Friday, October 26, 2018
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Arizona, USA

have chosen to premise and dedicate this piece to contentious and imagined Igbo presidency in 2023, and the razzmatazz of Igbo youths in the Nigerian political wilderness. Yes! Call this writer a daydreamer, or a son of the soil of "pónbélé" Yorubaman and towncrier who is crying more than the bereaved people in our geopolitics.

Be advised, my rattling conscience is syncing and on board with other advocates of equity, fairness and justice in the management of Nigeria's affairs. Nigeria belongs to all of us! No ethnic group should be excluded whimsically in the affairs of a country if we truly and collectively believe in what government is all about!

Meanwhile, Igbo are a compelling race with enterprenueral prowess, but the region has been a menace to itself in terms of unity to advance a common agenda. While this writer and others are impassioned about the realization of Igbo prominence in the affairs of our dear country, the divisive nature of some igbo youths dampens our desire to actualize this dream in our lifetime. Judging by the strategy and manner with which some Igbo youths are clamoring for disaffection and disintegration in Nigerian structural conundrums, something must be done to educate these people to have a rethink of the Igbo future in the numenclature of Nigeria.

The manner with which some Igbo youths romanticize with their bracing enemies is preposterous! If our talented Ndigbo had formed a common bond and regional front to engender a universal and people-oriented message, the region would have been the hub of technology, and the Israel of Africa. Nigeria has been undoubtedly unfair to the Igbo region and its people, but Ndigbo has unfairly mismanaged the crisis of moral equity and fairness in Nigeria.

Ndigbo youths have misplaced priority. Their well-wishers and ghostly confessors are their common enemies. Those who manipulate them for ethnic and political opportunism are their heroes! Truth is astoundingly bitter, but the humanity in us will not allow us to be muted when it matters most! Let the Igbo halt the vilification of those who want the best for them. The efforts of some of our responsible and intelligent Ndigbo will not give us an inch to keep quiet in the face of injustice, tyranny, unfairness and misdeeds being meted to them in the affairs of the nation.

Ndigbo has allowed themselves to be weaponized at their own detriment. It has also allowed Nigerian politicians to use them for too long, and for political expediency. It's unfathomable that my brethren cannot read in-between the line of political shenanigans and expediency.

My last publication titled: "WHY THE IGBOS ARE MARGINALIZED IN THE GEOPOLITICS OF GOVERNANCE IN NIGERIA" received flurry of vituperation and insults from some Ndigbo youths. Some were gracious in their responses as they're acquainted with the understanding of the import of the article. These positive-minded-Ndigbo has oiled my sense of optimism.

As a Diaspora Nigerian, the urge of equity, justice and fairplay in us continue to encumber us as we struggle to remain silent in the geopolitical problems of Nigeria! The more we try to stay off the obvious confusion, contradictions and naughtiness in our politics, the more our conscience and consciousness trigger what we foresee in the future of Nigeria. As we look into the future with possibilities, we remain stubborn and unrepentant in our optimism of better Nigeria.

The Ndigbo youth needs to wake up! The power of enterprise, resilience and determination imbued in Ndigbo is phenomenon, it must needlessly wither away. We should detest the generalized opinion and the conceptualization of Igbo people as hateful zealots. The notoriety notion of "They vs Us" nauseates every sense of equity and reasoning! What we need to do for our brethren in Igboland at this point in time is to make some Igbo youths to redefine how they view others brethren in notoriously difficult situations of Nigeria. Ndigbo must change the national conversation in a more contextual, intellectual, civil and brilliant manner, and with mindfulness to accommodate divergent viewers and interested stakeholders.

Truth is bitter! Igbo has been marginalized in the Nigerian geopolitics! The truth is that Ndigbo are not united to understand how they're being used as political pawns or weapons to achieve political goals. It has happened in the past, it's happening now, we must halt it from happening again and again in the future. The current Nigerian youths are notorious for discountanance of history. It isn't by happenstance, but history cannot be dodged or waived. Nigerian youths lack the urge and interest to know about the past, and they're not too concerned about the future. They're more passionate about the present and oblivious of the past to shape the future. It should stop! The cycle of cynicism and ignorance must be broken and consign into the archive of history.

Furthermore, the schism of history is a precursor to understanding the importance of the present to shape the future. There is an urgent need to persuade or admonish our Igbo elders or unbiased brothers and sisters in igboland to walk a fine line; educate the ignorant youths among us to have less proclivity for hateful and abusive language in the national discourse. Most of these youths resent, abuse and hate others, but they should be rationally more impassioned about the marginalized Igbo through inequity, inequality and injustice. We must prevail on the Nigerian government to engender equity and justice in the governing affairs of our beloved country.

Lastly, to achieving our much political desires for the Ndigbo in the scheme of things in Nigeria, the recurring loss of sense of history must be disincentivized with love, mindfulness and education. Ndigbo must not allow themselves to be incentivized by selfish politicians to thwarting our wishes for the Ndigbo in 2023. Let's unite to achieving our goal of Igbo presidency in 2023.