Saturday, August 3, 2019
Arizona, USA

he Democratic Party's debate on Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 were very reassuring and inspirational but they were too me-me in dispositions to win in substance! The democratic party has the best political materials to truncate POTUS's weird policies and persona in 2020, but we must be cautiously optimistic. Burnie Sanders's political revolution and Elizabeth Warren's blissful policies are utopian wishes. Bernie Sanders' utopian policy only exists in the realm of unattainable imagination. Not in a capitalist system like America! Bernie Sanders will be a "sèré" (prey) for political pugilist President Donald Trump if he becomes the Democratic Party's presidential nominee in 2020.

Socialism is repugnant and repulsive to hardworking people who believe strongly in the sweat of their hard-earned wealth. Socialism is a political and economic revolution, or theory of social organization which advocates for the means of production, distribution, and exchange to be owned or regulated by the entity of a community in general or as a whole. America is a capitalist society where everyone with ingenuity explores his or her potential and sense of imagination for possibilities!

There is nothing wrong with dreaming big in life, but your dreams must be proportional to hard work and imagination to meet the reality of life! It is called aspiration or strong desire. But making unrealistic promises to informed and uninformed expectant voters is delicate and radically disingenuous. You can only make college affordable but taking from Peters (wealthy people ) to pay Pauls (lazy poor people) is not going to make any candidate win a presidential position in America.

Democrats should be careful of what they wish for in Burnie Sanders's political revolution and other Democrats' revolutionary campaigns. Burnie Sanders cost us the US presidency in 2016 by his recalcitrant attitude, far-left ideology, and self-styled political revolution. A socialist Burnie Sanders as Democrats' presidential candidate will be a beautiful political gift for Potus's reelection in 2020. Caveat emptor (buyer beware) to the Democratic National Convention-DNC.

Meanwhile, Born free isn't free if you're lazy as you grow up without self-improvement! Your self-made-poor-identity will be your encumbrance. It will make you an au pair, or become a chambermaid to those who work hard to earn or own their means of production and wealth creation. Democrats should be formulating policies that will create an enabling environment and opportunity for people to explore their sense of imagination for possibilities, not a freebie environment. Lazy people are just procreating menace to the society. That's what I meant by Utopian wishes of Burnie Sanders. No enterprising people would want to pay higher taxes to pay for freebies' laziness, complacency and sense of entitlement. Democrats should do progressive taxes but not by using the taxes to make everything free for all things. Free-for-everything is a license for free-falling-in-everything. Sense of entitlement only breeds laziness, crimes, and complacency.

Creating affordable education is the answer to quality education anywhere, not by making everything free. I am a product of free secondary education in Nigeria. I know how it undervalued quality education in the 80s. The proponents of the program meant well but the society bastardized the idea birthed by Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo of Nigeria. The pre-free education in Nigeria produced the best quality of education you could wish for. It bred competitions and seriousness on the part of the students and the stakeholders. Free education should be for the poor people who are incapable of providing for themselves. Economic security should be for accidental or less privileged people to stand on their own after a period. After they've progressively increased their incomes through hard work and self-improvement, they should begin to pay progressive taxes too to make the program (economic security) a revolving (not a revolving freebie) program.

Naturally, indolent people don't value what they didn't work and sweat for. Look at the idea of food stamps in America. The good program for the poor has been abused by those lazy Americans who do not want to work except breeding children they cannot care for, and at the expense of the hardworking American people. Anything free is free-falling with no appreciative quality. Making things (schools, foods, cost of living, etc.) affordable for really poor people are the sensible way to promoting and helping the poor to grow and be responsible to themselves and the society, not a freebie program. A classless society is wishful thinking or dream in this wealthy America. A classless society is utopian and wishing thinking that can only exist in "heaven", not in the current existential competitive world.

There's nothing wrong in being aspirational and freakishly dreaming big with imagination. But groundbreaking ideas that are based on reality and doability are what the Democrats should be espousing now, not utopian and unrealistic ideas that will nauseate the moderates and independent voters. Democrats must be careful and walk a fine line to bring unity and to deconstruct Donald Trump and define the president for what he represents in order to preserve American exceptionalism.

I love and cherish imagination for possibilities too! But promoting gargantuan imagination for the preservation of a sense of entitlement in a capitalistic environment isn't going to be bought by the majority of Americans. Trust me, Free college tuitions by taxing those who made their money by working hard is disingenuous to hardworking people and entrepreneurs in America! The nuance of sense of entitlement instead of a sense of fulfillment and esteem boosting should not be the cardinal point of the Democratic party as we're sauntering towards defeating Potus in 2020.