Monday, May 28, 2018
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Arizona, USA

eaders of this short piece will be in suspense of what the 2019 campaign will look like! In view of this, we shouldn't be judgmental but be realistic to call spade a spade when we trigger national conversation and consciousness in our mindfulness.

Predictably, it will be a campaign between the two youth groups in Nigeria. The first group will be the agitators for national reordering and recompense, while the second group will be a group that will want the country to go back to a collective ugly past, i.e. those years of anomie in Nigeria. Sowore's movement depicts the consciousness of the former. Omoyele Sowore must use his unstoppable momentum and the current trend of events in Nigeria to leverage his political aspirations and agenda for the hapless people of Nigeria.

Meanwhile, I must use this medium to commend the government of President Muhammadu Buhari for not using state apparatus to surreptitiously interfere or subvert the current social and political consciousness in Nigeria.

This positive political "disruption" and the massive awareness being championed by our quintessential Omoyele Sowore is a new normal in our politics. The quantum level of maturity of Buhari's government is very commendable at this time. This secret and open display of maturity must be sustained throughout this historic movement. The level of peaceful carriage of the disgruntled and the hopeful youth at the various townhall meetings both locally and internationally is also commendable. The peaceful display and the current tempo of the youth's courage of convictions and the determination to take back their country must also be sustained.

Nostalgia! Gone are those days when miscreants would've been sent by the previous governments to counterattack a movement like this defining "Takeitback" movement. We all remember the genocide in the Odi community in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. I am still agonized to have a mental picture, and the original picture of the Punch Newspaper edition where Obasanjo's Soldiers were rapping a woman in doggy style in the forgotten heinous crime against the innocent Odi women and children in Nigeria.

The maturity of the current president to allow freedom of speech and association is a microcosm of what we see in advanced democracy. It shows the level of this administration's tolerance and determination to return Nigeria to normalcy and constitutional democracy.

The smooth running of Sowore's national and international Townhall meetings and the revolutionary "(disruption)" movement of the Nigerian political process show the maturity, and the enduring democratic leadership Buhari administration is trying to establish. It's imperative that Sowore must not derail in this important movement before it incubates or morphs into presidential campaign. Sowore must be a transformational candidate with policy driven skills. He must have a very well defined and articuate agenda, and have people-oriented approach to developmental programme to bring a message of hope to the hapless and hopeless people in Nigeria. Sowore is currently being seen by political experts, analysts and watchers as a transactional candidate. Sowore's transactional approach so far, is my concern. The polarization of my people in a contradictory environment needs and worth taken into consideration. Sowore shouldn't play to the gallery but he must ensure that he carries everyone along in the scheme of things.

President Buhari must have undoubtedly erred in some ways in the execution of his policies and programme, but his genuine intention to return Nigeria to sanity to me is unquestionably being noticed by fecund minds. Those who can see beyond parochial issues and sentiments in Nigeria must not be discouraged.

Unarguably, Buhari seems a focused man in spite of the impatience of the plebeians to enjoy the dividends of democratic norm. The end usually justifies the means. Those of you who support Omoyele Sowore; who are using hateful language and utterances to cause division should understand that you are surreptitiously or ignorantly not wishing Sowore well in his dogged mission to rescue Nigerian youth from slumbering state and deliberate indifference. Our votes alone cannot ensure Sowore's victory. We must be deplomatic in our approach, play safe and be wise like typical aspiring politicians in a normal democracy. Sowore cannot get to Aso Rock without the support of all people from all the geopolitical zones in the country. We must begin to sway the envisioned Buharists whose sole expectation is to see national development and enduring democratic institution in Nigeria.

Strategically, we are yet to see the manifesto of the party of aspirational and candidate Sowore, but I have no doubt in my mind that his programme for national reorder and development will be full of mundane details of national recovery and renaissance.

Moreover, It will be wise for Omoyele Sowore to denounce or caution immediately those who are amplifying a campaign of divisiveness. Those who knowingly and unknowingly championing indirect division amongst the supporters of this historic movement in Nigeria must be cautioned. Sowore to us means a lot, moreso, that he is becoming a national figure in our poignant political space. Omoyele Sowore's political doggedness must translate to youth's empowerment and political consciousness in Nigeria!

We should stop the unfounded rhetoric that will thwart our efforts to bringing Sowore's candidacy to fore of victory in 2019. Let's be wise and strategic in our approach in this defining moment in our nation's history. This is a wise counsel from a concerned supporter of Buhari, and a well thought out prescription for the victory of Omoyele Sowore in 2019.