Thursday, August 8, 2019
Arizona, USA

Omoyele Sowore

he moral values and the functioning nuances of the three institutions of government in Nigeria must be reordered and overhauled. Nigeria is a great nation with great people, but her three arms of government are abysmally dysfunctional and in malpractice.

In a nutshell, the Department of State Security-DSS must be commended with the manner with which they carried out the arrest of Mr. Omoyele Sowore recently. DSS was very very professional in the way Mr. Omoyele Sowore was arrested. I feel very proud of their professional actions and demeanor. Mr. Omoyele wasn't manhandled like we are used to seeing our law enforcement agencies do in Nigeria.

During the operation against Sowore in the CCTV camera, the loyal guy that was running around the house hysterically against Sowore from being arrested is a true-hearted supporter of irrepressible Sowore. His loyalty actually synced with the loyalty the Buharists and Buharideens have for President Muhammadu Buhari. You can never purchase loyalty! You've got to earn it with your integrity and good representation!

Meanwhile, Mr. Omoyele Sowore should be coached and schooled on how to do activism without taking the law into his hands. DSS should continue to be professional without any cruel and unusual punishment for Mr. Omoyele Sowore in his detention! Sowore is fighting a good course with the wrong approach. People are suffering in Nigeria. His protest should have been tagged peaceful protest to prod the conscience and consciousness government to speedily alleviate the problems of Nigeria instead of the scary "RevolutionNow and a day of rage" Sowore advocated for. Sowore means well for Nigeria, but his game plan was terribly flawed by lack of strategy and diplomacy! You do not join hand with a secessionist planning insurrection against a government properly constituted by the collective vote of the plebeians.

I want to enjoin those who have been calling Sowore ugly names to realize that, the recalcitrant and undeterred social activist Sowore is fighting for the restoration of the good life of Nigeria. Nigerian life that has been raped and denied Nigerians for decades by corrupt men and women of yesterday. I also want to enjoy those calling Mr. President unprintable names to desist from doing so. Buhari is a one-man battalion in the midst of foot soldiers in the house of corruption. Just like Sowore, Buhari also means well for Nigeria. Buhari and Sowore are providential children fighting the same just course with a different approach in a wasteland.

I sympathize with the duo emancipators in the wasteland of milk and honey. President Muhammadu Buhari should be allowed as well to remove Nigeria from the ugly past. His administration is facing a lot of resistance and backlashes! Corruption is intimidatingly fighting back because all the loopholes of economic sabotage are being blocked by his administration. The children of corruption and the noncorrectable disfigurement of characters should be schooled that, it is no longer business as usual in Nigeria. But Buhari must constantly be reminded that Nigerians are impatiently waiting for looters to go to prison as deterrents to other prospective children of corruption-COC.

Lastly, Sowore must be pardoned by the state for the wrong and deliberate indifference in the use of words. He must have realized his mistakes, and now to atone for it through his ordeal and incommunicado. Sowore must be arraigned in court or be released now to go and sin no more! He must have been advised in the use of the right words or language to advance his fight against social and economic injustices in Nigeria. My last word on this piece is for Sowore to tend it softly, softly! Words and tongue have consequences! History will be kind to Buhari and Sowore as these two incorruptible patriots are true magnificent representations of the progress of Nigeria.