Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Arizona, USA

he shreds of modernity,
Tend to the squalor of the wretched!"
Two groups in whirlpool world!
One dwells in the sanctuary
Of squalor, the other squats
In the harbor of naughtiness!
The two groups dwell in Nothingness!

They're in the sameness
Of ragtag outlooks.
Postmodern and medieval times
Are obvious in the groups.
Different folks with different strokes.

An unequal world with shreds
Of newness and new normal.
Rich world, poor people.
Rich lurch in the affluence.
Poor lacks in earthly insecurity.
Basics are of necessity but lack
In the poor!

Mismatched world!
With a lack of empathy and care
For the poor and vulnerable lads.
How does a neighbor sleep
At night while other wretched
Neighbors are nonplussed and hungry?

The empty world is in the claws
Of the mercilessness of man.
The rich get plushed, while the poor
Get beggared and slummed.
Yet, the world is indifferent
To the sufferings of the poor!