Sunday, October 14, 2018
[email protected]
Arizona, USA

o not despise haters!
Or those who despise you.
And do not be sheepish!
When they're hungry for hatred,
Prepare edible crush and empathy,
And feed them with love!

When they come to you
With hate and hostile stances,
Show them how to make love.
When they resent you with crotch
And fake crush,
Give them affectionate outlook.

When they talk gibberish
About you inwardly or outwardly,
Do not return balderdash.
Give them inspirational answers.
When they go low,
Elevate them with high nuances!

When they ask for brawl,
Give them peace and amity!
When they make insinuation,
Praise their good sides
With ardor and encouragement.

When they dislike
Or see nothing good in you,
Like them and explore
The good sides of them
For your mutual benefits.
When they fabricate lies
About you, neutralize their lies
With good demeanor and facts!
Not alternative facts!

Remember, haters
Don't understand themselves!
Teach them how to love,
And to discover themselves!
For love conquers hate!
And one love in your heart
Can neutralize one million hates!