Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Arizona, USA

r. Fayemi is the new governor of Ekiti state. He is an intellectual administrator who understands the definition of a responsible government in any society. As the new chief executive of our state, he understands the rubicon he has to cross to meet the expectations of the deprived people of the state. Fayemi must use wisdom to govern a state known for its unpretentiousness, bluntness and good values.

Fayemi is also a lettered governor who's acquitted with participatory and systematic approach to governance. But he should be careful of the distractors in his midst. What has religion got to do with governance and development of Ekiti state? The nuance is a distracting device to begin needless argy-bargy in the state. Appointment or no appointment, what our state needs now is to detach from the réderède and shenanigans that characterized the immediate past unserious and clownish administration of Fayose. And to look into the promising future for our state.

Meanwile, it doesn't matter. Whether Christians, Muslims, pagans, atheists etc. are appointed into Fayemi's cabinet, what we need is a competent administration with competent handlers! I saw this emerging drama coming! I can see the hands of Esau in the unfolding nonsense about religious brouhaha.

Whosoever is "reading" Christianity and Islam conundrums into our state affairs in Ekiti should be fiercely reminded of who we are, and how knitted and webbed we are about religion in Ekiti. We are a no nonsense people with unblemished love and principle-minded Ekiti Kete. Ekiti is a pacesetter, and it's a state generally known and admired for its principles of togetherness and love!

Religious bigots should go away with their religious bigotry from our state! Governor Fayemi should be careful with the Brutus and Cassius in Ekiti. The bigots exist not to build the capacity of the people for growth and development, but to destroy the aspiration and expectations of the people. The new nexus of division could be the offshoot and remnants of egbon's sympathizers.

Ekiti Kete must be wary of the agents of doom! We must careful to unleash our love and admiration to silence the agent of distabilization in our learned state. Ekiti is the amphitheatre for religious tolerance and progress in Nigeria. We are a pacesetter and a cynosure for religious harmony and brotherhood. Muslims and Christians are intertwined in the sociological norms and the harmony of our state. The last administration wasn't our signature in Ekiti! Haters and resenters should not bring religious disharmony to our state. The machinations of the children of corruption people should be nipped in the bud with immediate effect! Ekiti Kete are a representation of the progress of Nigeria.