Yahaya BalogunTuesday, March 13, 2018
[email protected]
Arizona, USA


t is a welcome development that the Nigerian youths are refusing the pseudo and archaic appellation of "Leaders of tomorrow" from the lexicon of their deceitful politicians. We must commend Sowore for his "audacity of hope" to rewrite the stale axiom of "Leaders of tomorrow" to what I call 'We the youth' are the leaders of today for a robust tomorrow. I think the awareness of youth's empowerment as leaders of today has to go to the rustic and rural areas in Nigeria. Nigerian youths from all geopolitical zones must be carried along. The youths from Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and other ethnic nationalities must be included in this impending historic campaign. Sowore and youth's aspirations, in this auspicious period in our nation's history must not be taken with levity. It must be a serious business!

Maenwhile, the Nigerians in the diaspora should do the mobilization of the Nigerian populace in the diaspora to conceptualize the national consciousness and awareness. The real plebeians who are the real voters should have immediate familiarity with the aspiration of the impending presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore! His town hall meetings should be more concentrated amongst the Nigerian voters in the suburbs or rural areas. It must be all-encompassing and all-inclusive. This is how the disgruntled, pauperized hapless, victimized and dehumanized Nigerians at home will take Sowore's presidential candidacy very seriously!

The committee for Sowore 2019 presidential ambition should come up with a simple and understandable timetable. Sowore should present his manifesto for easy perusal of the Nigerian people. His campaign must be all inclusive and entice the youth that constitute 65% of the Nigeria population. His town hall meetings should start from the rustic parts of Nigeria, while the Diaspora Nigerians should coalesce and raise the necessary money needed for his presidential run or campaign. Undoubtedly, Sowore has shown us his sense of doggedness and ruggedness to change the existing state of affairs in Nigeria. Sowore's deviance of the status quo is a promising venture that may open the minds of some warped Nigerians, including the Nigerian bourgeoisie. His "audacity of hope" for change must be sustained and encouraged!

Moreover, this is a great opportunity for the youths in all the geopolitical zones in Nigeria to send a strong message to Abuja, and to other nooks and crannies in the country that, the youth's are yearning to take their future into their own hands. The youths must come to the realms of reality that, Nigerian potbellied, senile and adrift leaders are devoid of any sensible imagination for possibilities, and they lack the intellectual capital to meet the 21st century challenges facing Nigeria. True change through the ballot box must come. 'Leaders of today for tomorrow' must become a national song that we are the leaders of today for today and for tomorrow's security and sustainable development. Nigerian politicians are perpetually cursed for making blood money and acquired stolen wealth for the ephemeral at the expense of national integration and development.

To dethrone these Nigerian oligarchs at all levels of government through the Nigerian ballot box will not be an easy task. The stolen wealth of the nation will be deployed to maintain the status quo and set the youths against one another. But if Sowore and his team are strategic in their planning; study the pulse of the nation and do a thorough political calculation, victory may be sure. In order to nurture his ambition and aspirations to fruition, the grassroots movement and political awareness are very crucial at the infancy of Omoyele Sowore's presidential campaign.

Let charity begins at home-Nigeria!