Sunday, August 4, 2019
Arizona, USA

Omoyele Sowore

"A great revolution is never the fault of the people, but of the government." - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

he triad (Sowore, the people, and government) of Sowore's revolution anchors on the not-too-smart and stubbornness approach of Sowore; the hopelessness and ignorance of the people, and shoddiness of the Federal government of Nigeria. If Sowore had tagged his "revolution" a "peaceful revolution," it would've resoundingly echoed the defeaning ears of everyone in Nigeria!

"Every revolution was first a thought in one man's mind." "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." "Independence in the end is the fruit of injustice." "A great revolution is never the fault of the people, but of the government."

The quotes above are the reasons why the government should be careful on how it treats Sowore's current case.

Comrade Sowore must be told in plain language that he needs to be methodical and smart in the current Nigerian political situation. The people must be wise and take precautionary action by restraining their rhetoric on social media, the government of Nigeria must be proactive in solving the burning issues in Nigeria. People are really suffering from needless problems. The current situation in the country is a complex one that needs a careful, sensible and sensitive approach to resolve. Incitement of people to disrupt the business of government in a nascent democracy can be a serious breach of law.

Some wore's agitation and self-styled emancipation of the people seem to be etching to a nuisance and pedestrian stage. Sowore's recent partnership with a runaway mind swindler and secessionist in a recent interview left a revolving comma and a dark punctuation mark question on the motive of Sowore regarding the messy Nigerian conditions. It is unwise and unreasonable, and a misplaced priority to partner with a coward to unseat a constituted power. It is wryly easy to start a revolt or revolution against an elected government, it will not be easy for the plebeians and innocent people to bear the consequences of a needless uprising and war. No one wins in a war of attrition. Everyone will be a victim and burdened by the outcomes of the unpopular uprising.

Meanwhile, the word REVOLUTION is anathema and very expensive nuance to borrow from the lexicon of the mantra of rebellion. It is a costly word to use in a complicated and contradictory nation like Nigeria. I have advocated for smart advocacy on the part of Sowore. When you use stochastic behavior and word with amplification, the educated and illiterate people may not know the difference! Sowore seems unknowingly stubborn to help himself to understand the Nigerian political theory and terrains.

Late Gani Fawehinmi has been Sowore's referential in the fight against Buhari. But the late judicial muse was a man who understood perfectly who the enemies of Nigeria are! I bet anyone, if the current government of Buhari is evil (though, not perfect), the judicial scion of Gani (Festus Keyamo SAN) who is now on his way to retroactively becoming one of the youngest Attorney General of the Federation of Nigeria, will never accept the offer of serving in the "evil" administration. Gani fought a collective evil of government in Nigeria, unlike Sowore who is now fighting a government whose motive is to remove Nigerians from the past and steadfastly place them in a defining position to face the future. "Freedom is a process, not a crisis. President Muhammadu Buhari means well for Nigeria and Nigerians. Let's support him (to do the right thing)." - Eferakorho Mute Daniel.

In retrospect, I expected Sowore to have learned a great and mindful lesson from the late Chief MKO Abiola. Abiola was cajoled, enabled and encouraged to move in front of a moving train. Abiola was pushed to challenge the evil and ghoulish Abacha. A fight MKO Abiola would have fought wisely without the coalesce of those who later turned their back on the successful business mogul. Abiola was collectively fighting a good course in a hastily. His enablers later abandoned him to his faith, and the man died in face of those who kept quiet when Abiola was going through his existential ordeal. Abiola was even betrayed after his death by some of his "disciples" and "supporters". Now, the rest has been archived for history.

Cautiously, in a fragile and difficult terrain like Nigeria, I hope people like my friend Sowore will be economical with the command, and use of dangerous words to advance an unconventional and uncontrollable movement in a fragile situation. When we do or say our words ambiguously, we must honestly own them! Words and actions have consequences! The Department of State Security must immediately release Sowore, or charge him to a court of competent jurisdiction to face the law if they believe he has breached the law of the land.

My advice to Buhari's administration: please, use Sowore's ordeal and uncoordinated agitation as a conscious precautionary measure and conscientize to speedily make life worthwhile for the Nigerian people. Sowore is a beautiful agent with an ugly presentation of the potential idea and good course! Sowore's slothful movement is a right agitation conceived with a wrong strategy in the wrong direction. We are witnessing the growth of extremism in the world. We must be cautious about how we approach national issues. No responsible government will sit idle to see a nation it presides over to go into flame!

My bitter but patriotic advice to Omoyele Sowore and his disciples and followers: please, let's simmer down! Let's be cognizant that when we cry, we must make a conscious attempt to see clearly the dangerous cloud we have hovering over our nation's well-being.

Time is bunk, let us use our time and moments judiciously to suit our own advantage. When tomorrow is not too far, we must be smart to use today to advance the courses of tomorrow! To Sho! Ore, let's thread it softly, softly as we make our grievance on the state of the nation known to the Federal government of Nigeria!!!

Thank you.