Friday, May 11, 2018
[email protected]
Arizona, USA

Fellow Compatriots,

lease, beware and be mindful of what you wish for! Those of us who have seen the strikes of thunder will never partake in abusing the king of Koso. The needless polarization of Nigerians along religious, political and ethnic lines in all geopolitical zones in the country may soon send Nigeria into the abyss of time.

Those Senators and their children of corruption who are surreptitiously calling again for unfashionable military interregnum in Nigerian democracy seriously have a distasteful sense of history. They should note that it will take an incredible miracle to get a glorified military resurrection in a corrupt political and religious environment like Nigeria. If it happens, it will be back to ugly square one! Therefore, folks, beware of what you ignorantly wish for! The darkest years that consumed some of our best and brightest people in Nigeria were less than four decades ago! After that, we entered a-locust-16-year-of-economic-and-wealth-mismanagement.

Their progenitors who called for military interventions in the past regretted their inordinate actions. Their non-correctable disfigurement of characters' children calling for another usurpation will regret their anticipatory actions again! My strong admonition to them is that: It is better to prevent the cause of a disease than to find a cure for it! i.e. prevention is better than cure! Folks, use your brains!

The current spate of insecurity in the country is unacceptable, and it is a serious indictment of the present administration of Buhari. There is a serious intelligence failure in Nigeria. President Muhammadu Buhari must do everything possible to secure the lives and property of the people. Buhari's government must set its priority right, and bring to book those who are perpetrating the evils in the land.

Military putsch is now globally unacceptable and unfashionable. Military government is an aberration in this 21st century democracy. All efforts must be encouraged to protect the evolving development and our nascent democracy!