Monday, September 24, 2018
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Arizona, USA

igeria is a country of repetitious history! The reason for its repetition isn't far fetched, the Nigerian masses are very complacent, and have failed miserably to learn from a repeated history.

In all honesty, and with the raging democratic nuance in the country, if People Democratic Party-PDP as jogularly represented by the robust swinging body-Kokoro Ajobiewe had won the just concluded Osun state governorship election, he should be declared as the presumptive winner! Period!!! All Progressives Congress-APC in all other states of the federation should bury their hatchets to avoid the wrath of the disgruntled and aggrieved people of their states. With the previous rape of the Nigerian masses by the immediate past administration, PDP is the least you would have expected back in any government in Nigeria. Osun's election is a clear warning and dire signal to the APC states including Lagos State, and Buhari's administration.

Meanwhile, if you fail to meet the immediate basic needs or expectations of the people, the plebeians will be riotous and revolt against you to vote with their emotions, and not being mindful of the consequences of their hasty feelings or decisions. In an abnormal society, insanity always reign supreme. If you're normal in an abnormal society, you will be seen as an abnormal person; same goes for the reverse of this nuance. We are in a state of anomie not only in Nigeria but around the world. Emotional impulses are now a global phenomenon in the participatory democracy and other democratic dispensation. Democracy is a choice of the people made by the people, and for the people. The wishes of the people must be respected in the end if Ajobiewe eventually wins, and voters must be made to face the consequences of their decisions.

Sincerely speaking, the more Buhari's administration displays the unique umpire in our various elections, and in the public opinion, the more we get subsumed in the integrity of Buhari's persona. I have no doubt for the rerun of Osun's election in the disputed princints in the state's local governments on September 27th, 2018. If the winner emerges, I guarantee, Buhari's persona will not interfere in whosoever wins the election. Buhari's administration believes in its constitutional responsibility to the people, and the unhindered seperation of powers. The APC and PDP's power-that-be must stay clear of the disputed rerun and recount! Eventually, the winner should be declared presumptively without interference from the incumbent in the state.

If Osun has made a clear choice in the PDP under the representation of Kokoro Ajobiewe, Osun people must be allowed to dance to the celebration of their own "defeat" or "victory" by their mortgagee, after all, Ekiti has been there before! In the next 4 years, Osun may be the dancing hub, or Owambe's destination in the nation's enclave. I hope the elites in Osun state, and the Osunites will not exhibit or declare their sense of embarrassment if their choice is comical in the running of their affairs in the state. Osun people are free to make whatever choice they want or deemed fit, but they are not free from the palatable or unpalatable consequences of the choice they've made. That is one of the tenets and beauty of democracy.

In our state of mindfulness, so many things are involved in our emotional decision-making, including but not limited to the 5Ws (Who?, Why?, What?, When? and Where?) of life! The willful inability and deliberate indifference of the incumbent to pay the salaries of workers may be responsible for the swing election that APC supposedly expected to have won effortlessly. Aregbesola and APC forgot that an hungry man is an angry man. It takes a mindful mind to make an informed decision at a precarious or a given time in life. The choice we make is the choice we take, and we must accept or take responsibility for the outcome of our actions and inactions.

Conclusively, just like any other State in Nigeria, the people of Osun state must be made to respectfully face the consequences of their choice after the inconclusive election is concluded on September 27, 2018 and the winner is announced. Irrespective of who wins, the winner must be transparently declared to further polish or embellish our democratic norms under the administration of the beloved President Muhammadu Buhari. We will all be good winners in our collective journey to see a new Nigeria.