Yahaya BalogunSunday, March 25, 2018
[email protected]
Arizona, USA


ir: The recent terror attack in France is very damming and concerning to a peaceful world. It is absolutely sickening, and it is also instructive to note that evil will never triumph over good anywhere in the world.

As a student of history, I have come to conclusion that, no religion has the monopoly of violence. It is the modernisation of beliefs that has sustained the world from disintegration. It must be sounded to those who believe in religious violence and to cause mayhem that, they can temporarily succeed in causing terror, but terrorism will never succeed in changing the tenets of sacred love religions proclaim. It is pertinent to note that Terrorists, Extremists and Religious Fundamentalists do not know God before they know the religions they defame, that is why they have failed woefully to know that GOD is LOVE and COMPASSIONATE; and LOVE is GOD and MERCIFUL.

Sadly, the wasted mind of a man is a construction of the evil around him, evil man hears evil, sees evils and he is tempted to do evil at the slightest opportunity. He sees no good in other people, because he is a prisoner of his own conscience, therefore, he is an active participant in the preparation of his own existential peril. It is important for parents to be cognisant of what their children watch or do at schools or on the Internet. Internet is a reconnaissance and recruiting source for the insurgency and act of terrorism.

There's no moral or rational justification to take lives you cannot create or recreate. These ghouls and terrorists are lost souls. Whether they live or dwell in Africa, Europe or America, they have one thing in common, destruction. Nothing but evil is their insignia. The sociopaths next door who do not value other people's lives should be monitored, tamed and incarcerated. Nations around the world, and their allied should review their counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism to help stop any act of terrorism before it happens.

In a nutshell, I strongly recommend four books, among others for terrorists, potential terrorists, religionists and religious fundamentalists everywhere to read.

The books are:

  • "Terrorists in the Cockpit"

  • "Inside the Criminal Mind"

  • "Religious Right: The biggest threat to Democracy"

  • "The Reluctant Fundamentalist"

The contents and delivery of these four books are intertwined. They succinctly serve the same purpose, for instance, to save us from ourselves. The juxtaposition of these books may recoup the minds of terrorists, religious fanatics and the religionists who are without moral or righteousness. It will also save those who lack the clarity of purpose of their pseudo-religious beliefs, and give them the urgency to jettison their evil minds for unblemished love of mankind. These books among others are also moral indictments of the authorities, religious organisations and the vulnerable individuals who are susceptible to the manipulation of mind from another evil minds or sociopaths around them.