Yahaya BalogunSunday, March 18, 2018
[email protected]
Arizona, USA


ur mind is the engine that converts the self in us into the combustion of thought for responsible thinking. Mind is the most powerful thing in the world. When you fill it with positive thoughts, you begin to experience a new thing in your life. Our mind emanates from the deep side of our soul.

Our mind and soul are intertwined. They are not mutually exclusive. Our soul is the deepest part of our mind used for decision-making in our everyday life, and this is where the mindfulness comes into play. Therefore, we must guide against losing our mind, because mind is a terrible thing to waste!

In all our life experiences, education or learnings, whatever we input seeps into the deepest part of our soul and crystallizes to form our personality and values. Values are our principles, standards or qualities by which we live our lives. Our values shape the person we become and our actions reflect those values. Our minds discern, evaluate and execute what emerges from our souls.

We all have the master key to unlock our mind to shape what the future holds for us. Remember great men and women in life were never born great at their cradles. People like Obafemi Awolowo, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Lee Kuan Yew, Mother Theresa, Pope Francis, Wole Soyinka, Margaret Thatcher, Barack Obama and the recent demise theoretical scientist, Steven Hawking discovered themselves, and were able to unlock their future. The sense of imagination in them gave them the leverage for unhindered possibilities! Most of these people were born in the slums, but the slums were not born in them.

Great minds usually sprout awkwardly from their rustic beginnings to become enigmas and world acclaimed individuals in their existential callings. They are nurtured by their beliefs and courage of convictions to transform the world. You and I have the same innate tendencies to become great men in life. Just like the above successful individuals, we just have to apply our own unique success formula imbued with determination, perseverance, dedication, mindfulness, and selflessness to uncover our innate potentials.

The enumerated people above have one thing in common; they are energized by the penchant competition with the selves in them. They did not get involved in unhealthy competitions with their contemporaries or people. Axiomatically, if you compete with yourself, you will have an insatiable thirst and space within your mind to do what others have never done before. Your mind will be impervious to envy, jealousy, ephemeral and other negative nuances. Your worldly wants and signature would be to transform and positively engage the lives of others and be a great asset to humanity.

Great people are students of selflessness and mindfulness, they are always subsumed in the inner thoughts to make a difference in people's lives; their minds are riotous with positivity. They are always in search of success to weed away failures. Failures only exist outside of their lexicons.

The minds of great people sync with humanity. They are in constant self-talk. Every human being born of a woman has the potential to be great, but there are existential factors that always impede us from demonstrating our innate talents and potential. We must always strive to be our best self to unleash our talents and potential to the admiration of friends, foes and humanity.