Tuesday, April 9, 2019
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Arizona, USA

e are in a deep and seemingly bottomless chasm of our time. A timeless generation that's a menace to itself. Who cursed humanity in a man? Where's our shared humanism? As you expect things to change for good, it's getting worse!

The title of this article would have been "a f*ck'd up the world" but considering our society's infatuation with profane language, innuendos, sex, and naughtiness, I carefully refrained from using the title. Though, I believe it will still achieve its imports, impacts, and a purpose on our deadliest enemy (which is our psychology). Apology to the ever-missed-late-ebullient-young-Professor-Pius Adesanmi. A quintessential popular African professor whose physical mien had disappeared from our naughty environment. But the literatus pious Pius Adesanmi's profound works in academics and literature remain evergreen in our hearts! In one of Adesanmi's articles, he said and I will paraphrase it thus: our deadliest enemy is our psychology; rewire the already wired psychology, every other thing shall be added. This is the truism we see daily on our media and social media platforms.

Nauseatingly, there was a picture of a malnourished boy and a vulture. It was a very profound and touching one! The picture has been edited several times to exclude the hapless child from the real picture. The savvy cyberborgs will know or must have seen the real and edited picture of the child and a vulture. The child-victim was from a war-ravaged country somewhere in southern Africa.

The picture speaks more than a million words. It was a picture of a rapacious vulture and a malnourished child. While the hapless child was waiting for help that never came, the vultures (Photojournalist and the animal) were waiting for an opportunity to devour to carcass the weak and helpless child. The photojournalist who was at the scene of the horror waited patiently to take the horrible picture. The photojournalist eventually took the pictures of the two subjects and won a global award in photojournalism. He became a celebrated photojournalist at the expense of the mortified toddler who eventually died. The child died at the mercilessness of his society.

In the absence of mindfulness, instead of rendering help to the helpless child, the photojournalist supposedly got carried away by the mercantilism of the press and sensational journalism. He completely forgot the humanism in him to rescue and help the helpless child to get the needed care at a humanitarian care center. The child died! It was reported that the photojournalist who took the picture committed suicide after he was prodded on a call-in program on a TV show. He was made to realize his mistake and complacency. The world must rearm its consciousness and humankindness. The world is becoming a dangerous and inhumane clime! The shrinking global community is now a village, and it is getting close to the edge of the abyss!

Sometimes ago, I watched a horrible video where a young naked middle aged girl was being tortured (the location was unknown in Africa. But I suspect it must have surfaced from Libya). The beautiful young naked girl was hung up on the wall with a suspended rope; her legs were widely opened apart. Underneath, her torturer was thrusting her private part with a long stick, and she was agonizingly yowling for unavailable help. I couldn't complete watching the horrible video. I cried with rolling tears from my eyes. I wished at the time that God wiped out this insane world.

I quickly deleted the horror video from my WhatsApp and phone. I warned the sender sternly never to send me such a horrible and horrific video again. For weeks, I was battling with my state of mind and consciousness. I lost appetite for food and crept into a recluse state. I almost deactivated my social media accounts and activeness. Depression almost crept into my subconscious mind. I quickly triggered my mindfulness and realized we can do more through our little widow's mite to make this world a better place.

It's going to two years now; the recollections of the heinous crime continue to torment my mind, conscience and consciousness from the man inhumanity to man. It's not uncommon these days to see people taking pictures of accidents and uploading them to social media for attention or grandstanding instead of providing rescues for the victims. The society is gradually losing the cross-pollination of intellectual ideas and values. Today, cross-fertilization of nudity of mind, ignorance, mental midget, mediocrity, grandstanding and opportunism are being celebrated everywhere on the world stage. Where is our humanism?

We must beware and cognizant that: we have so many vultures in our midst who are ready to devour at the slippery and slightest opportunity. They always come like friends and acquaintances. These vultures abound in different forms. We have them in religion, we have them in politics, we have them in family, we have them at our workplace, we have them in schools, we have them in so many organizations, we have them like pests and bugs on social media and other media platforms. We have them in friendship and acquaintances; we have them everywhere! They're like locusts surreptitiously feasting on the ignorance and mediocre people amongst us. Some people call them sociopaths, I call them vultures, selfish and narcissistic individuals. They are only concerned about what they can eke from society but not what the society can benefit from them. Only a mindful mind will know they're around to feast on opportunities! Only a mindful mind will discern and compartmentalize these vultures to each faculty they belong.

Sometimes, I literally beg providence to expunge or remove all humanity in a swoop from the surface of the earth in order to create a new conscious, kind and conscientized human beings. The present world is messed up and f*ck'd up too! I am really miffed! But, are the present homo sapiens jinxed? Time seems inauspicious. Time will tell!