Sunday, August 18, 2019
Arizona, USA

"As long as people use violence to combat violence, we will always have violence." -Annonymous

"Human nature is complex. Even if we do have inclinations toward violence, we also have inclination to empathy, to cooperation, to self-control." -Steven Pinker

or or against, the humiliation of the ex-number four in Germany is ominous signal of what to come to our corrupt (kpurut) elected politicians in the nearest future. The recipe for escapism is good governance. Period! "Beating a serving Senator in Germany is wrong, that it was done by his kinsmen is cruel." When you ride on the back of a tiger; you nurture its wildness in the wilderness of ignorance. When you enable the gyration of this tiger, you must be careful in order not to get consumed when the tiger is famished. The friendliness of a tiger must not be misconstrued for a natural friendship.

When I write that our problems in Nigeria has little or less to do with tribal and religious nomenclatures but moral turpitude and deficiency, people take it with levity and unseriousness my assertion doesn't deserve. Those who are not ready to be on the side of the people today must register and sign with the day of reckoning tomorrow! Nigerian politicians seem to have a date with imminient history. Political revolution is a spontaneous reaction of the people to define how they want to be governed, not the miscarriaged one by our own indefatigable Sowore! The reason why we have the prevalence of looting in Nigeria is that no culprits for economic sabotage are in long prison times or publicly humiliated. Thanks to Sai Baba for trying to block the loopholes of our wealth leakages. Abandoned edifices litter Abuja now with absconded "owners." A time is coming to Nigeria when corrupt politicians will be afraid to flaunt their ill-gotten wealth. We are gradually getting there!

The recent humiliation of a son of Ndigbo in a far away Germany is very instructive to all. Anyone who supports antisocial behavior and corruption in any form is a member of a committee of fraud and graft. The quintessential sons and daughters; the responsible elders, and other stakeholders of Nigeria must put heads together to stop all these nonsensical antisocial behavior from our land. If our judicial system (Judiciary) fails to checkmate the Executive and the Legislature's corruption and excesses, then the unpalatable meeting with the aggrieved plebeians may be held on a neutral ground; like we see in faraway Germany trending on (Zukeville) social media.

Nigerian nationalists of blessed memory will be turning with rage and regret in their tombstones to see their labor meeting a dire consequence of their pedigree today by this generation of youths. Unfortunately, it terrifies to note that most of these blind followers of fraudsters are children of today who-know-less-to-nothing what yesterday was in their rich cultural and entrepreneurship enclaves. They want imaginary Biafra, Oduduwa, and Arewa, but these youths are not ready for the aftermath of the hypothesis of their imaginary fragmented nation. Some of them are in a political romance with their mindless oppressors.

The collective action of the plebeians in Nigeria and in foreign lands is an embodiment of embarrassment to Nigeria. These noncorrectable disfigurement of characters: the politicians and their children of corruption in our politics must be tamed and checked, and be made to learn from Ike's international embarrassment and humiliation. While the loopholes in their corruption are being sealed, corruption is fiercely fighting back. If these disgraced politicians have a case to answer, they should be made to have a day with the law, not with jungle justice in foreign lands. Nigeria and her beautiful cultural representations deserve more than these treatments from those imaginary children of yesterday in a troubled Nigeria. Nigeria nay Africa seems doomed, but we will not rest on our oars to mobilize our conscience and consciousness to reset the warped cognition of these non-correctable elements in our climes.

Meanwhile, the action and public nuisance of our youths are facing the law of the land in these countries whose laws are being violated. Germany or the United States is not Nigeria, Nigeria is not Germany or the United States! Laws are asses in Germany and the US! The humiliation of one of our "corrupt" own and one-time Deputy Senate President in the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is called a mother of all humiliation! My warped brothers and sisters in foreign land recently really washed their dirty linen in the full glare of the international community. Nigeria is at the crossroads. What we need now in Nigeria is to create employment opportunities, good roads and infrastructure, and other necessities of life for Nigeria's teeming citizens. An idle hand is a workshop for the devil, so says the scriptures!

Be advised, ethnic chauvinism and agitation for a fragmented Nigeria, and from our ecosystem in all geopolitical enclaves in Nigeria is a direct result of endemic CORRUPTION in the Nigerian system. Unless corruption is truly warred against, we will continue to see a dysfunctional system. Nigerians are good people if they are allowed to thrive in a conducive and productive environment. Consequently, the buck stops at Buhari and his government's table. President Buhari is in a dire and serious responsibility to assuage the unsavory tenacity, and unruly behavior of these aggrieved Diaspora youths. Buhari must be encouraged to earnestly reorder our beautiful past from today's ugliness to shape our beautiful but doubtful future! Fortunately, the beautiful tomorrow is not too far!