Yahaya BalogunThursday, March 22, 2018
[email protected]
Arizona, USA


he viral video of a Nigerian Senator in cyberspace is what we should like to glorify on the global platform by sharing with our friends, families and acquaintances. My cyberpals will readily agree with me on this! Sharing the viral video will glorify the nothingness in his behavior, and dignify the void in his thought and action! The sad video did not only dwarf our status in the comity of responsible nations, it demeans the intellectual acuity of Nigerians, most especially the Kogites.

In a nutshell, we will restrain and refrain ourselves from mentioning this egghead with juxtaposition to decorum. Instead, we should prefer to use 'dash' as an emblem of a man who has thrown decorum into the howling wind.

Seriously, what do you expect from a low-level dash who wanton in intellectual catacombs? How do expect to get quality discernment of spirit from obtuse mind? The complacency, corruption, and inequality in our system produced this inane and ossified boring comedian. His unbecoming "hoobi" habit and behavior must be checked before it becomes infectious to other upcoming citizens of Kogi. The shallowness of a dash is on a global display for viewing, unfortunately, this is to our collective detriment and shame! According to popular axiom, the antic of a buffoon on cyberspace is a comic relief in the marketplace, full of cyborgs. The dash is also a sinator, sorry, Senator who represents the constituency of the comity of intellectual, lettered and unlettered but responsible people in Kogi State.

Dash's behavior is not only childish, but buffoonery in all ramifications. How his wife and family condone his shenanigan and irresponsible behavior is unfathomable! As my responsible friends from Kogi are sympathizing with this writer on the situation in Ekiti, this writer is also sympathizing with them for the shenanigans of their own son in Kogi.

This irresponsible behavior of 'sinator' dash should concern the Kogites in Nigeria and in the diaspora. Kogi, nay Nigeria should be a serious business, not a bazaar of fays with the eggheads. What kind of progressive bill do you think this empty nest will sponsor in the NASSy house? Certainly, it will be a 'noisemaking' and a lootocratic bill that will preserve the hedonism and illegal wealth of his coterie.

This inanity of Mr. Dash is a macrocosm of the general decadence in Nigeria. Nigeria shall overcome if her inhabitants get their priority right. Dash's political insanity is actually an opportunity for the hapless and deprived Nigerian voters to get it right in the 2019 general election and vote responsibly. Unfortunately, the current national psyche looks very bleak and concerning!

Lastly, it is frightening that Nigerian history is repetitious and appalling! But as an incurable Diaspora Nigerian optimist, I believe this befouling cloud will fizzle out and clear from our coast, and with refreshing decorum. The darkest part of Nigeria will soon be illuminated by the shining light, and it will be a glorious dawn in the beleaguered nation struggling to unearth her available identity.