Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Arizona, USA

"Suicide is the punctuation mark at the end of many artistic careers." Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

n the absence of mindfulness, a lot of lonely thoughts (such as suicide ideation) can creep into our subconscious minds in times of tribulation. In spite of our fame, success, knowledge, confidence, achievement etc., there is a tiny bit of void in our hearts or minds. Our complacency or inability to explore and recognize this void gives room for absence of mindfulness. Every nine persons in ten successful individuals are potential victims of suicide. Think about it. Why would a multi-millionaire suffer from suicide thoughts or ideation? The answers are scarcely mysterious! We must urgently assist in our little ways to stop the next man waiting to be a victim or consume by suicide syndrome.

Recently, we lost Anthony Bourdain, a gem and ace in the broadcasting industry. A man in the global world who brought so much joyful moments into the lives of billion homes around the world.

"Parts unknown" was Anthony Bourdain show on CNN. A global household show enjoyed by all and sundry. Anthony Bourdain understood the fundamental parts of human lives. Through foods, he revolutionized how shows can penetrate our minds, and through some unknown parts and rustic places around the world and elicit joy!

The transformational power and mystique of travel of Anthony Bourdain are paints that will continue to color the documentary part of our hearts for years to come.

Anthony Bourdain, why did you do this to us? Why and Why?? The 'why' question is a question that will endlessly prod the collective mind of his admirers.

Bourdain, was so amazingly natural that we never had any inkling of him dying now, not to talk of him taking his life through suicide. The world has lost a cultural icon and a terrific storyteller in Anthony Bourdain. He was a great cultural ambassador of the United States, and a quintessential citizen of the world. Anthony Bourdain encompassed the nitty gritty of foods and he used this thoughtful idea to transmute the cultural diversify of the global community.

Anthony Bourdain was a gem and beautiful gift to the world. A celebrity chef with humility and candor to everyone he came across in the business of foods in the global community. The flamboyant but careful Anthony Bourdain we saw with sumptuous glamour on television was a man with hidden sufferings and burdens. Beneath his surface of being was an hideous clog to his true happiness. Man shall not be existentially viewed by his happy outlook but by the hidden burdens deep inside of him.

Suicide ideation is not a stigma, it's just like every other debilitating sign of diseases that are not obvious to everyone to see. Our outlook might look illuminating and exciting but sometimes, something inside of us are factorized problems that need serious urgent attention. It is imperative that we watch out for people with suicidal thoughts.

According to WebMD Cancer center, the following, and among others are signs of suicide are:

  • Long-lasting sadness, mood swings, and unexpected rage.

  • Feeling a deep sense of hopelessness

  • Suddenly becoming calm after a period of depression or moodiness can be a sign that the person has made a decision to end his or her life.

  • Choosing to be alone and avoiding friends or social activities also are possible symptoms of depression, a leading cause of suicide. This includes the loss of interest or pleasure in activities the person previously enjoyed.

We saw Anthony Bourdain as a larger-than-life human being who deconstructed how presentation of shows should be on global television. Anthony Bourdain seemed a man who had conquered obstacles but deep inside of him were scare and scars that were potential threats that eventually triggered his suicide thoughts and eventual death. Let's watch out for one another as we journey through this chaotic and tumultuous world together. We should be our brother's keeper.

May the gentle soul of Anthony Bourdain continue to rest in perfect peace.