Friday, August 16, 2019
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Arizona, USA

Omoyele Sowore

t will be disingenuous to claim that pleading for a leniency for Omoyele Sowore; and clamor for his release is to romanticizing Omoyele Sowore's misdemeanor. This writer is only miffed with those youths who poke fun of Sowore on his current travails, and also to Sowore's unwise approach to national issues and political consciousness.

The youths Sowore seems to be fighting for are in a state of denial, ignorance and contradictions. I don't see Sowore as a political jobber, but I see him as cannon fodder and tactless emancipator in the foul politics of Nigeria. It is unbelievable to note that some people are rejoicing and mocking Sowore's travails now! Really? But why don't we reason with Sowore's youthful exuberance, core intention and his mindful representation for Nigeria of tomorrow?

In a nutshell, after Sowore's current dark cloud, I hope he comes out wiser if he realizes his costly political mistakes! It's extremely recommended that we eat dinner with the wise men in our village, under the full moon to tap from their wisdom and experience. It's unlawful and very consequential to threaten a constituted government. No reasonable individual will expect Sowore to go unchallenged in his unwise "day of rage, sacking of DSS and revolutionNow" campaigns. Any government that sits idle and allows the wilful subversion to national security is not fit to be in power. Sowore made a huge and costly mistake, but he should not be crucified at alter of impermeable corruption in Nigeria. He must be released on the state's gestures.

President Muhammadu Buhari and Nigerians must walk a fine line and handle Sowore's saga with urgency and carefulness it deserves! I am emotionally concerned and weeping for Nigeria! We must collectively explore our mindfulness to discern Sowore's core good intention, and his inexperience in Nigerian polity. We must condemn Sowore's wrong approach and tactless strategy to fighting for equitable distribution of justice, and national wealth in Nigeria. Let's excuse Sowore's naughtiness and political naivety.

Remember, when we weep, we can also see clearly! The cost of ignorance can be highly acknowledged, but ignorance is funnily one of the most inexpensive nuances of life. Nigeria is currently in the age of unreasoning and costly ignorance. We want the best for ourselves, but we refuse to do the best for Nigeria.

Nigeria is at the threshold of history. Nigeria is a country that has been continuously raped for decades. A providential Buhari came too fore to recoup the lost glory of Nigeria. As Buhari is fighting a winnable war to make the last corrupt administration of Jonathan our last collective journey to the past, Corruption is fiercely fighting back to send Nigeria back to yesterday. Corruption is weaponizing the youth to polarize themselves, and debar their progress. Sowore misprioritized his fight and crusade. Omoyele Sowore wants to partner with those who are enemies of themselves and Nigeria to destabilize the nation. This is the greatest mistake of his political "revolution."

In retrospect, we all remember late Chief MKO Abiola of blessed memory. MKO Abiola was cajoled to stand in front of a moving train. MKO Abiola's instigators with claptrap, clapped for him with one hand, the other hand was kept surreptitiously for their own selfish political interests. The quietest of Abiola's applause from his traitors and enablers were punctuated and silently loud. Abiola's head was shaved in his absence by those who pushed him to commit political suicide. The rest is history!

My urgent message to Sowore is that, through his incarceration, Sowore must reflect, muse and recompense for his mistakes in his solitude and unfettered mindfulness. Tomorrow is not too far!