responsible Nigerians, who are going about their legitimate businesses in the diaspora. To other prospective 'mugus' and scammers currently incubating to swindle their targeted potential victims in America, you must be told point-blank to explore your mindfulness. If you don't want to do the time, don't do the crime, the claws of the security agencies will get you, and you will serve your time with no Oga I beg sir in Uncle Sam's penitentiary institutions! The Nigerian government must get down to real work to provide good jobs for her teeming population to forestall the impending doom looming over Nigeria.

Proudly Nigerian! Remember every society has its fair share of crimes! Nigeria will never be an exception.

Please, folks, carry your head higher at your place of work. Educate your ignorant colleagues the beauty inherent in our beleaguered nation. Tell them the intellectual acuity and achievements of your contemporary Nigerian Diaspora in the United States and elsewhere! People like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Akeem Olajuwon, etc. Make all these people your referential points in your meaningful conversations with other nationalities. Don't demean your self-esteem because of the stereotyped mind of those who will distort your story or those who can't write your story accurately. Your confidence and disposition to ignorant people will define you, not what ignorant people think about you. Your integrity comes when your character is tested. Flaunt your integrity, hard work, resilience and intelligence, and that of other responsible Nigerian-Diaspora in the United States. Every other impression will be reassessed.

We must be warned collectively and earnestly explore our mindfulness. Life is beautiful if we are contented with the beautiful things within our reach!

Let's stay crime-free!