Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Arizona, USA

Governor Seyi Makinde

ntegrity comes when characters are tested. In spite of all odds, your inner roommate (your mind) must always encourage you to do the right thing at all times. Integrity is the fundamental consistency of values, goals, and actions. Governor Seyi Makinde--GSM is another Mr. Integrity brewing from Agodi, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. As a keen political observer of Nigerian politics, I see GSM as a beautiful political gift for the people of Oyo state. The young guy must be encouraged to succeed. He will succeed!

Please, folks in Oyo State, pray for the success of your new intelligent, astute, young and visionary Governor Seyi Makinde. GSM understands the past political antecedents of Oyo state politicians. He leveraged on these unpleasant antecedents to introduce himself to the impoverished Oyo people and Nigeria. Seyi Makinde seems to have mastered the requirements of governance for the future growth and development of Oyo State.

Governor Seyi Makinde-GSM has made it mandatory to pay workers as at when due. He has put smiles on the faces of workers and pensioners in Oyo state. The immediate past governments have criminally deprived pensioners and hardworking workers of Oyo state their monthly salaries and wages. Payment of salary is the existential right of the workers without any encumbrance. It is criminal to owe those who have sweated for their entitlements. GSM's political revolutionary approach to governance is changing how government should work in the 21st-century democracy in Nigeria. GSM is using the two nuances (past and present) of people's lives to shape the future of Oyo people, and Nigeria in general. Seyi Makinde seems to understand the business of governance, and he's fast using it to his own advantage to capture our sociopolitical emotions in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, call this writer a political pundit, Seyi is a man to watch in the emerging political re-animation of Oyo state. Nigeria is a nation with a pathological short sense of history. But the people of Oyo state defied the status quo, they quickly remembered these men of yesterday; they voted for their future. Those who ruled Oyo state yesterday with fiefdom and milked her resources; and subjected the people to ridicule are now begging for succor to maintain their ever-demanding households. Karma and history will never spare them.

I congratulate the good people of Oyo state for making the right decision in the last general election. The people are tired of the incivility of their leader. They voted for personality with no consideration for party affiliation. GSM is emerging as a political manager, not a political jobber. He has made his billions of naira before he declared his interest to rescue his people from the claws of looters. The good thing can actually metamorphose from a bad cocoon. Governor Seyi Makinde emerged from a party of looters and trounced another party that marinated corruption with imprudence.

Seyi Makinde is our man ooo...!!! We must make sure he doesn't derail. Seyi must make the people who voted massively for him his economic and political advisers, not the geédújerá (looters) political vultures that will be making a self-centered pilgrimage to Agodi! He must constantly inform and brief the people through broadcast, town hall meetings, mobilization, etc business, and progress of his administration. People must feel and enjoy the dividends of their vested power in him. The closer the GSM is to the people of Oyo state, the more his political leverage will translate to growth and development for his people.

I am really impressed with Engr. Seyi Makinde, the PDP governor in Oyo state. The new governor is making an impressionable landmark in our consciousness. The quintessential GSM is on his way to be my man of the year. He is becoming an offshoot of renewal and the defining progress of Iyo state and Nigeria. Seyi Makinde is a political renaissance and pacesetter in Agodi who may change the business of governance in Oyo State.

Governor Makinde is a man to watch in the politics of Nigeria! Mark it in your political calendar!

Let's pray for his success...!